Simple word (unless someone can show me how to do a poll here) (:::Z

Yes or No... do you BELIEVE there will be a cure within your lifetime?!!? I'll start.


Too much money in keeping us diabetics... maintianing us....

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explain why someone that never smoked gets lung cancer.. and a 3 pack a day user never even gets a cough..
t-2 diabetes can be attributed to many factors... if all he ate was protein then his carb intake was nonexistent..
if he was eating a low/no carb and exercising regularly then the likely hood of developing t-2 diabetes is .05%...
can you tell me why my cholesterol is 240 and i have been vegan for 4 years.. i think some people just have bad luck.. please don't say it's your genes.. because genes in a health alkaline environment are always thrive..
i appreciate and respect your thoughts

YES it will be here and as a sudden news..

Some people here say ..I waited for past so many did not come so it will not...
To them - ipads did not come out for 2000 years, how come it came out after that?
That is called Scientific Progression.
Have faith on some scientists who are working so hard!

Okay no offense, but i feel like a lot of people here are very synical- though they have a right to be since they've been saying their would be a cure every 5 years.

If there was a cure, sure some diabetes companies would suffer such as the pump companies. However the bigger medical companies such as BD won't because their products are still used for many things. Small companies are ruined all the time by new products that come out.

The government has no interest in keeping us diabetic because they spend about 200 billion (in america) on our health care for diabetics. And i'm sure given our current financial problems, if they could cut the costs of spending on diabetics they would.

Everyone knows somebody with diabetes. I don't think their is some evil person holding back a cure for money.

people have done worse for money..unfortunately when politicians accept money from lobbyist from the drug companies (huge money) and they accept money from the pump companies (huge amounts of money) they don't have any incentives to do the RIGHT THING.. Until the politicians have personal experience with diabetes or they have a child with it, their view is clouded with money...i do believe that the cure has already been discovered...and that the research companies rake in huge amounts of money hiding the fact that it has already been discovered..i do believe that the cure is available on the black market for a hefty price..if you had a million dollars to spare and the right contacts a cure is yours.. research companies don't want to loose that revenue and i believe they are paid off by the drug and pump companies... it's called hush money... it is too profitable to treat the disease..

I'm with you, Tom. Companies innovate each other out of business all the time. Did you know that the VERY first automobiles had a USELESS buggy whip holder on their sides? Just because that was how a vehicle OUGHT to look? That kind of feature is called a skuomorph (Just ask me -- I'm a fount of useless information). And I haven't seen very many buggy makers around these days, anyway!

But that said, the cure will not come from the big producers of treatments. It will come from some university research lab, probably with govt.funding, and not necessarily in the US. And once it comes, someone WILL make money on it. So I'm not worried.

The fact is that both types of diabetes (and other genetic/non-communicable diseases) have very complicated causes and mechanisms, and the reason there is, as yet, no cure, is that scientists don't understand them very well. By now, they have figured out that T1 is a result of an auto-immune attack, but the understanding is still incomplete -- they really DON'T know all about what causes it, what perpetuates it, and what would stop it. If you don't know THAT stuff, then how in the world would you be able to figure out how to cure it? Other than by pure serendipity, of course. But you can't plan on serendipity.

the auto-immune system looks at everything in the body and determines is this SELF or NOT SELF.. in a diabetic the A-I system has determined that the islet cells that produce insulin are NOT SELF and need to be killed, so the body launches an attach on the pancreas.. i think they need to develop an immune suppressant that targets this specific A-I reaction... it sounds simple, but in reality, who knows...

Yes, you've quoted an over-simplified verbal explanation suitable for the masses who are not scientists. That does not begin to explain what molecular or enzymatic interactions cause the immune system to fail to identify islet cells as self, how genes interact with, and what molecules actually trigger the attack, why it centers on the islet cells while other autoimmune diseases target other organs, what makes some people susceptible to this attack and others not, and lots more questions I'm not knowledgeable enough even to ask. That's what I mean by WAY complex, and not enough known!

natalie.. i hope you have a chance to see that youtube interview i mentioned.. he mentions good endorphins and their positive effects on the body...i'm just headed out the door.. i hope i get a chance to learn from you again... rob

Wel,I have to say YES. Because, I just attended a Diabetes Conference last week for health care professionals and the speaker had said they have cured type 1 in mice (yes, I know we are not mice) and that she strongly believes with the research she has done and seen, that it will happen soon. I know it is just one person's opinion, but it made me believe.

do you remember the name of the speaker at the D conference that said they have found a cure for diabetes in mice.. is their a web address i could visit to find out more...? thanks for your help meganb


We're a BIG and lucrative market.

I work in an industry that has innovated and destroyed industries, but auto-immune diseases are interrelated. I've come down with hypothyroidism and that's probably 100% due to having a system that's goes on the attack every few years or so. Plus, I just don't think the science is where it needs to be.

I think though that all of the current "cure" prospects are aimed at fixing people after they break, which will still leave a market in place for newly dx'ed people who'd develop diabetes? If the product is priced correctly, likely fairly expensive, no insurance company in the world would be able to argue against it as it would still be cheaper than $15 worth of test strips every day and forever, not to mention the other stuff?

I think that the cure should be considered a public health crisis since the public, overall, has to fund "coverage" whether it's through an entirely public health setup, like NHS in the UK, or through employer funded health insurance backed with public aid for people in catastrophic situations like in the US? Either way the amount of money spent could be used for better purposes if a "one time" payment, even a large one, for a cure were made, I think?




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