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Yes or No... do you BELIEVE there will be a cure within your lifetime?!!? I'll start.


Too much money in keeping us diabetics... maintianing us....

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I think though that all of the current "cure" prospects are aimed at fixing people after they break, which will still leave a market in place for newly dx'ed people who'd develop diabetes? If the product is priced correctly, likely fairly expensive, no insurance company in the world would be able to argue against it as it would still be cheaper than $15 worth of test strips every day and forever, not to mention the other stuff?

I think that the cure should be considered a public health crisis since the public, overall, has to fund "coverage" whether it's through an entirely public health setup, like NHS in the UK, or through employer funded health insurance backed with public aid for people in catastrophic situations like in the US? Either way the amount of money spent could be used for better purposes if a "one time" payment, even a large one, for a cure were made, I think?

For the sake of my own sanity, I sure hope so.

Unfortunately, Dr. Faustman's research is in need of funding to finish the Phase 2 trials. They only have funding for one year of the trials, which isn't enough for the FDA. Because the drug she's using is generic, there's no reason for any pharmaceutical company to fund her - no patent = no way to squeeze every last dollar out of the pockets of the Type 1 community in exchange for an expensive 'cure'. Hence, she's having to rely on donations, which isn't the most steady source of income. The JDRF has repeatedly refused to fund her research, instead funneling money to the developers of the 'artificial pancreas' (read: something pharmaceutical companies can charge diabetics and their insurers for wads 'o cash until they die).

I also think there wont b any cure for it...but still on positive note u neva know....

This discussion has become most fascinating and informative. As many of you already know, I am a perpetual optimist and donate blood yearly to the Faustman Lab. So I will reiterate my previous answers.. Of course, YES;and in my already 57-years-old lifetime. Yes the "cure"r will have to be complex and individualized as the autoimmune attack is complex and individualized..but it can be accomplished.

I agree that Dr. Faustman and other researchers desperately need funding for a cure NOW..Could millionaire ( or close to those type of $$$)type ones with a high-profile ( ex:Jay Cutler, Noah Jonas,Brett Michaels ) be motivated through a letter -writing campaign to contribute to her research? Just a thought . It would do wonders for the cause and shed nothing but positive light on the Tyoe One Celebs.. They get more requests for ad endorsements and more money, too.
Have a great day, all!!

God bless,


I vote "no" for the money reason others above have mentioned. I've heard the same said about cancer research however there are some cancers which do seem to be cured so maybe that's wrong.

Is money for pumps, strips etc. still an issue? Certainly there are enough T2s now to cover all that. Surely all this research will pay off. I hope!

Yes... I believe there is already a cure, or there will be a cure soon, but insurance and pharma companies will never let it see the light of day because they make too much money off of drugs for people who need continual treatment.

That is a scary thought - and at the same time, almost a typical human story...we can conquer disease, but we can't conquer our greed...

We can only hope that that is not the case - and, of course, always continue asking for questions on how the search for a cure is going. As noted, the diabetes patients are largely alone on this - the higher-ups are looking at the money. It really has to be us to continue advocating and demanding for a cure.

I honestly think we will never see a cure for diabetes. If you look at it, diabetes is a money maker for the drug companies and companies that supply items for diabetes. If they find a cure many people will be left with out a job and will lose money. I was told by my finacial advisor to invest money in drug companies.

in 1970 a bottle of insulin was $4 ( about what an average persons hourly wage was) today insulin that is made synthetically and is much safer because of less risk from animal contamination (this means that drug companies insurance cost is lower) and should mean lower cost to produce is now $150 ( a 8 hour days wage at 18.75 per hour...) you better believe drug companies have everything to loose if there is a cure.. and test strips at $1 each... gouge...!!!!!




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