Simple word (unless someone can show me how to do a poll here) (:::Z

Yes or No... do you BELIEVE there will be a cure within your lifetime?!!? I'll start.


Too much money in keeping us diabetics... maintianing us....

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I say no for the past ten years I have been told it would only be about ten years before they had a cure. As for who is "they" I have no clue.

robd, I think you're hijacked this thread for your own purposes and to be honest, you're treading on thin ice here as far as liability is concerned. Unless you are a doctor or a licensed and registered nutritionist or dietician, I would be very careful about making the claims you're making about this 'diet' of yours. Type 1 diabetes is an incredibly serious condition and changes in diet like the one you're espousing, if not done in conjunction with a doctor's supervision, can be deadly. You also keep pulling conditions out of a bag as to what this diet of yours has 'cured' and again, you're setting yourself up for a lawsuit here. If someone decides to take your advice, does something drastic with their diet and then suffers fatal consequences, there is a written account of you dispensing medical advice on this website, probably without a degree or a license from the state.

This thread was originally about whether or not there would be a cure for Type 1 diabetes in our lifetimes that will restore or replace our beta cell function, insulin production and suppress the autoimmune response that gave us this disorder, not whether a vegan diet could cure Type 1 diabetes. I've heard so many people who have no business giving out nutritional advice regarding what a diabetic should and should not do without realizing that there are serious consequences for Type 1 diabetics if they do this. Think very, very carefully about your posts, because they could very well come back to haunt you.

judith.. i wee you are in portland... would you be open to getting together to see these videos with me...and give an opinion.. i believe that you are very smart.. i apologize for coming across mean... you can see on this the negativity in response to my initial post...all i wanted to do is share my success story and tell them what i did that has made such dramatic difference in my life... my intention is pure... i have not motives and for self serving, the only thing i hope for is better health for myself..believe it or not testimony is not meant to hurt anyone.. again i would like to have a conversation with you as i think we have somethings in common.. i hope to learn from you.. rob

Judith -- I know right? Sounds like he is almost peddling the videos and gets some kind of $$ from it. My original replies I tried to be nice, but after the conspiracies about all of us here must work for the pharma companies, I just gave up. I agree with Abyssinian and it's what I was trying to say (but he said much better!) when I said what Robd was claiming was unrealistic at least and dangerous at most. Moving on!


The perspective gained from those who'v had it for as long as some of us give great gravity and testiment to the fact that almost nothing has changed in the 27 years I've had it, whereas those who are a little newer on the scene may still feel that hope I once did, where technology seems to be eeking from every crack and a 'cure' is spoken of in such convincing tones.

Those convincing tones develop cracks around the edges the more you hear them. I'm still hearing of things about to happen and release that I first heard of 20 years ago.
How depressing is it to have someone tell you about some newspaper article or other that claimed to have a breakthrough mentioned, only to yet again hear that it's the same one you heard of from your Mum when you were 12.

The few major changes have been fairly insignificant compared to the medical companies gains. FDA approval times combined with the cash cow they have in us...I just don't see it happening (and I mean this in regard to every minor improvement) until it's literally pulled from their fingers every step of the way.

I really wish it wasn't this way.

I just don't feel that hope any more. I grab the slight benefits from developments as they arrive, but I'm starting to get older now, and I obviously can't keep on waiting forever before I'm no longer healthy enough to enjoy those benefits any more.

Sorry to sound like such a wet blanket.


Second time I have answered the main focus of this thread.: I still have hope for a cure. I am an eternal optimist, anD though I do not advocate that every diabetic follow Robd's advice: He is not saying to forego insulin AT ALL. I am sure he means no harm to anyone here, just excited about what the raw vegan diet apparently does for him...He had the very serious complication of gastroparesis and an a1c of over 9!.. No wonder he is amazed at his recovery to more normal functioning.

However,Every one's diabetes will vary in terms of their response to insulin dosages and carb intake, dependant on many, many variables. Test and adjust to see what works for you is what he seems to be saying. I personally would not advocate that anyone with less than 3 years of diabetes management under their belt without understanding of diabetes treatment paradigms; to try anything this controversial. Those with such experience and knowledge MAY WANT TO try it with the awareness of your doctor and team.
I may try it for a week or so, maybe. I have a CGM,a pump, can test frequently, and am not hypounaware. I also am retired and have the time to make foods from scratch( though I honestly cannot imagine doing it for everything I eat!!! No raw-vegan restaurants in this midwest town -Columbus, Ohio.) So enough from me on the raw-vegan point .

I do believe that type one diabetes will be cured in my lifetime. As many of you know, I donate blood to the Faustman Lab at Massachusetts General Hopsptial in Boston regularly.. I believe her research with BCG will form the cornerstone of that cure. I really do. Nuff said.
Everybody have a marvelous day!! "This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!"

God Bless,

Type One 43 years

Hi Brunetta,

I think I've given Dr. Faustman about 3-4 gallons of my blood. I'm curious - do you know what the protocol is for the trial?

When I enrolled in the trial, I lived about 30 miles west of Boston, so it wasn't any big deal to go to her lab. But, I've since moved back home to Colorado, and it's a fairly big burden financially to go back there.

When I went last fall, I kind of expected to get a shot - either the BCG or a placebo - but Nick just drew blood - yet again!

So, I guess my question to you is: Do you know how many shots we'll need to take? And, how far apart will they be spaced? If I have to go back every 6 weeks or so, I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out of the trial - it's just not feasible for me money-wise. That will break my heart, because I have so much time, energy and expense wrapped up in the trial.

I think I was one of the first patients to enroll in the phase II part of the trial. When I first met Dr. Faustman, she was just breaking Nick in, and she spent a lot of time with me - mostly teaching Nick how to interview, I think. Nick's a great guy - when I went last October, he explained they were looking for certain markers on the 2A protein.

I've done a lot of research on that, and I remain baffled.

I have another appt. this coming Oct., but I'm really afraid I'm not going to be able to go.....waaahhh.....

Having said all this, I'm still skeptical that the trial will really work. I sure do want to continue in it, tho. I don't mind being a guinea pig for something that - while a longshot - it's still worth a shot.


Tom, we can befriend each other we can talk about this in a private message. Love to talk to you about Dr. Faustman's research.

God bless,


Unfortunately, although it would be great if a raw diet helped with something similar to a cure, we all know that we need the real thing, something we can rely on and feel confident that it really is a cure. Long-term, stable, and without further risks. A Practical Cure, as we like to call it at the JDCA.




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