Simple word (unless someone can show me how to do a poll here) (:::Z

Yes or No... do you BELIEVE there will be a cure within your lifetime?!!? I'll start.


Too much money in keeping us diabetics... maintianing us....

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Hi Brunetta,

I think I've given Dr. Faustman about 3-4 gallons of my blood. I'm curious - do you know what the protocol is for the trial?

When I enrolled in the trial, I lived about 30 miles west of Boston, so it wasn't any big deal to go to her lab. But, I've since moved back home to Colorado, and it's a fairly big burden financially to go back there.

When I went last fall, I kind of expected to get a shot - either the BCG or a placebo - but Nick just drew blood - yet again!

So, I guess my question to you is: Do you know how many shots we'll need to take? And, how far apart will they be spaced? If I have to go back every 6 weeks or so, I'm afraid I'm going to have to drop out of the trial - it's just not feasible for me money-wise. That will break my heart, because I have so much time, energy and expense wrapped up in the trial.

I think I was one of the first patients to enroll in the phase II part of the trial. When I first met Dr. Faustman, she was just breaking Nick in, and she spent a lot of time with me - mostly teaching Nick how to interview, I think. Nick's a great guy - when I went last October, he explained they were looking for certain markers on the 2A protein.

I've done a lot of research on that, and I remain baffled.

I have another appt. this coming Oct., but I'm really afraid I'm not going to be able to go.....waaahhh.....

Having said all this, I'm still skeptical that the trial will really work. I sure do want to continue in it, tho. I don't mind being a guinea pig for something that - while a longshot - it's still worth a shot.


Tom, we can befriend each other we can talk about this in a private message. Love to talk to you about Dr. Faustman's research.

God bless,


Unfortunately, although it would be great if a raw diet helped with something similar to a cure, we all know that we need the real thing, something we can rely on and feel confident that it really is a cure. Long-term, stable, and without further risks. A Practical Cure, as we like to call it at the JDCA.

Just checked in again . Diabetic for 36 years about . When i became diabetic pumps were enoromus in comparsion and there were no home blood moitoring devices.Now my pump weighs very little it communicats with a sensor for my blood sugars,ok kind of works but that is pretty big change. To me the cure is you either never develop it or some how it is reversed. Still my hope and prayer is that it happens .

I believe YES there will be a cure in my lifetime & I can not wait for my son, and everybody's child, live free.


Much much more money in a cure and preventive vaccine.
Yes - it's probably the only solution to reducing health costs in government

and yes would you rather be a company selling test strips to people with Type 1 or selling a vaccine to everyone worldwide!

Definitely no.

Has anyone tabulated the results of this unoffical poll. I would be interested in knowing which way the group leans. I would do it but I'm to lazy.

No - for the same reason I still use batteries that have not gotten better - There is money to be made!

No not in my lifetime. The drug companies make far too much money off this disorder, where's the incentive for research. Clare




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