Simple word (unless someone can show me how to do a poll here) (:::Z

Yes or No... do you BELIEVE there will be a cure within your lifetime?!!? I'll start.


Too much money in keeping us diabetics... maintianing us....

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en oh

how many have looked at a raw vegan diet...? nothing cooked over 118*... when you heat food it changes the molecular structure of the food... (the difference between uncooked corn on the cob and high fructose corn syrup is HEAT...!
i have been on insulin for 46 years... with a RAW / Vegan diet i have reduced my insulin from 70 units per day to less then 30 units in 2 weeks... the glycemic index of vegies and fruit is really low when it is raw...
check out this link:

this is working for me.. i believe i can heal... all of the type 2 diabetics on this are cured... 2 of the type 1 diabetics no longer need insulin injections...
diabetes is your choice..! i choose not to be diabetic any more.. it's RAW /VEGAN for me...

I think it's great that a raw diet worked for you but I disagree completely that diabetes is a choice. I did not choose to get this disease at age 21 in college. Perhaps some type 2's can reverse it but I do not believe type 1s can reverse it completely with diet alone - yes, we can reduce the amount of insulin we take but I think the idea of using diet and no insulin is risky long-term and a raw diet is very hard to maintain longterm and for most people, not very appealing. Again, great that you can do it but I just don't think it's fair to say this disease is a choice, who would chose this?

Amen! When my daughter was dx'd at 6 they tested her insulin production. She was making none, nada, zip. At that point the told us that she would have a maximum of 3 days if she ever went off insulin. That is 3 days till she died. Definitely not a choice. And be careful who you tell that your raw diet is a cure. You may be responsible for killing someone.

hello.. i want to apologize for upsetting you..i just found out after 46 years of type 1 insulin dependance that my C-Peptide revealed that i am producing a very small amount of insulin.. not all type 1 do...again i stress testing often and adjusting as you always do...
i have asked to be removed from this site... didn't realize the hate mail that i would receive from people after giving my testimonial...i only wish you all the success that i have gotten from this..remember to test... robb

you asked, "who would choose this..?" i was born 46 years ago i was dxed at 13 months.. i believe if there is a possibility to self heal through a raw vegan diet it is worth it... the answer to your question is, ..those who won't try when there is a possibility ... every action you take in this life is a choice... much love.. robb

i want to let you know that i have asked to be removed from this site...i didn't realize that giving personal testimony was so dangerous.. i wish you all the best health..and a happy life..i apologize for my response to your using a LOL to describe how you viewed what i was trying to say...i felt threatened and didn't respond well..i only want the best for you... again..remember to test..test..test your blood sugars and live a long and healthy life... good bye for now.. robb

Sadly, this raw vegan program does not seem to pass the smell test. This movie, produced by the new age guru Gabriel Cousens claims that a raw vegan diet reverse and cures diabetes. It originally claimed that it cured T1, but they changed that, it was just too over the top and I believe it invited lawsuits. I've written about Gabriel Cousens a number of times before. I consider him a charlatan and a shill for PETA and overall a dangerous man for diabetics. He has had his medical license revoked and been indicted for causing the death of one of his patients. He advocates what can be best described as "woo" (basically magic). An evaluation of his program basically debunks his program.

I am not against vegan or vegetarian diets. My daughter is a vegetarian and I have diabetes T1 and T2 friends here who very successfully eat a vegetarian diet. But this diet does not cure diabetes of any kind, let alone T1. I am glad you have had success, but if you want to make claims here you need to have something more substantial than spin piece from the hinky Gabriel Cousens funded by Neal Barnard of PCRM/PETA fame.

may i ask... have you tried the RAW / Vegan diet..? and what results did you get...? my endo cannot explain why my gastroparesis of more that 15 years has gone away and she cannot explain why my eye sight is getting LDL went from 241 to 180, my blood sugars have never been so good in 46 years...
the only reason that it doesn't work for everyone is because they are not following the diet... (nothing heated over 118*, must be vegan and raw, no boxed,processed, or canned or jarred caffeine or alcohol)
again i stress, test your blood sugar often and adjust your insulin.. that is your responsibility...
it is working for me and i only stated that type 2 diabetics (that remain on the diet) no longer need medication and i have only stated that you can reduce your insulin by a factor of 10 (from 70 to 7 units per day)...
i'm only stating that this is working for me... i don't cheat on the diet and i feel great...! give it a try before you criticize...
and remember test, test, test your blood sugar and adjust..consult your endo if you don't know how to adjust..
best of luck to you all..much health to you all..

I don't follow the RAW/Vegan diet and my results are much better than yours. My cholesterol has never been above 130. I have no complications. Yet, my body hasn't produced insulin in almost 31 years. Hmmm, maybe I'll TRY checking the temperature of my food and limiting what I eat so strictly. Maybe with my levels the way they already are and this diet I won't even need insulin. Stranger things have happened... Must go remove tongue from cheek now.

hello kelsey.. i have learned the difference between raw corn on the cob and high fructose corn syrup is heat.. i don't heat anything over 118*... nothing pasteurized (140*)..
i just got the definition of type 1 diabetes from the mayo clinic... is says:Definition
By Mayo Clinic staff

Type 1 diabetes, once known as juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin, a hormone needed to allow sugar (glucose) to enter cells to produce energy. Type 2 diabetes, which is far more common, occurs when the body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin or doesn't make enough insulin.

maybe you are one of the fortunate ones that still produce insulin but just not enough..
i encourage you to get the videos from
simply raw follow the study where diabetics were put on a 100% raw vegan diet... the results were amazing.. and again test, test, test your blood sugar and adjust accordingly...
2 type 1 diabetics claim that they no longer need insulin... and i am reducing my insulin every day and my BS has stabilized..
best of luck to you and please consult your endo before you start.. they can help you adjust...

You say that you are reducing your insulin everyday. So how much insulin were you on to begin with ???
I have been T1 for 37 years. Other than Lantus at night, I take around 32 units of Novolog/day. I don't really don't think I can take much less than that, unless I can find the time to get back into working out.
As far as that corn thing goes . . . Are you implying that heat creates the fructose in corn? How?




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