So say your feelin shakey (i think i spelled that wrong but hey,) and you test and your at... lets say 50-55 cause thats where i always notice it, what do you eat? Do you grab a coke?

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Well I hate regular sodas but if I need to I will drink like half a can and then retest in like 15-20 min. Thats if I'm not hungry. If I am hungry I will eat about 15-20 carbs retest them bolus for what I am eating since my pod will not let me bolus if my sugar is uner 60.
Depends what I have around. I'm trying to lose weight so I usually look for the lowest calories that will get me the carbs I need, without eating something that I'm going to need for supper later! If I have dextrose tablets I'll use those, or I'll snag a slice of bread or whatever we have lying around (crackers, a tortilla, etc.). Sometimes I eat peanut butter but that's not the best because with all the fat and protein it takes a long time to get digested. Coke is good too, so is fruit juice. Liquids get absorbed into the system a lot faster than solids.

Then after I've had my 15g, I'll pop in a piece of gum. It helps calm that "EAT EAT EAT" signal that your brain keeps sending out long after you don't actually need to eat anymore, keeps me from overdoing it.
So how long does somethin like bread usually take to kick in cause il eat some candy and just shake and shake for 15 minutes and i dont wanna drink anything sweet cause it shoots me up too high.
I have the glucose tabs, and then eat like there is no tomorrow. I'm guilty of over treating lows. bad habit, but I'm getting better at showing some restraint :)
I use 4oz Juicy Juice boxes. They work fast and are portion controlled at 15 to 17g of carb, depending on the flavor you get, so you don't over treat. I will then pop a sugar free hard candy in my mouth to stop the EAT EAT EAT feeling I get when low. Bread takes too long for me and then I over treat by eating more and more!
will.thats anice discussin,thanks(i know me spelling is wrong,but remember shaky!)

about the lows,i always enter in a low mood in the morning,but its not the only time!
so usually when i get my lows i am in aclass(it becoms 50's-sometimes 40's-two times droped to 23!)
but what do i do,iset in my place(hey,i am asecondary,!i wont miss my math class for a stupid low!!-even though that stupid might make me dead!-)and i wait if its aclass,then i would go buy some chocolate(my favourate part of being diabetic)-iknow its not good but...
if i was in a good obeydient girl i would buy juice

if iam in my house and woke from my sleep i will -strech- my hand and grab the closest-chocolates,juice,fruit,..etc.

and thats all
i like lemonade or orange juice. I keep some jolly ranchers near my bed in case i wake up low, and i like to have welchs dried fruit snack pack around when i'm on the go.
Jelly Belly's - bubble gum or cotton candy flavor...................YUMMY
I"ll have a small UHT juice box of oj or a few lifesavers or a couple of toffees or whatever other candy I have on hand. I buy bulk on sale after Halloween and other sugary holidays.
I've over-treated lows, so now I use Dextro Tabs or jelly beans. Don't like the taste of either so not tempting to eat too many & easy to carry around. For me, 1 gram sugar raises me 10 pts every time so a few does it.
i know that it is the line from the doctors office, and that immediately makes it suspect, but this one works... "15, 15, 15" 15 grams of carbohydrates will raise your blood sugar 15 points in 15 minutes. it is a pretty good rule of thumb for me. a coke will send you over the moon....
15 grams would raise me 150 pts:) Starts going up in 15 minutes, but the full effect usually takes an hour.




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