Still in the process of whether or not to change from my Cozmo to an Animas Pump. The Vibe is out in Europe so that is what I'd get even if sensors aren't covered for the CGM aspect of it.

So I have a question about alarms and reminders on Animas. I use quite a few on my Cozmo and am wondering what will be available on a Vibe.

I currently use:
- forgotten bolus reminder (for breakfast, lunch, early dinner, late dinner)
- post meal bolus glucose check reminder
- specific hour of the day glucose check reminder
- site change reminder

I'm guessing that not all of these exist on Animas pumps. Can someone enlighten me? Am i going to have to set forgotten bolus reminders on my phone?

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I am in the States and use a Ping. No VIBE here yet. I can tell you on the Ping, there is an alarm to check a glucose check reminder for 1.5 to 3 hours after a bolus in 0.5 hour increments. The site change reminder is not there. Just change sites when cartridge is out of insulin. Hope this helps.

Thanks Jay. I often change my cartridge once it is out of insulin but I find that i really do need to change sites every 3 days or my blood sugar starts to rise. For me the reminder on the pump really helps.

As does the missed meal bolus reminder. If i don't take a bolus between 11:30 am and 1pm, my pump tells me. If I haven't yet had lunch, then fine. But sometimes it really saves me from mega post-meal spikes as sometimes I just forget to bolus. I'm guessing that alarm isn't there either is it?

As with all diabetes concerns, everyone's experience is different. I can bolus for a late lunch and stay in my range. Changing sites for me is not a problem because I have used a site for more than 4 days without problems.

You are correct. Neither of those alarms are present. You could estimate your insulin needs and have the cartridge empty every three days.

You can set your "empty cartridge reminder" for whatever level you want. Mine is set for 10 units. Can't help you with any other alarms as I hate things ringing and vibrating around

Also with the Ping since it has a "meter-remote" it might be easier to remember to bolus as I test and then bolus all in one action from the meter-remote.

In going into this process, i'm reminded how difficult change can be. On my Cozmo, I currently have the empty cartridge reminder at 5u because it is the minimum and I would have been woken in the middle of the night many times over the last 9+ years if I had it set at 10u but I know that 10u is the minimum for Animas.
Also, with the Vibe, since it has CGM integration, there is no more meter-remote, though I see how that would make the test/bolus all in one action easier.
I feel like I'm being a big complainer, which is not usually my style. Part of me really wants to change pumps, but it's amazing how attached we get to the subtle features of what we have! I guess I'm asking all my user-questions up front so i don't have too many surprises once I do actually make the change.
Thanks for your tips.

I don't have the Vibe, but you can find the Vibe user guide on the Animas UK website, and it will show the alarms that are available.

Indeed, a very good idea. I think I may make the users manual my bedside book for the next few weeks!

Only just got a Vibe so bear with me- you can set bonus reminder alarms ( for mealtimes), a bg check reminder. No alarm for site change but only 2 ml cartridges. Seem to have an alarm for everything under the sun. My main bugbear so far is that once a temporary basal rate is over the pump just flips back to normal basal rate without an alarm or anything- been caught out twice by this and only had it a week

I have an erasable calendar on my fridge.I just put the month in with the number of days and put in the box "site ch.or "site & cart" when I change both.It works great for me.

Thanks Dee, that's a good suggestion. If (or when!) I trade in my beloved Cozmo for another pump (because 5 months after my initial post i still haven't taken the plunge!!), I think I'd go a little more "high tech" and program an alarm on my phone for every 3 days. But you've reminded me that there are other forms of reminders.
It just surprises me that such an obvious reminder alarm doesn't exist on this pump! Health care professionals are always after us to wear sites no more than 3 days but reminders can help us be "compliant" with this recommendation! Not to mention the fact that many studies have shown the upward trend in glucose levels after day 3 of a site.

I just switched from my Cozmo-it was not working well or would not have changed. That is my biggest complaint with the Ping is no site change reminder. Told the trainer when we finally met. May try using an alarm on my cell phone plus a white board in the bathroom where I do site changes. The Cozmo was fantastic but alas change happens. Have found + and - with the Ping. Good luck

If Cozmo patented some of the reminders and alarms then other pump companies might not be able to include them without risking lawsuits. Tandem purchased the rights to some of Cozmo's patents/intellectual property. If the T-slim is available where you are you might want to take a look at that pump. I do know it has a site change reminder. Can't remember the other reminders though.




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