Hi, I am sorry for this dumb question but is the Animas Vibe pump already available in the USA? Last time I called animas I was told it was not going to be available until the end of the year 2013. If the pump is already available does anyone know how much it cost to upgrade from the ping pump?

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I spoke with Animas just two weeks ago regarding a couple things including progress on the Animas Vibe. It is still not available in the USA. It is still going through the FDA approval process. Animas will not give any specifics and to how far along they are in the approval process because things can change at any moment for better or worse.

MegaMinx - Your remark that the Vibe system does not include the Dexcom transmitter is not what I remember when I researched this many months ago. So I went out to the Animas UK website and downloaded the User's Guide for the Vibe system offered in the UK. On page II of the User's Guide:

"Your Animas® VibeTM System consists of an Animas® VibeTM Insulin Pump, a Dexcom G4 Transmitter and a Dexcom G4 Sensor. [emphasis mine] Your Animas® VibeTM Insulin Pump will often be referred to as simply “your pump”. Your Dexcom G4 Transmitter will often be referred to as “your Transmitter”. Your Dexcom G4 Sensor will often be referred to as “your Sensor”. Together, your Dexcom G4 Transmitter and Sensor will often be referred to as “your Dexcom G4 System” or “your CGM”."

It makes sense to me that the Vibe is sold as a "system." It wouldn't be much of a system without one of its main selling features, the CGM function. We won't know what Animas will actually offer as part of the system until its finally made available in the US. I think that they'll follow their example that they've set in the UK.

I was wondering about that, Terry. I don't know much of anything about CGMs, but it would seem if it is an integrated system that the whole point is it comes as a complete Package, not counting the sensors of course which are like the infusion sets for a pump and are sold separately.

MegaMinxX - I continued reading the Vibe UK User's Guide and found this on page 107:

"The Dexcom G4 CGM System is an optional system (including a Sensor and Transmitter) that can be added to your Animas® VibeTM Insulin Pump to provide continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) reporting on your pump. The Dexcom G4 System is packaged and available separately. The optional Dexcom G4 CGM System may not be available in your country or region."

So, it appears that your original statement that the CGM transmitter and sensor are optional, is correct. The technical writer should have inserted the word "optional" in the page II copy that I cited above. Sorry for the confusion.

wow, that is weird! But I guess the Vibe is set up differently in order to integrate it smoothly with the CGM. otherwise how would it be different from the Ping (except for the unfortunate lack of a meter/remote!). Still seems weird to me to call something an integrated system and make you buy parts of it separately. I don't know enough (or care as I don't have any interest in a CGM) to know, but I would wonder if this affects the functionality or just the cost?

Zoe - it's the same concept as with the Minimed pump.
I have a MM 523 Revel pump, and don't use the MM CGMS (Sof-sensor). But my pump has all the function/software in it to receive and display CGMS readings, set alarms, etc. but I have those functions turned off. I use the MM 523 as a 'stand-alone' pump.
The cost of the MM pump is the same, whether you use the CGMS functions or not. If you want MM CGMS, you pay additional for the transmitter and sensors.

I'd assume the Vibe will be the same. (which is why it makes sense to me that they will keep the Ping w/meter-remote available as a separate option for those that don't want CGMS, and possibly a lower cost. This is something MM does not have.)

I also have Dexcom G4 receiver, transmitter and sensors - so I have a 'stand-alone' CGMS. My MM 523 knows nothing about the Dexcom readings. I get CGMS alarms from the Dexcom receiver. This is the scenario where many complain about having '2 devices' - the MM pump, and the Dexcom receiver, and they are not integrated. (Or the Ping and Dexcom - 2 devices / not integrated).

When Vibe is available, I will be glad there is an option to purchase just the Vibe pump, since I already have Dexcom CGMS. If I decide to go with Vibe for my next pump, then I could have an integrated system, and only '1 device'. (Or if the MM Elite is really much better than Sof-sensor, who knows, I may give up Dexcom and go with that, either way, could end up with an integrated system, with 1 device.)

One interesting option with the Vibe / Dexcom G4 solution is the possibility of using both the Dexcom receiver AND the Vibe pump as receiver for CGMS, and get the best of both worlds. At night, I prefer to have 2 devices (to hear alarms better), but when out and about, 1 device is definitely a convenience.

Your last graph description of having a Dex receiver and the Vibe pump as a receiver is ideal for me. I can get dependable night-time alerts and then just use the pump for the CGM receiver during the day. I hope I don't run into any difficulty with my insurance coverage for the little bit of technology overlap.

Zoe - It looks like we'll have a "cafeteria" of choices with Animas. You'll be able to continue with the Ping and its meter-remote and I can upgrade to the Vibe and still have a separate receiver for night-time alerts.

It does seem strange that a company would sell a pump with an integrated CGM receiver and people would buy it but not use the CGM function. Come to think of it though, I've used the Ping for over four years and have hardly used the meter-remote! The new meter-remote that I received with my latest Ping still sits in its original packaging unopened. It is nice to have some options.

I have never used, nor learned to use, the Ping remote. I got the Animas three years back because I was told there would be an Animas pump with a CGM soon ( as if, some three and a half years later I am still waiting).

The Animas Vibe was submitted to the FDA for approval on April 15, 2013. Six months, October 15, 2013, would probably be the fastest approval time.

When I bought my new Animas Ping in December 2012, I was told that I could upgrade to the Vibe for $99.

When I purchased my Ping is early December I was enrolled in the $99 upgrade program and I think that it is automatic for those with a Ping that is under warranty. I am sure that will be for the pump only and you will have to be approved by insurance to get the CGM transmitter and sensors (or self-pay for them). That is how it works with Medtronic and it will be the same for Animas.

Since I already have the Dex G4 system, I'll only be interested in upgrading the pump. Luckily, for this $99 upgrade I won't have to seek any approval from the insurance company.

Laddie, I know you were less than thrilled with the change to the Ping from MM. Has it gotten any easier?




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