I have been looking into getting an insulin pump. I am very active, mountain biking, hiking, etc., and the Vibe looks like it would be a good option. I'm already using a Dexcom G4, which makes the Vibe more appealing. I'm also interested in any suggestions/opinions about pumps. I go to a class in a week and a half to learn more about pumping.

Any word on the status of this, and when it might be approved?

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I love my pump. I am very insulin sensitive (as well as small in body) and active. I can dose with the teensiest amounts if that's all I need - no more eating up to insulin (you can't dose less than 1.0 units very easily with a syringe/pen) and in the insulin on board feature in pumps is awesome - so stacking and subsequent hypos.
I am also waiting for the Vibe to get here. I have an animas ping right now (out of warranty and Ihope it lasts until the Vibe comes out). I also have a dexcom4. I believe that if you et an animas ping, and then the Vibe comes out, you can upgrade for $99. I highly recommend two books: Pumping Insulin by John Walsh and Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Schreiner. Bioth are available from the Diabetes Mall, WaLSH'S WEBSITE.

With the government shut down we can only hope within a year or so. It was supposed to have been a year ago and the rest of the world has been using it for over 2. The FDA is not to quick here.

Makes me wish we had gone ahead and emigrated to the Netherlands when we had the chance!

The Animas Vibe + Dexcom G4 system has only been submitted for FDA approval since April 2013, so it's only been 6 months. Animas had to wait for FDA approval for G4 (Sept 2012), and then prepare the final Vibe + FDA approved G4, to submit to FDA.

There was mention in another thread that FDA review is in process, and FDA requested additional information from Animas. Many believe it could be another 3-6 months.

For someone already using Dexcom G4, and wants Animas, there's really no reason to wait if you can afford the $99 upgrade fee, which insurance would not cover. The transmitter used with the G4 receiver will work fine with the Vibe, once the transmitter id is entered to it. This has been confirmed by users in Europe.

Thanks for everyone's replies. As I said, I will be going to a intro to pumping class in two weeks, so I'll gather more info then.

Super insightful news... couple of questions I wonder...

1.) I love the remote/meter combo so i don't have to take ping pump out of my pocket to test bg & bolus -- anyone know if Vibe has remote/meter combo functionality?

2.) It would be magic if Vibe reservoir cartridge was available in a size larger then 2.0ml, 3.0ml would be ideal.

I never use the remote. The Ping meter doesn't fit into my pockets. So I use the mini and manually enter everything in. I got in that habit with my Cozmore pump. For me, having the CGM data on the pump means only one device on my waistband (and elsewhere). I agree, though that a larger reservoir woulod be nice. I rarely switch the infusion set and the reservoir at the same time. I get about 6 days out of the current reservoir, and change the site after 3 days. I haven't noticed any problems with "old" insulin the reservoir.

1 - The Animas Vibe will not come or work with a meter remote.
If you don't plan on getting Vibe + CGMS, then you'd probably want to just keep the Ping + Meter remote. You can also use Ping with stand-along Dexcom G4, but would have the Dexcom receiver to display the graph, and use up 'pocket' space. But if you get the Vibe + CGMS, you are likely to be checking the trends/sensor readings or responding to alarms, so you'd be taking the pump out of your pocket more frequently anyway, so maybe not having the remote would be ok.

2 - I think the cartridge size is still 2.0ml, at least that's what the UK version is.

For more details, search for the Animas Vibe UK website, which includes user guide, FAQs, etc. The US version should be very similar to UK, but Animas can't talk about any US specific differences until FDA approval.




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