Howdy Folks!
I have a question about the battery warning on the Animas Ping. I was updating My Mac today when I heard a beep and saw that the pump was giving me a Low Battery Warning. It was strange (I thought) because on the Display the battery indicator was showing 2 blocks light up out of the 3 available. I finished what I was doing and then checked the manual, as I've only been at this about a month now, and then panic because it says I have 30 minutes to change the battery before it fails (actually it saya a Minimum of 30 minutes, but I missed that as it is hotter than hades here, and it was right before a late dinner - so not at my best).

Anyway my question for you folks is will this always happen, or is it a strange occurrence that it was still showing a 2 thirds full when it ran the warning?

Also, when I change the Battery do I need to change out everything? I sort of remembered that I was told to do that when I was being trained, but I wasn't sure, so I changed everything even though it was early and I ended up wasting a lot of insulin. I know you have to do a full rewind when you replace the battery, but could I have just re-used the vial and infusion set that I had in already? I had 2 days until I needed to switch it.

Thanks for any advice all you veteran Pumpers out there!

Try to Stay Cool wherever you are! :)

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I've only changed my battery twice since i got my ping, but I noticed it went from 2 of 3 to replace battery now...Ive never had just 1 bar lit up. A bit different from my old mm pump.

Also, I was never told to change everything out when I change the battery, but it does tell me that I'm not primed. So I unhook, prime and all is good again. I don't think I would change everything out, what if your battery went an hour after a site change?!?!
Thanks for that Donna. That's really good to know!
I'm glad it helped...i really don't know what I'm doing half the time though lol.
That's actually the pump that the bars indicate on the meter; you have to go to "home" I think it is to get the actual meter bars. Yep, weird.
I have only had my ping for a little while so I don't have much experience on how long the battery can run...but I previously had the Animas 2020 and it would still run for days with 2 bars lit up. I would say that the ping won't last quite as long simply because of the RF signals being sent out. As far as changing everything out, I used to change my battery on the day that I change my set...obviously if you get the warning "change now" you can't really wait, in that case I agree with Donna, you can remove your cartridge do a full rewind then just reinstall and reprime.
its the 2 bars thing that threw me at first...on my old minimed pump, it would go from 4 bars, to 3 then 2 and finally down to 1 bar for a couple of weeks then it would give a low battery alarm. I expected my ping to be the same, but it doesn't seem to get one bar, it just goes from 2 to replace...
Isn't that the dumbest thing you have ever heard? I had a MM and all you do is remove the battery and put the new one in and you are done. The need to re-prime is probably due to a poor design with the pump "forgetting" where it is and needs to start over again. This has happened to me when I was giving a presentation. It keeps playing music every few minutes until you do what it says ... I had to leave the room to do this, leaving about 20 people just waiting for me to come back!

There are other examples of this. The pump itself seems to be fairly good but whoever wrote the software was clearly deranged! Of course, the uploading of data isn't a very smooth process either. Oh well ... I don't want to become a total rant so I will stop now!

I've been on my Ping for almost 3 years, and always run till I get the Low Battery warning. I've routinely run the pump another 6 to 8 hours after getting that warning, and it's still going strong. The only reason I change out the battery before the pump DIES is that I don't want to go to sleep with a "low battery" indication and risk having the pump stop delivery while I'm asleep (not good).

I suppose your "run time" after "low battery" would depend on what your basal rate is, and how many boluses/corrections etc. you are doing that day...
I agree with Donna's comment that you do not have to change everything when you change the battery. However, you must disconnect and reprime the pump.

Since Animas recommends using "Lithium ION" batteries, it is important to note that they do not work like standard or alkaline batteries where they gradually wear down. Lithium batteries run and run and run and then they're dead. You truly get very little warning compared to other battery types. I too have run my pump for several hours after receiving the low battery warning. Especially if I get the warning while I'm at work. But I change the battery as soon as I get home that evening.
well thats interesting about the lithium thing. it still seems like it should go down to one bar before dying though.

i always carry batteries with me anyhow, just in case, i have not yet tested how long it can go before changing (the meter i did do, it can go 2 or 3 days after a low battery before telling me i have to change now)
hey dude! i have had my Ping since May, and mine did the same thing, at midnight!! i was just getting ready to go to bed when it happened! i too read the manual and then panicked!! i drove all over trying to find a store that carried lithium batteries, but ended up putting in just a regular alkaline one. i did not change out the whole set, i just unhooked, did a rewind, re-load and prime, then hooked back up. next day i bought lithium batteries and then changed to that during my next site change.
i marked it on the calendar so next time i get the low battery warning i will see how long it's been since i last changed it.
i also found that the next day, the batteries on my meter started to crap out too, so now i always have the 2 types on hand!!

p.s it's hotter than hades here too! stay cool!!!
I was told by my trainer that my battery would last 2-3 monthes with my settings.....what a joke....lasted a month. Not really that big of a deal because batteries are cheap. Just glad I like planning ahead and already had batteries.




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