I am a petite woman and have had the Ping just a few months. I carry my CGM in my pocket or a purse, and have been carrying the ping on my belt in a holder made for cellphones. I am not happy about the resulting bulge at my hip when I'm wearing a light jacket (which is most of the year in Seattle).

Where do you keep your Ping?

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Hi, Etta! I used to keep my pump on my hip, too. I finally bought a bra (sassybax) that I can tuck it up in. They have a longer line so the pump fits, sideways, and you cannot see it at all. I wear a size 6, so I am not a big woman, either. I don't have a CGM, just the remote and I have it near me (purse, usually), but not on me. Rhonda Shears makes a similar bra, cheaper, but I have found the room I need to tuck it in isn't as good with that bra as the sassybax one. They are not cheap bras, but I have several and I LOVE them!! Hope this helps...

Thanks Sue, I'll look into that!

I keep mine in a pants/jumper pocket, usually. I put a buttonhole inside the top of the pocket for the tubing to go through. Pump still shows though, looks like something in my pocket. At night I put it in a pocket down my leg that I sew onto a pair of men's undies, the kind like briefs with legs. I get a size huge so the legs are big then cut a V in the back and stitch it together again so the waist fits. Next I put 2 pockets low on the legs (cut up an old sweatshirt for these) and make the inside buttonhole so the tubing can come through. If I am wearing a dress I just wear these sleeper shorts instead of underwear and there's no visible bulge. More than you wanted to know, I'm sure!

For a long while I mainly hooked it onto my waist (no holder, just the pump) and covered it with a top, or didn't - I don't really care if it shows, then just tucked in the tubing. Or used a pocket in my cargo pants. I always wondered when people talked about putting it in their bras, because I've finally found bras that fit me perfectly and there is no space in the middle to tuck anything. But then when I went to a wedding recently I realized I could just clip it to the center and I really liked that, because unlike the waistline, it seemed to disappear! So, except for very thin clingy fabrics, that's my new favorite spot.

Hi, everyone.
I'm a size barely A bra, so slippig it under the bra strap in the middle does not work. Looks like I've got a brick between my small boosm.
However, I LOVE my Accu-Check (H-Tronplus) bra/pant pouch (made for their Disetronic pump but works for any). It's a fabric pocket with a hook that catches on the strap under the arm, causing the Ping to hang (upsidedown) just above my elbow = invisible; Except for when wearing a skin-tight shirt or dress and then I hang it inside the waist-band on the skirt or use my thigh-thing carrier (also from Accu-Check).
Well worth the $! I then hang it from my neck on my pj's when sleeping.
You don't have to have their pump to buy their holders. (Their Spirit holders are too small, but the others are not.) Check their catalog out on-line:
http://www.accu-chekpumpstore.com Type "pouch" or "thigh thing" in the search box.

Thanks for posting this, Alisa. I'm the same size as you and have already rejected any bra-related solutions.

I started wearing my bathing suit shorts that has a pocket. I just stick it in there and it works great. During the day I stick the meter in my pants pocket but the tubing isn't hidden so I've got to find some other way. I may try poking a hole in my pants pocket and running the tube through that but I'll have to remember not to put any change in that pocket.

I am usually happiest with it clipped to my belt or waistband or tucked in a pocket. I don't mind it showing, so many people wear their cell phones or other items clipped to their belts that most people don't give it a second thought. I tried a few times clipping it to/tucking it into my bra, but even though (or possibly because?) I'm fairly generously endowed I found it uncomfortable and much more noticeable that clipped to my belt.

I generally prefer clipping it to my waistband. I'd rather it be more visible to others and more comfortable for me. If I'm wearing something with a pocket I'll put it there. I've not found other ways to stash the pump that I've been happy with. If I wear a dress, I wear shorts with a pocket underneath. I'm going to try out some of the other solutions suggested and see what I think. :)

If you're willing to spend the money, http://hankypancreas.com/ has some great pump accessories for women. They have some scarves with pockets for pumps and some flowers that are essentially flower headbands for a pump. I have one of the flowers. I slip the flower over the pump and it looks like a part of my outfit instead of like a piece of technology. :)

Thanks everyone for your enlightening suggestions!

I just experimented with a new way of wearing the pump. The pump fits well inside my sports bra, but not so well in my regular ones. I had success wearing a sports bra over a regular one and then tucking the pump inside. It completely disappears. Tada!

Alisa, the "leg thing" from Animas is working great for me, using a sweat band underneath for cushioning. I appreciate the tip!




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