I've only been a pumper for 2 months - so I'm a newbie.  I like the Ping but am not sure I like the insets.  I'm using the 9mm auto insets.  First, there is sooooooooooooooooo much disposable plastic involved (hurts my ecological self), second, I've ripped it out several times because of the high profile, and third, my very thin, fair skin starts getting irritated at 2.5 days, which affect absorption.

I have just now realized that I don't have to use the insets they gave me at the doc's office - so I would like to make some decisions before I have to order resupplies.  But I have no idea where to begin - what sets are compatible, which options would be best for my issues, what criteria should I use to choose, etc.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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I just got some Orbit samples in the mail that I requested. They don't have an inserter so I have to do it manually. It's OK though. They are very low profile and the tubing swivels 360 degrees. The adhesive is reportedly heat activated and sticks very well. Give Orbit a call and try them out. I used the Animas Inset 90s before.
I think that you will find that the manual insertion is so much easier, so much unnoticeable, and so much like a simple syringe tip, that you will never go back to those contraptions that the OEM manufacturers produce...I can insert, prime and fill the cannula all within about 15 seconds and I love it. They also last longer due to the heat-seeking adhesive that you can wear anywhere, and I love the fact that it has a closed septum so that you do not need to put a 'clip' on when you shower...good luck!
Thanks David and Carleton - one question for Carleton - what did you mean "put a 'clip' on when you shower"?? I have to "unclip" with the Animas inset.

Anyway, I have called my doc and they are going to help me get the Orbits. Yeah!!!!
Hey Cheri - you know how you are supposed to put that little clip on your infusion set (the one that comes with it) when you shower, and then you have to struggle to unclip it after so you can put your pump back on? Or if you have the one that has two clips hanging from it, which is really a pain, well the orbit has what is called a closed septum - when you take the tubing and little round thing off, it closes up and is waterproof - no more extra plastic pieces - only one in the world to my knowledge

Have a good sleeP!
hi Carleton- I'm new to pumping...just a few weeks, so sorry if my question seems silly. this clip...do you use the animas all in one infusion set? does that have a clip? no one told me about it and I haven't been using one. maybe i should look more carefully in my box because i don't remember seeing one!
I'm with you Courtney. I didn't know about the clip until another D friend asked if I wanted to borrow one. There are 2 of them in every Inset box. Apparently you're supposed to clip them in place of the tubing when you unhook the tubing for bathing or swimming. I don't know...we only use the clips when we swim in the river or lake, not the pool or bathtub.
I never use them, period, but really don't need to now, since I'm using the orbit. As Carleton explained, they have a closed septum.
I use an Animas Ping. I received a sample of the Orbit sets, but I can't remember whether I'm supposed to set the occlusion sensitivity to low or high (I was told to do one or the other by the Orbit person). Does anyone know?
I was told that you always set it for high sensitivity-- i.e.-- you are more likely to get a warning than not when needed, and that it didn't depend on the infusion set. I've never had an occlusion warning with my pump in the 9 months that I've had it, yet I know I've had cannula kinks from sky-high BSs and from seeing the bend in the teflon when I've pulled them out. I use the Ping now too (I upgraded from the first model I had) and neither of them seem sensitive to occlusion even when I've got one.

About putting the clip on for showering if you disconnect from the Insets: my pump educator told me it wasn't necessary. I never use the clip when I disconnect to shower and I haven't had any inexplicable highs or any other problems not clipping. It's funny how we can be told opposite things by different educators, isn't it?

- Patti

- Patti
Hey Cheri - I use the Animas 2020 (like the Ping - but no remote - it's lift up my skirt - reveal the knickers - and bolus away - I'm part exhibitionist LOL). I have a reaction to the teflon cannulas - so tried the Orbit last year - except due to being new in Canada it was difficult to get the length of cannula I wanted due to the demand. So, I went to Animas and asked them about their Contact® Detach Infusion Set. Which is a one-handed straight insertion (90 degree stainless steel needle) with tubing and infusor needle as one piece. Less plastic packaging to waste compared to the other infusion sets I've experimented with. Animas instead of sending me a few samples sent me a WHOLE box to try out - and I feel in love with them. Because I've been diabetic for a long time - inserting manually by hand isn't a big deal for me (read up Brigitte's blog - and you'll see what we were brought up on in the Stone Age - drag woman by hair to the lair sort of thing.

Seriously though, easy to insert, easy to disconnect when you have to. When you remove the infusion set, you wouldn't even know anything was inserted! The one thing I do find with the Animas Contact Detach - compared to the Orbit - it lies flat. Being abit of a fashionista - when I wear tight clothing - I don't want that bump. I know silly, but that's me.

Anna from Montreal - The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes! Whoo! Whoo!
How do you disconnect at the site? I've looked at the pictures of the ContactDetach, but can't see where you'd pinch and pull, or where you'd pinch and slide, or however you disconnect from other infusion sets. I love the Orbits, but I'm always interested in something that lies flat and doesn't leave a huge mark when you pull it out.

- Patti
Hi Anna -

Thanks for this info - I will have to order samples of this, too!

How do you disconnect at the site?




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