I am finally contemplating switching from Cozmo and I have 2 questions for anyone wearing an Animas pump. I got to play with an Animas Vibe last week (like a ping but Dexcom G4 displays on the screen - only available in europe so far, I think). I like it but there are a few major down sides for me after using a Cozmo for 9+ years

1. Is it me or is the audio bolus button the slowest way in the world to give a bolus? The pump seems really slow to respond to each push of the audio bolus button - to a point that i lost track of how many times i had pushed it. I'm sort of hoping that it was just the demo pump that was a little old and acting up, but I get the feeling that the audio bolus button is not very reactive.

2. I have my cozmo set for a 2 minute (normal) bolus delivery. Even the slow setting for bolus delivery on the Animas seems extra speedy. Does anyone have problems with that fast delivery?

Other than those 2 questions, my only negative impression of the Animas is it seems like there is a LOT of button pressing compared to the Cozmo. It's a nice screen but navigating through the menus and changing options doesn't seem very user friendly. Another option that i will really miss if i switch is the ability to have pre-set temp basals. It's hard to change! I still wish Cozmo was still in business! Thanks for any insight.

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Andrea, my audio bolus is set on vibrate and just a normal push will activate it. yes you have to push a lot of buttons and I was told the many (and harder) pushing of buttons is a safety thing (no accidental boluses or program changes)
Also I wish there was a back button i.e. when in the main menu with BOLUS on top when using the 'Up' arrow it should go to HOME on the bottom without having to press the 'Down' button 7 times.
As for your temp basal you can have one of your basal programs set up for that. I have a exersize, a weekend, and a weekday pre-programmed basal rate and still have one open so I could use it as another preset temporary basal program, besides the TEMP option already.
Waterproof, indestructible, good battery life, good cartridge volume, and slow or normal is not to fast for me.
CON: Bad carrying clip and belt case as they don't last. The quality of these two items is not up to par. The slide on metal belt clip needs constant attention as the screw comes loose (even after using Locktite) and the "leather" belt case wears out within 6 months the leather raffles apart. 5 years ago these items would last a couple of years now they are cheapened up and won't last 6 monts.

I switched to the ping from minimed. The menus are not as user friendly... but the waterproof features and ability to switch out the O-ring and battery cap are good.
I have had mine over a year and have been waiting for the vibe. I actually quit wearing my Dexcom7 because it is big and bulky... but recently restarted using the belt clip which has helped a lot. The hard case on the ping
is good too... since I manage to drop mine on the tile bathroom floor repeatedly. I have had no problems with the belt clip. Mine stays put. I dont use a case on the ping, I just clip it on and go, or take it off and tuck it in my bra. I also liked the fact they will send a loaner pump for vacation. Hope this helps. Carolyn

We have gone from Cozmo to Vibe... I like it a lot. We have never used audio bolus so can't answer that for you. The slowest delivery is still fast and Rachel (11) thinks the first bolus with the a new site hurts but after that they are fine. I actually do the first bolus as an extended over .1 of an hour which helps heaps. You could do that with every bolus if you wanted.
There is a lot less button pushing on the Vibe than the 2020 or the Ping. Vibe jumps straight to recommended dose and then you press "go" rather than having to dial up the dose.
The Vibe also has a rearranged menu from the PIng/2020 and it now has a 'sort of' back button.
I do wish it has a smaller battery (which lasts forever) and a bigger cartridge.
It seems basic compared to Cozmo but everything it does, it does well. The screen is great.. :)

Anyone have any clue when we will get the vibe in the US? I'm getting angry waiting.

I was told by one source that they expect to file with the FDA in January. I don't think that anyone can predict how long it will take until approval. They had to wait until the Dex Gen4 was approved before filing for the approval of the combo device.

I hope it won't take long. My Animas pump arrived today (old pump is Medtronic) and my Gen4 sensors arrive next week. I've had the Gen4 for almost a month, but sensors were back ordered and then I had to delay delivery because I was out of town.

 Thanks to all of you for replying. I know it's going to be terribly hard to give up my Cozmo.... I wish the t:slim was available in Europe!  Anyway, thanks for the tips.  I think if i go with the Vibe, i'll likely do extended boluses over .1 of an hour.  And i'll just have to remember my 3 most common temp basals.  I'll save them in my phone just in case!

But I'm really leaning towards Animas because of the waterproofness and because of the ability to communicate with the Dexcom G4.  I'll have to pay out of pocket for sensors but i think i'll do it for a month to see if that can help me set up proper basal rates and understand my post-meal spikes.

Hi Andrea, I am also a die hard Deltec pump user. I was looking at the animas and the t-slim or the accu-chek. I heard a lot of great things about the accu-chek. My rep was not pushing animas because she felt that they were not that up to date. The accu-chek is not water proof which stinks. It is a tough decision. The new Dexcom is really nice and small.t-slim non battery worries me. My Dexcom battery dies fast. Good luck.

One interesting view about the number of button pushes on Animas products is they are a test of your mental status. If you are very high or very low and confused, you cannot operate the pump and hurt yourself. Just a safety concept to think about, whether it is by design or people's observations.

Hi Andrea, by any chance are you the Andrea from Paris from the old everything you need to know forum? Anyway, I was saddened by the end of the Cozmo. I truly miss it. I loved the back function (instead of scrolling to get to the home screen) the hypo-manager and the flexibility in setting bolus rates based on bg readings (e.g. if a reading is 2000-250, I could correct by 110% of normal correction bolus. If my insurance covered the T-Slim I would probably go for it since John Walsh (of Using Insulin, Pumping Insulin and the diabetes mall was involved in the design. In fact he was a major player in the functions of the Cozmo) In fact, since it is time for me to replacement my pump, I may pay cash for the T-Slim, and cast for the reservoirs and hopefully my insurance will cover the infusion sets since they are not proprietary.

I'm not sure i know the "everything you need to know" forum. Is it diabetes related?

As a general update, I've decided to stick with my Cozmo for now. I'm lucky that in France I can still use it and still have access to plenty of supplies. I "rent" my pump from a third party supplier who still has Cozmos in stock because nobody wants them anymore. I can pretty much change pumps when i want (or when my doctor agrees to it) but am definitely limited by what is on the market here. Basically we have the Animas Ping, the Accu-chek Combo or the latest MM. No tubeless pumps and no T:slim. If the T:slim was available I might go down that route but i have a feeling I still have a few years to wait on it.

My decision to stick with my cozmo for now comes down to the fact that i have such personalisable alarms & reminders and the ease of use (not too much button pressing to scroll through different screens). I see definitely plus-sides to the Vibe but right now there aren't enough to sway me. If I had CGM coverage I would likely be swayed a whole lot more easily!!

Thanks everyone for your imput!

Andrea, it was part of the Everything you Need to Know series. This one was about Diabetes. There was a woman who was (I think) orignally from Canada and moved to France. I wish I had known more about the difference between the Animas Ping and the Cozmo. I wouldn't have traded my cozmo in. I had hoped that they (animas) would have investigated the innards of the Cozmo and added some of the features it had.

Hmmm, I'm thinking indeed that it must be me as I moved from Canada to France 10 years ago. But I seem to be having a memory bug about the Everything you Need to Know series. Was it the forum on About.com? I was quite involved there back in the day. Your name is tickling the back of my mind...




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