I just started Byetta today and am anxious to see if it is better than Januvia or Avandia. This is a big step for me and I am looking to see how others feel about this new drug.

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You are most welcome, Ms. Karla. That is why we are all here. Feel free to contact me at any time.

I started Byetta today as well. I am so hoping I wont have the side effects, but we'll see. I am also taking Metaformin and Lantus as well. My AC1 was 7.4 in February. I am reading that most of you with no nausea take the byetta about 15 minutes before you eat - that is what my dr told me to do as well. I am very worried about the low sugars because I tend to go low mid morning. I try to eat a snack but usually I go low before I get to the snack. I do have a question - I am supposed to take my byetta 6 hours ater a meal. It might be better for me to do one before breaksfast and one before lunch - there is 6 hours between those two - but I eat dinner fairly early (around 5) so if I eat lunch at noon, there would not be 6 hours. Has anyone taken the Byetta earlier than 6 hours after a meal?
Karla, I am so happy to hear that. I knew in time that the nausea would probably diminish. I am so glad that you are handling it now. As I take mine 1hr to 45min before I eat as well. Keep your head high!!,,,Jeff
i saw my doctor today about the byetta. he has advised me to finish up the pen i'm using and wait two weeks before starting a new one. that way we can see if it is doing any good on keeping down the b.s. as far as the cutting my appetite aspect. (it doesn't seem to be working) i told him that it doesn't seem to be suppressing it. i told him i wait 30 to 45 minutes before eating. he said for some people they may need to wait a little longer and to wait an hour and see if that works. he has also suggested seeing a specialist for gastric bypass. he told me that if i can lose 100 pounds i could probably stop taking medicine for diabetes. yup, i am supporting another me in here. he said that i have diabetes because of my weight and that i'm one of the lucky one's who can go off medicine if i get rid of the extra weight. what does he think i've been trying to do all these years? he almost sounded like my stupid ex. "if you loved me you would lose the weight". i'm a stress eater, put pressure on me and i add more weight not lose it. sorry, didn't mean to go off on that tangent. anyway, i'm going to try the doctor's suggestions with the byetta and then see what i have. maybe it's been helping more then i knew. debb.....
Go 'LOW CARB' you get tighter control of your BG readings and loose weight. I have lost 49lbs so far. My Endo still does not want to talk about taking me off Byetta. I also walk 3 times a day at least 1.5 miles each time. Walking also helps with the control of your BG readings. My last A1C was 4.9
FANTASTIC russell!!!! you just touched on my two biggest problem areas. carbs and walking. i love my white bread. gotta give most of it up. i was thinking about trying rye bread for when i do eat bread. i absolutely hate wheat bread. the other thing is walking. i am back out there now that the weather has improved. no more butt high snow. keep up the good work. you are a total inspiration to the rest of us. debb.........

Start your Low carb experisnce with the above link.
thanks russell, that was some reading. it did help a lot. i've been eating foods that i never thought as sugar foods. i'm talking about veggies. i knew i couldn't eat peas or corn with other foods like bread or taters, but there was so-o-o-o much more. it looks like i have my work cut out for me. whoo-hoo, i can have my steak though. all is not depressing. the one thing i may have a problem with is bananas. i was put on a water pill because i have a reaction to blood pressure pills. is there anything besides bananas or oranges that will help keep my potassium up?
You are now indoctrinated into the diabetic world of LOW CARB. I take an over the counter supplement. 99mg one the moring and one in the evening. I am on pee pills and 2 other meds for High blood pressure + Crestor and pain meds for arthritis.
thanks russell, i'm heading to town now, so i'll check it out. so much to learn......
I began in Late June, and have loved its effect on my BS levels and weight. I still take my 1500 mg of Glucophage (metformin) with the Byetta (20mcg daily). The nausea was mild and only lasted a few days, on both the 5mcg pen and when I switched to the 10 mcg pen. So far, I've lost 12 lbs.
I've been taking it for awhile, and I like taking it....I don't feel hungry while I'm on this medicine, like I did when I was on insulin!

Hope it works for you!




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