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Hello Canadians,
I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. My son was diagnosed this past summer, our hospital clinic has said he is eligible for a disability tax credit and they will sign the appropriate forms.
I'm working on taxes and it's not entirely clear to me how to claim this. Do I have to file a return for my son, so that I can transfer his disability tax credit to my return?
Any help from anyone that has done this would be great

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Just a note that I see some people got back a larger amount than me retroactive. I was told the amount for the tax credit is the same for everyone so not sure why all our amounts are different.

As well, did anyone get back for years prior to 2005 (2004 tax year)?



I think it depends on how much tax you pay as to how much you would get back. If you overpaid through the year anyhow, then you would get more but in the end, it would work out the same. I think the actual deduction is probably the same though but any other tax write offs would make a difference as well. I did get money back to 2000 but I am also on a pump, so when I did it, it could be filed back to 2000. There was one year that I didn't get anything for though because I had no taxable income and no spouse or anything to take it. But it is what it is.

I am not on a pump - does that effect anything???

The young lady I spoke to on the phone with the NBA place told me that it is entirely dependent on income/taxes paid, etc..
And she told me for sure you can go back 10 years.
We'll see how it goes...

Hi Alan,

My husband (who I transferred the credit to) was in the 35%-40% tax bracket.

Are/were you on the pump at that time. Because I called and the agent confirmed that pumpers were eligible from 2000 forward and then injections were approbed as of 2005.

Jodi - thank you (I'm only applying for me); I will fill forms out until my hands ache if I have to (my husband was out of work for nearly a year, and only recently became employed; however, we have benefits for the first time ever - what a blessing) to get back anything, every little bit helps!!
I will definitely be continuing to post - cheers to you all :D

Not being on a pump doesn't really effect anything other than how you answer the open ended question. They made this available to people on pumps in 2000 but not until later did they make it available to people on injections. Just make sure you check all the boxes where it says the stuff you cant do, and then state in the open ended question that you need to be available 24/7 to deal with diabetes, etc. As a friend of mine put it, you cant test and do any of those things at the same time. You cant inject and do any of those things at the same time. You cant tweek numbers and do any of that stuff at the same time. I also typed it out in adobe before I took it in because my dr has atrocious handwriting and I wanted it clear and legible for the tax people so they weren't questioning what it said.

Another thing to note is that some things aren't applicable. For example, while carb counting might be a huge part of managing your diabetes, it does not count as something extra that a diabetic has to do for the purposes of the tax form. You do have to be a little bit careful that you dont use things that dont count in your application or it gives them reason to deny it. :)

Thanks BJ...the fact that I was on multiple daily injections from 2002 until last month when I went on the pump may explain the difference in amount.

I was not aware that pumpers had this T-220 tax credit available from 2000. I only know that those who inject were only approved from 2005 and forward thanks to the Canadian Diabetes Association fighting on all diabetics behalves.

Thanks for all that - I'm just reading the form over now (if you click on the fillable pdf it lists that you cannot included carb counting, etc) and MEGA appreciate having so much info going is certainly all a lot to take in :S

I filled mine out myself and my dr just had to sign it. Sometimes they charge a fee to sign forms, but I have a good dr that didn't and being that I had it completely completed and she only had to sign, it was okay. If you fill it out in such a way that you give them the information they want, using their words, they dont generally send out the extra form. At least that has been my experience. I redid mine in June for that tax year as the first time I was only approved for a couple years and then had to resubmit and I didn't hear back until the end of October, so you may have to be patient but it is worth it. It just depends how busy the CRA is and how backlogged they are. I was then approved forever and just had to tell them if anything changed.

Don't forget that your son is also elegible for the Registered Disability Savings Plan. This includes recieving the Canada Disability Savings Grant and Bond.

Hi Suzanne, I was reading through some of the info that was given to you and all thought it was great, some of it is misrepresented. The amount you "get back" depends on your income and the your credits. The DTC is just that, a CREDIT. It is an amount claimed on your federal tax schedule 1 (Line 318). Then, along with the rest of your credits, a percentage is used to reduce the amount of taxes owed. (The DTC is also on your provincial tax sheet). There is no set "refund" amount. This is just a tax credit. What some people might be referring to is there is an amount added to your Child Tax Benefit if you qualify and receive that monthly. I believe the maximum for that is $208.00 per month. (Paid monthly with your Child Tax Benefit). The will retro pay that amount. I hope all this information helps you. Good Luck :)




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