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Since it seems there are a few people looking to fill out their T2201 DTC forms on another thread, I thought I would start a new thread in the event that perhaps I can help anyone that is new to this process with filling them out.

First, you need to go online and download the tax forms. In my case, I filled them out myself and then took them to my Dr to sign. I have other friends that did the same, and some that had the Dr complete them. I did find it nice that they could be typed out in Adobe Reader and then printed so that in the even that you Dr has bad handwriting (as mine does), it is legible for the CRA people to read.

The portion that applies is only the Life Sustaining Therapy portion, unless you are claiming for another disability other than diabetes. There are 3 pages in the package that apply, in addition to your information on the front page.

The first question is do you meet the conditions for life sustaining therapy. If you are on insulin, you would answer YES.

The next question you would want to input the year you started taking insulin which would be the year of your diagnosis.

Then it asks for a description. Here you want to say something like "Insulin pump/Multiple Daily Insulin Injections to control diabetes, thereby sustaining life"

The next page, you would want to check all the YES boxes, and then check all the boxes under where it asks which daily living things apply, as you see fit. You would fill in the year that you began this therapy. For some this will be the same year as diagnosis, but perhaps it may not be the same year so fill that in as it applies to you. Also, directly below the check boxes that are checked for which things apply to you, I wrote in pen "See Effects of Impairment on next page". It may not seem that many of those things may apply, but you essentially want to check off anything that you can NOT do while testing, injecting, recording blood sugars, etc. For me, they all applied.

Next page...
The diagnosis is Type 1 Diabetes

Now, the important and more tricky part. Effects of Impairment.
"Time spent on life sustaining therapy: 14 hrs/wk (it must be 14 or more, so I'm using 14 here. If less than 14, you will not be approved). is unable to participate in any activities of daily living while managing his/her diabetes and diabetes regimen (and insulin pump if it applies), 24 hrs/day, 7 days/wk. must be available to: (pick the things that apply to you) calibrate insulin pump and CGMS, change tubing, rotate insertion sites, program pump, treat and recuperate from hypoglycemia, establish/reestablish insulin ratio, monitor glucose, maintain logs and analysing trends, prepare and administer insulin"

It is expected to last (YES) and it is not expected to go away (NO). Dr signs and does their thing, and mail it away to your closest tax center.

It really isn't as daunting as it looks in the end, if you have an idea of what they are looking for. :) Good luck, and hope you hear back favorable news. If you have a dr that doesn't do this on a regular basis, make sure you let them know that if they are asked for "further information", to CALL YOU and you will come in and assist them in completing that form. But, with the above answers, I have not heard of anyone's dr being further questioned.


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Hi Alan happy to see you back !! We got home yesterday
( tired ) in the pm ...oodles of e-mails to read and delete is good : returned my( unused :)) Loaner pump to MM today ...Thursday another challenge : off to Kamloops surgery : skin cancer on my left leg ...take some flesh from my flat butt and move to shin ?? ...not fair , ha, ha .

Your best wishes helped , Alan :) ...had a great report with the Plastic Surgeon, his office Staff and the Nursing Staff in Ambulatory Care of the Kamloops Hospital .. the surgery took less than 1/2 hour ; stitches to be removed here in S.A 2 weeks later .No Flap done /taken...not necessary ...NO marathon the next few days, which makes sense :) No pain killers of any sort required :). Hubby joked about sending our Earl's Lunch bill to Pacific Blue Cross ...which brings me to the next question /observation 1 ) yes we are aware of the "travel credit " ...use this tax feature for both of us for as close as Vernon for me and Kelowna for Hubby's Oncologist 2 ) this time we were away for a Lunch ( am meet up and pm Hospital) you know , if there is a " meal credit" available as well ???? Your help is appreciated !!

NEL!!! Bonjour mon ami! I am so glad to hear that your prognosis is good. I feel like we've not seen each other in ages. I miss you, my friend!

I know when I was a kid my parents used to use stuff like that on their taxes but an accountant always dealt with it. I dont know anything about it, and yes, for as close as it is, I do find that its hard to get down there to see the head lady. Thankfully you know who is closer to home now. What is this "travel credit" you speak of?

Still need to get you a pic of my new buddy. I think I told you but my little camera is broken. But I have my webcam so maybe I will do that when I'm done with this post :)

Take care, <3 your little buddy :) BJ

Thanks BJ. I will ask my GP if she will sign for me. I know that I spend more than 14 hours per week managing my diabetes and I don't feel like I am "cheating" by asking to have this signed.

You are very welcome! I honestly think 14 hrs/wk is a bit of a joke. I dont know anyone with diabetes that spends less than that when you actually sit down and figure it out. But I also have to remind myself that these are tax people that set the rules, not drs. I dont think anyone should feel they are "cheating" by asking to have them signed and actually get offended at the suggestion. The fact is though that in completing these forms, they are being interpreted by tax professionals (again, not doctors), so the key is to be honest, but to put it into langauge that they are looking for and using their words to complete it. It just saves everyone stress becuase they can look at it and see exactly what they are looking for and you and your doctor dont get further questioned by them because your answers were concise and exactly what they were looking for. Good luck, and let us know when you hear back. :)

Thanks for this! I just sent our form off yesterday - will see how it goes, our endo has done many of these so hopefully there is not issue.

You are very welcome. I am so glad to help anyone get this credit because I believe it is something we are entitled to and we should get and am actually saddened by how many people dont know about it and how many people are misinformed about it. If your endo has done many of them, hopefully you are good to go. Fingers crossed, but by the sounds of it, you dont need it because they know what they're doing :) BJ

BJ , Hi kiddo :) ...For travel /medical treatment over 40 km one way : page 45 of the Canada Revenue Agency General Income Tax and Benefit Guide 2011 , Line 330 , Eligible medical expenses bottom page : travel expenses, schedule 1 Federal Tax 46 mentions if travel more than 80 km one way , you can deduct accomodation , meal expenses in addition to transportation expenses .It looks we would qualify for the meal expense as distance for the basal cell cancer surgery one way to/from was over 100km !
PS 1 I don't think Alan , who I responded to, is a member anymore ; his comments have disappeared ?? PS 2 ...maybe a local pumpers meet up soon ??

Hi there. I just went and looked at the form and saw where you saw that you cant include time for life sustaining therapy in question 4. I think what they are after there is whether there is a cumulative effect on your life or not (not just for so many hours/day, but for every day, all day), and not really after the amount of time life has an impact on your therapy. I certainly could be wrong, but when I submitted my forms, they did want to know which of of the functions of daily living are impacted by the impairment (life sustaining therapy). They had a similar question as well but they didn't suggest that time was a factor in answering it so I didn't really look at it like they were wanting to know how much time I spent on life sustaining therapy, but rather wanted to know if there was an imapact on my daily living. I dont know if that makes sense or not though. Perhaps there was some lack of understanding on how to answer that question, so they clarified.

hello (very helpful) friends :)
i am going to see my endo on wed and taking my forms w/me for her to sign (i do not anticipate any trouble, she has always been wonderful) but am, hmm, how would you say it nicely...ridiculously paranoid...when it comes to submitting forms, etc. (i think it harkens back to the ol' brain injury/memory trouble and worrying that i'm always forgetting something)...anyways...i had a couple of questions and wondered if anyone would mind taking the trouble and answering them (if you know the answers of course!)...
1. am i only submitting pages 1, 7 and 9?
2. what is the deal with page 8?
thank you for any clarification you can provide :)
i was also wondering how this will all work out for me...bc i have not had an income for the last 4 years, due to health troubles...if i qualify i'm hoping to claim back to 2005 (i had a better go with employment back then)...but now i'm wondering if i shouldn't also apply for odsp...anyone with any thoughts or experience?
cheers on all accounts folks, and hope everyone is well!

thanks - i was on the link earlier today, but it was via the hubby's phone, need to sit down at the computer and do it properly...
i will double-check w/endo about page 8

Hi Bec. They have slightly changed the form since I submitted mine, but all the main things are still there and to the best of my understanding (I could be wrong), you do need page 8 as those haven't changed. I checked off all boxes and wrote in "see effects of impairment" because your impairment does need to have an effect on your daily living and is included in the life sustaining therapy portion. Do you still have the email I sent you with the attachments to look at? They want to know how your diabetes effects, for example, your ability to carry on a conversation, walk across the room, etc. The way it was explained to me: Can you draw up insulin and walk at the same time? Can you take a glucose reading and carry on a meaningful conversation that requires attention at the same time? Can you do any of those things while logging blood sugars, calculating your dose of insulin, or analyzing blood sugar trends etc. BJ




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