I am a Type 2 with an A1C of 10.1.
I was diagnosed several years ago and I was given a chart with targets. During the day I always managed to reach "normal" blood sugar levels. I seem to have the "Dawn Effect" which I was never able to control. I don't go low overnight, I checked several times. I could sometimes hit the target of 4 to 7 when I got up but not often. Regularly increasing meds made no difference in fact, it got worse. I'm usually 9.8 in the mornings now but it takes 2 glasses of wine and peanut butter or cheese before bed to get it down to that. It is usually down after breakfast. I'm beginning to hate wine. Any suggestions?

In Apr/May, for the first time I was out of control swinging through the high teens... hence the high A1C. I have managed to get my readings down to between 7 -10 throughout June and I know that it isn't good enough. I have an appointment with a trainer for the low carb diet and exercise plan but I have some questions before I go.

1) What are the current targets in Canada today ?

2) What is the current target for the A1C?


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The targets given by the Canadian Diabetic Association are:
A1C - 7.0% or lower - for non diabetic 6.0%
Fasting glucose 4.0 to 7.0
2 hours after eating 5.0 to 10.0

Thanks albertacowpoke! That was quick. I have this on my old chart and was told that the numbers had changed. I'm almost there! Thanks so much.
You're very welcome. I set my own targets to 4.0 -7.0 for fasting and 5.0 - 8.0 after meals. I have been successful with diet and exercise. My latest A1C was at 6.5. It was at 8.5 early February.
Congrats! :)
Hi Peetie. I have just spent 8 months trying to get a handle on my blood sugars. I was way outa wack and constantly felt like I had been run over by a truck. Here is what really really saved me. . .I started to do very physical exercise 3 one hours a week. Hummm some improvement. Then I went to 5 times a week and saw the numbers move. I still need to be very conscious of my diet and I deal with weird readings (too high or too low) when I am emotional. For me diet alone did very little but adding activity changed everything. Have you ever thought of joining Weight Watchers. Not so for a diet (but you will lose weight) but the diet includes fruit, veggies and all healthy portion sizes. My reading are so right-on that I have given up half my insulin shots as I just dont need them. I hope this might help you a little. Its a hard battle alone.
Sandy good for you, I was at 8.5 in February and a bit overweight. I wrote about it on hubpages. I did the same thing by combining exercise with watching meal portions more than anything.
Here is a link to my story if you're interested. My A1C just came in at 6.5

Controlling Diabetes - A Personal Story

The follow up just recently was
Today I saw the Results of my Efforts in Fighting Type 2 Diabetes
Thanks Sandy! It's really encouraging to hear a success story. I'm supply teaching right now so I'm just trying to hang in there til the summer. I have never tried Weight Watchers. Think I will check it out once school is out!
Hey Peetie,
I too struggled with AM readings, I was taking metformin 500 mg 1 tablet with every meal. for a total of 1500mg
But those frustrating AM # can drive you mental. My Dr said you can take max 5 metformin a day! ( check with your dr please ! ) but the trick was taking 2 tablets at bedtime, 1 after breakfast and 1 after dinner.
Worked like a charm for me, and I didn't eat much of anything before bed.
It seems its all just a big experiment on yourself to find what foods you can, or can't and what meds, get it figured out for a while and then it changes again. Up down up down !

good luck
Thanks Crashette! Good to hear you have been able to find the meds that work for you. I've taken Metformin for 3 years and just can't seem to get over the side effects. Tips from this group have helped and still I had to cut it back from 2/day to 1 1/2 per day. It is interesting that you take it after breakfast. I find that, as long as I eat breakfast, the sugars will go back to target range. Do your sugars stay high after breakfast?
Hey Peetie, Sorry if I mislead you in anyway... I did take Metformin for 2 years, and yes my sugars stayed high after breakfast because I decided I want to enjoy my Spec K and banana for breakfast. Diabetic or not I can't let IT take everything I like to eat away from me. So the 1 tab after breakfast helped . As did the before bed 2 tablets.
I gave up metformin 2 weeks ago dispite my 6.2 A1c done at the begining of June. I was tired of the GI issues. ( 2 years of.... well you know uggh )
So decided to start on insulin, since my beta cells would be wiped out eventually why postpone. So a new challange come my way with figuring insulin out. Im just taking levemir at bedtime, and discovered that it works best a night if injected in the love handle area. So Im currently choosing my food choices wisely as I was warned until I figured out the appropiate dose my numbers would be a little high.
The good news,..... with in 3 days of no Metformin situation GI Normal !!! it's now been 2 weeks of normal. No more worries on the next trip to vegas if I can make it to my room in time.... across the huge casino floor and up 28 floors to the last room way at the end of the long long hallway !!! Gotta laugh at that !
So the thing is I put up with the side effects for 2 years cause it kept my BG in range because for me it didn't matter if I took 2 tabs or 4 the GI issues were the same. But numbers were stable on the higher dose... a trade off.

We are all a little different at how things work for us, it's just all a big science project on yourself.
I hope my info helps you.
Thanks Crashette. This is helpful. While the protocol for Type 2 seems to be meds only first then meds + insulin, many in this patient community are thrilled with insulin only. I'm glad you have found this new freedom. It's my dream!
Let me know how you manage.
Whoops! I just read your profile and I saw that you have LADA. I don't really know anyone who has that. I guess that accounts for the differences in the drug actions and protocol. Now the GI issues..... I think we are the same. :)




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