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My warranty is good thru August and I recently got a replacement pump for a malfunctioning backlight. I'm gonna use this Cozmo until I'm forced to change.

The irDA no longer works. I think it's a Windows OS incompatibility and no one "owns" the problem now. Too bad, I did like the ability to upload and analyze the data, especially the coPilot SW.

Anyone else out there ...?

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I know this is year a year later and no one may be interested but I have a brand new one that my son has never used. We were going to put it on Ebay. Anyone interested contact me. It is the blue Cozmo. I have everything including supplies. I use a different pump and he refuses to pump. Just thought I would throw this out there!

Dayna I am interested, can we talk off the boards, my email is dma1999@mac.com

Troy Longo username dma1999

I use the Cozmo and am very worried about what will happen when my warranty expires. I am having trouble paying for my health insurance (the deductible is so large!). Does anyone know where to get low cost supplies for the pump? I am very worried I won't be able to make it to 65 and Medicare (still three years away). Any information on resources would be very much appreciate.


I recommend younstart at JDRF.org

On the top banner of menu headings, choose Life with Diabetes, and then select Online Diabetes Support Team. Pose your question there. One of the responders is extremely knowledgeable about insurance rules in most of the 50 states. I was very active with ODST when JDRF launched it a few years ago. I hope the insurance specialist is still on board.

Many manufacturers also have programs to help folks in a bind like yours.

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for this information. I have found one place that helps kids (under 21 years of age) with pump supplies but have found nothing for adults.
I really appreciate this information.

Ribbon 07

My warranty runs out in October. I am going to keep using it until it no longer works.

@ldnaselis -
I wonder if the Cozmo has the juice to deliver your bolus over a shorter interval. Can you handle a 1-minute or 2-minute delivery? This is one feature I've come to love with the Cozmo and I haven't seen anything similar from other pumps - at least not yet.

Do you have any cracks on the cartridge cap or in the gasket that keeps it snug? I might have an extra if that's the problem.

Ironic that your prior pump was a Disetronic. I had the H-Tron (sounds like something from outer space) and LOVED it. I thought I could never love another pump until the Cozmo. Good luck to us all.

Here is another Cozmo loyalist. They will have to pry this pump out of my cold dead hands. The pump is long out of warranty, but it continues to operate well, other than the integrated Cozmonitor meter which is dead.

By the way, I was investigating the Tandem T:Slim mostly out of "professional" interest. While talking to the very nice customer rep at Tandem, I asked about the rumour that some Tandem seniors and staffers came from the ashes of Deltec / Smiths Medical. She confirmed the rumour - there is a definite connection between the companies and a significant similarity between the two pumps. Accordingly, those of us who must make a switch should seriously consider the Tandem T:slim. Unfortunately for me, it isn't approved for Canada yet.

In the meantime, I continue happily with the old Cozmo!

I have a working Cozmo I would like to swap for an DEX 7 + (now that the G4 is out and uses new sensors)

my Cozmo finally died after running for two years with out warranty. Im now using a Medtronic paradigm. I had no health insurance. Cost of a new pump, 7000
they give a cash discount, which is about 1,500, than will give you 500 bucks for an old pump. Pump will cost about 5,000 than montly supplies, they figure 10 changes a month. Not much you can do after having a pump and not liking to take 5 to 6 shots a day.

We've just gone back to our Cozmo after 10 months on Animas... the features are so much better.. Our warranty is until Oct 2013..

Hi there, Prisoner --
Check out the relatively new to US market Tandem pump from Tandem Diabetes. I love this pump, and while it isn't completely a Cozmo, its color touch screen, simple (which I find elegant) design, and teeny form factor have delighted me. http://tandemdiabetes.com/ The customer service is top notch (as is standard in this industry), and they worked very effectively with my insurance. I was one of the first few with my insurance to want this pump, so it could've been a nightmare, but it wasn't.

One feature I loved in the Cozmo is the slow bolus delivery. I set mine to deliver over 1 minute. The Animas always delivered too fast and hurrrrt! The Tandem delivers slowly and I'm so grateful.

My trusty Cozmo has come in very handy on the rare occasion when I had a problem with the Tandem. They overnighted me a new pump, but I didn't want to be on shots even for a day.

They have quite a few "graduates" from Cozmo, and one rep told me that we Cozmo-ites *love* our Cozmos like no other pumpers ;-) Quite a few of their staff came from Smiths Medical/Deltec/Cozmo, too. If you get a Tandem, study up on how it deals with IOB when computing boluses - as it's different from how Cozmo does it. By default, Cozmo subtracts IOB in computing a bolus. In general, Tandem does not (but there are exceptions) -- as it "assumes" the IOB will be used when the carbos from our last meal finally hit our blood stream. Thus, the new bolus is meant to cover new food. That took me a while to adjust to.

Like so many other pump mfg'rs, Tandem is partnering with Dexcom CGM. They are also funded by JDRF, in part, to develop a pump that not only delivers insulin but also another substance we with T1D need. (Could be glucagon, for example)

Hope this helps. If you try the Tandem, I'd love to know your thoughts.




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