I wore the Medtronic sensor for a couple of years and have been off for a couple of years. I loved some things about it and got very frustrated with others (sensor restarts and missed lows mostly). Anyone switch to Dexcom? How do they compare? Is the good worth having to carry the receiver around?

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When I was going on CGM I tried out both. Medtronic has a lot of bells and whistles that are nice, but Dexcom was far more accurate and useful. Plus the sensor is good for 7 days as opposed to 3 for Medtronic.
I almost always get 10 -14 days out of mine. Just keep restarting until the tape doesn't stick any more. ;-)
I've had both. HATED the MM CGM. LOVE the Dexcom CGM. It is absolutely worth having to carry another receiver around.

The main things for me are accuracy and pain free. I don't even know the Dexcom sensor is in and it doesn't hurt at all during insertion.

I have zero complaints on the Dexcom.
Hi gary, great to hear, we are looking at adding dexcom to my daughter's omnipod therapy, I'm a pediatrician so I've been working on getting a loaner from our rep so she can just try it out. How many weeks did it take you to adjus to the technology? (she is 11)

Your daughter will not have any trouble with the technology, it's really simple. I'm a 51 and technology challenged and it's a piece of cake. The learning curve is really more with learning how to feel comfortable with the dex in your life, meaning what low and high alarms and settings you are comfortable with and learning which sites are more comfortable and work best for you. I've only used a dex for about a month and wish I'd had it years ago.

Thank you Gary! I hated the MM CGM, and Feb 7th, will start a 7 day trial of the Dexcom and if all goes well, which after reading all these postings, am sure it will, will order one! Nice to hear so many positive things about the Dexcom. Most important is that needle gauge and accurate readings!
Actually getting excited about a new CGM.

I was on the MM for about 3 years and now that I am on the Dexcom I can see just how bad the MM one is. Accuracy on the MM for me was a joke, with only about 30-40% accuracy rate. Calibration was a nightmare for me on the MM. If I wasn't within about 20-30 points I would get a Cal Error and then the sensor was toast.

The needle on the MM is HUGE! I have to say I like the Dexcom a lot better.
I used the MM CGMS for over 3 years, and switched to Dexcom 6 months ago. Same as others.. less pain, more accurate, less frustrating, easier calibration, no big deal to have 'another' device to carry - in fact easier because I can keep in on table/desk and don't have to keep tucking any tubing back in !
Best of all, improved my A1C after 3 months using Dex.

Definitely would not switch back.

I did a trial week with Dexcom before the switch. You could contact Dexcom and see if they can set you up and see for yourself.
Okay, thanks everyone. You have given me the certainty to move forward with the Dexcom. I will let you know how it goes!
I am currently on the Dexcom and I do like alot about the system. I need a machine that can help me with the lows and the highs. I am having trouble hearing the system. I hope that they change the alarms and make them louder. I am used to the Freestyle navigator and that had different adjustments for the alarms. This does not. Not convinced yet that I like it yet . Love the size and no batteries. Just need to hear when I am low or high. That is one of the major needs for these machines. If Medtronic alarms are better I may have to switch . Does anybody know if the alarms are worth making the switch from .
I just switched from Medtronic's CGM to Dexcom about five weeks ago. The comparison is unbelievable! For me, the Dex is so much more accurate it is scary. The Medtronic was way more convenient with everything right in the pump, but I will carry an extra receiver with the accuracy of Dexcom any day. My endocrinologist told me that about 75% of her patients who switched were very satisfied.
I am another Dexcom user who used the Medtronic system for over 2-1/2 years. Dexcom is a million times better for me. It is much more accurate and much less painful.

There are some negatives for me also. I use the Medtronic Revel pump and I really miss the integration of the pump with the CGMS. I hate carrying a second device. Also the Medtronic system has a lot more information available. You can scroll backwards and get actual BG readings. With the Dexcom you only get the current reading and then can see graphs for the past. The Medtronic system has information on when your sensor will expire. With Dexcom you just wait until it tells you the sensor is about to expire.

In my opinion the Medtronic system is far superior to Dexcom in how it handles information. There are more ways to customize your settings, for example different alert ranges for day and night. It's fabulous only having one device to carry with you, if you're a Medtronic pump user. The are predictive alerts which are missing from Dexcom.

BUT--because the info I got from the Medtronic sensor was garbage, it didn't matter how well the pump manipulated and used that information. It was garbage in, garbage out.

My Dexcom is usually in the ballpark of my meter readings. Sometimes the Dexcom readings lag a bit, but that is the nature of interstitial readings. If the Dexcom is off, 90% of the time it is heading to where my meter reading is. Often it is very close, especially once I get past the first two days of a sensor. I usually get about 2 weeks from each sensor. More often that not, it is pain and itching from the tape I use to hold the sensor down that makes me change the sensor. I've ordered Opsite Flexifix that many people here recommend and I hope it will help.

In the best of all worlds, I would have the accuracy of the Dex combined with the information and pump integration of the Medtronic system. Unfortunately that's not possible in the USA right now. But given the choice between the two systems, I would buy the Dexcom system every time.




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