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Hi all,

I recently posted about IUD's on the main tudiabetes site. I've been researching better hormone options for myself, as I am a type 1 and am currently on Yasmine 28 day birth control but am having trouble with insulin resistance, slow Humalog reaction, and unpleasant side effects to menstruation (such as often getting infections right after finishing a period). I am only on Humalog insulin, using a Medtronics Paradigm Minimed pump.

Have any women here tried IUD's? I was looking at the Mirena one (which is hormone-based), anyone that has used it and can share on whether it still caused BG control problems? I saw that the copper IUD does not cause BG control problems, but it increases flow for menstruation by almost twice (and I already have a hard enough time as is). I am looking for something that will stop messing up my BG's, but I do need something that will help me regulate my menstruation and ease the cramping. I naturally have totally irregular, painful, heavy irregular that I've experienced 2-month spans without a cycle! The pill helped ALOT, made me have regular, lighter periods but it messed up my BG control and caused me to feel miserable/have lower immune system areas of time. I am convinced that these 'downtimes' are the pill and not a result of Diabetes. Before starting the pill I had a relatively good immune system and I've always been a fast healer.

Back to IUD's: I'm also wondering how painful it is to have it put in...not afraid of pain, if it's the solution I am looking for I can stand it. But still would like to know...I've heard it's just a pinch and some cramps. Bad cramps? Or just like menstrual cramps?

Any past experiences? Input appreciated!

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I got a Mirena for that very insulin requirements doubled the week before my period and for some unknown reason, since my diagnosis (T1) my flow increased and my lower back/abdomen cramps were practically debilitating (I have some theories on that one...but it's a different story all together...)
I no longer have a period or PMS symptoms (I've had one VERY light period in the past year, a little too heavy to be spotting, but way lighter than a normal period) no longer have issues with insulin resistance and no longer have to think about birth's perfect for me.
I have never been pregnant, and Mirena insertion was fine, about as bad as PMS, but after 2 days I didn't know it was there. My partner could feel the strings a little bit (they didn't hurt him, though!) , so I went in and got them trimmed and since then I've had no trouble.

Because it releases lower doses of hormones locally (vs birth control pills, which need higher quantities to be effective) 24/7 there haven;t been any BG fluctuations for me, even during the one period I have had since I got it inserted.

I love it!

If you have any questions let me know!!!

The Mirena one worked GREAT for me!!!!
I use Mirena and it has had no impact on my diabetes. I still have a very slight increase in insulin needs the week before my "period," which is practically nonexistant now but was pretty heavy before. The insertion was not pleasent - nothing gynocological ever is - but for me the cramping was less than menstral cramps. I would certainly not clasify it as painful. They told me that it is slightly more painful if you have never had children (which I have not) than if you have.
Did you end up getting the Mirena? I had one inserted about 2 yrs ago. Unfortunately my dh always complained about the string. Maybe he's a big fat baby but regardless, he's the one in there so....... gotta take his complaints into consideration. I also spotted alot. I found that after sex my cervix was so irritated, I guess the string rubbing on it, that I would bleed frequently. I kept it in for about a year and then finally got it removed. No bleeding after that.

My ex-boyfriend used to complain about the string as well. I didn't think about it but the string rubbing could be responsible for the spotting I've been experiencing since having it put in.

The copper IUD is supposed to increase cramping experienced with your normal menstrual cycle, so if yours are already painful then I would go with a Mirena. I have had one for 4 months now, with no adverse affect on my bg control. Was it painful to have it put in? YES. Only took the doc about 10 min to insert, and then the pain was almost completely gone (after it was in I only had some minor cramping for a day and then felt nothing). I had to get off any type of hormones due to blood clotting issues, and never even thought that they had an effect on my bg's - though each of our bodies are so different!

I have a Mirena but got it 4 years before being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I have not seen a problem with my bgl related to the Mirena but have and have pretty much always had longer periods (though lighter) and a lot of spotting since having it inserted. It is time for me to have it removed or replaced and I'm not sure which one I'm going to do. I'm tired of having a cycle and/or spotting for 2-3 weeks at a time. It's bearable and even though it's not every month, it's enough to get on my nerves. I still have a little time to think about it so.....

As far as the insertion, it was a little uncomfortable but I wouldn't call it pain. The doctor suggested tylenol before the appointment and as needed afterward. I didn't however need it. One of my friends had a Mirena and said it hurt like hell. I say if you have survived terrible cramps ( I too used to have them before I had my son), you'll probably breeze through it

I know this is a bit late, but I would like to add my experience in case anyone else comes across this topic. I am a type 1 diabetic - have been for 25 years - and am 32 years old. I finally went off the pill a couple of years ago as my boyfriend at the time had a vasectomy. It was one of the best things I ever did as every pill I ever tried gave me horrible side effects. I did not want to go back in the pill or take any hormones at all after we broke up so I opted for the copper IUD. I have had it now for 6 months and for 2 weeks every month my insulin requirements almost doubles and does not decrease until my period is done. I had an overall increase in insulin needs with the pill but not that much. Without the pill, I only had to increase my basal rate for 2-3 days. Even with using the insulin pump I find it hard to maintain normal BGs for the week before and during my period. Not to mention that I still get pretty bad cramps for about 6 - 7 days. I want to get it removed but do to want hormones (at this point I have been advised not to take them) and am not sure if there are other reliable options.


I ended up going with a third option--the Nuvaring. I insert it in the wahoozle for 3 weeks then take it out and discard it. After a week I put a new one in. The hormone release is similar to IUD so it is WAY steadier than the pill (and a much lower dose than the oral meds, because the liver isn't interfering with absorption), but without the drawbacks of IUD (since I haven't had kids...yet).

My results so far is that my basal requirements went down a bit, but even better, they steadied. For two weeks a month I have a regular basal. Then for the week before my period (follows a nice schedule), it increases by about 50% or so. Then during period it drops for about 2 days. Then it returns to the week-before-period 50% increase. A week after this, I go back to normal schedule. The nice thing is because the hormones are steady I can predict what will happen, and am starting to see a better reading as my average. I also believe I react to insulin a bit faster now, which is great. I used to see absolutely NO insulin usage before an hour and a half (even on humalog). Now, I often see it begin working around 45 minutes after dosing, and then it peaks at an hour and a half. My situation still isn't ideal but I'd say the ring has helped a great deal.

Also, in regards to symptoms...I feel no sideeffects on the normal weeks. On the period days, I have only ONE day of heavy bleeding (vs. about 3 on the pill). I only have 4 days of total bleeding. Most of the other pill side-effects I had--vulnerability to infections when going back on it, headaches, occasional nausea--are all gone. My periods feel nearly manageable now. Still quite hard on my body, but like I said before, I really feel the ring has helped me, and would reccomend it to any other wahoozle owner :-)

I never had an IUD, but I used the Nuva Ring with great success. Once I was done with having children, I had endometrial ablation - it is the absolute most awesome thing I have ever had done (not counting having my amazing children). It stops the cycles, and you can not carry a child to term ever again, so make sure you are 10000% sure that you do not want to be pregnant ever again. The pain CEASED. I used to eat Extra Strength Midol by the handful and still barely touched the pain. It was horrid! (Genetic, as it turns out.)

I had a bad experience with Mirena. Basically it moved out of place and embedded itself deeper inside my uterus. This happened about a month after I got it. I was told that it was a rare thing that happens when the body rejects it. I'm not sure if it something that is more common in diabetics. My OB didn't know. So I went back on the depo provera shot. I was on it for 12 years before I went off to get pregnant and it only took me around 5 months to get pregnant. I'm now coming back off to get pregnant again.

I've had the mirena for about 2 ears before it all went down hill :(( I'm a type 2 diabetic.

But after 2 years I started experiencing heavy bleeding and cramping, then infections right after intercourse or a period it was HELL for me and my husband!!!! Finally I had it removed and let me tell you it was Costly free to put in, but I had to 2 pay $2000.00 out of pocket with insurance. All women are different , you might want to research it some more. Recently a friend of mine just got pregnant while on the mirena some how it slip down. Go figure...




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