Hi all! Sorry in advance that this is a long post....

I've been T1 for 14 years (currently using Omnipod + Dexcom & the combo is REALLY working for me), had a "sluggish" thyroid for about 3 years and have been taking synthroid (or a generic) for all that time. I recently gained about 40lbs after my wedding and even though I've been eating a LOT healthier (cut out processed foods/drinks and eat mostly Paleo) and upping my activity level, I could not lose any of the weight.
My endo kept telling me to keep my mealtime carbs under 45g, which was fairly easy to do while eating mostly Paleo, but it hasn't been any help.

Finally last month, I made an appointment with a naturopath. She recommended a few things, but ordered a much more thorough panel of blood work to see what was really going on. Keep in mind, naturopath's are not covered under insurance here in my great state *sarcasm*. So last week was my follow up appointment and the results of the blood work kind of threw me for a loop.

My thyroid antibodies were through the roof--193 (range is supposed to be between 0-34)--so that result, along with a couple other things (I left my lab results at home today, but can share if anyone is really interested) have diagnosed me with Hashimoto's. She explained I need to be 100% gluten free, which I understand, and she thinks that once the autoimmune reaction to gluten starts to die down, I will lose some of my swollen appearance and lose some of this weight. From eating Paleo, switching to gluten free is not a huge stretch. I know I can do it. I've found a lot of great resources online and am confident enough (or crazy enough) in my cooking skills to be able to tweak other recipes. My husband is a great support for me as well. He is willing to do anything I need to help me, which I really appreciate. It helps to have a smart phone (with data plan) where I can quickly google if something is gluten free (as I did yesterday at church when I wanted to pop an altoid).

I also have excess estrogen in my system, which is contributing to my weight issue. I had my (copper) IUD removed (she was pretty sure that it wasn't helping my thyroid--having a foreign thing in my body was stressing it out, maybe that didn't help the Hashi's any either) and she got me a liver detox supplement to help flush the estrogen and get my body reset.

The main reason that I went to her [naturopath] was because my endo wanted to put me on metformin to help with my insulin resistance and I feel very hesitant to go on it before trying every thing else possible. Maybe it will work great and not give me the undesired side effects, but I'd rather try anything else first. My a1c's have been fluctuating over the past 9 months, but still in the 6 range. The Dexcom software cannot find any pattern of highs or lows to help me adjust my basals--everything seems really random. Endo had suggested the met to reduce the amount of post-prandial bolusing I still do in order to get the numbers down (and sometimes even then they will. not. budge.).

But as I was saying, I finally asked the naturopath if she thought I should go on the metformin. Her words, "It's really up to you..."
Um. Not very helpful there. Everything is up to me anyhow! It's my body!

So now I guess I just feel overwhelmed. There's so much info out there about the thyroid and what helps and what doesn't and what's actually harmful for Hashi's....I don't really know where to turn. I want to talk to my endo at my next appointment and see if she thinks changing to a natural thyroid med will make a difference but it often seems that endo's (or any other standard doctor for that matter) are so against anything "natural" that I don't know if she'll work with me. Do I even want to go to my next appointment? I can always upload my numbers and she'll email me any changes she thinks I should make. But I really think I need to show her the lab results that show I have Hashi's. I wonder if she'll recommend any different treatments now.

I know this is really long but I just felt like I needed to put it all out there. I know my husband is there for support and he holds my hand through everything, but I thought other T1's or Hashi's would have some advice or suggestions. I'm trying to take it one day, one meal at a time but if I stop and think about it all I just feel very overwhelmed. I thought I was headed for burnout before I was diagnosed with Hashi's, but now...holy cow.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my ramblings....

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Hi KCCO. I'm sorry to hear you're having all of this trouble. Here's a video on estrogen and diet that I found interesting: Relieving Yourself of Excess Estrogen.

I've had type 1 diabetes for 32 years. I had the best weight loss results when I finally stopped cutting carbohydrates and instead cut back on dietary fat and protein. I eat grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. I probably eat about 300g of carbohydrate per day. In the last 10-11 months I've lost 28 pounds (~18% of my body weight) and I'm still losing weight.

I hope you find what will work best for you!

Hi there, I realize this is an old post, but I swear I could've written It. T1D for 21 years, on omnipod and Dexcom. I am really insulin resistant with PCOS, and on thyroid medication (was on synthroid, but recently switched to nature-throid which as made a huge difference in my energy levels--but that is about it.) My Endo wants me to take metformin, but I've tried short acting and extended release with HORRID side effects. I simply can't do it. I can't lose weight either. I can't eat gluten. I eat paleo. I exercise. Per my endo I 'respond' to insulin, but am insulin resistant (post meal highs are ridiculous.) Also, my patterns aren't there, and in her words I'm "unpredictable." I'm struggling to a) lose weight b) figure out what is going on with my hormones so I can come off of birth control (to control pcos) and try to conceive. I feel that at this point my hormones are so out of whack, I don't know what is up. What are the symptoms of too much estrogen? Have you had any luck since this post? I'm sorry to hear you were dx'd with Hashimotos. At this point, I'm not sure if I have that or not, but I'd be willing to say it's likely. They keep upping my thyroid meds, and with the celiac, and PCOS that accompany my T1D, I wouldn't doubt it being autoimmune. Hope you are doing better with things at this point :)




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