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Comment by acidrock23 on April 15, 2012 at 6:27pm

It's good to take a breather to test every once in a while too, it's not going to kill your time, unless you are ***really*** close to a goal and, if your BG gets out of whack, it will probably mess up your goal more? People peeled off to use portapotties, get drinks, rety their shoes, stretch against curbs, fall on their faces and who knows what else but nobody paid any attention to me or anybody else I saw testing their BG. They are running and that's about it. If you take a break? Hey, no big deal. At one spot, I saw some guy arguing with the medical people after he'd gone to the tent and he was *not* happy that he was not going to be let back onto the course?

Comment by Dane on April 15, 2012 at 1:36pm
Hey guys, this is hopefully my first full to complete. I had tried numerous years ago but I got too sick to complete my training. My 17 mile training run was as far as I got before my immune system when haywire. I think it was because I didn't have a strong enough baseline (which I should have since I am completing halves before starting the training this time next month) Also, my BS was not under great control. I am beginning CGM in a couple of weeks in hopes of having better control this time. I'm also hoping to be able to rely on this device rather than having to carry a meter too. I would definitely be checking BS after a couple hours of running...especially since blocks (or whatever energy intake you are using) also messes with your bs. I run with a belt which carries two bottles, my blocks and glucometer. I attach my pump and ipod to the belt. I run with shorts with pockets to make certain i have extra room for my stuff if i feel like i'm fumbling putting stuff away. I appreciate Acidrock's suggestion for the swabs as my hands were a mess in the last half when i tested. As far as group or solo, I run with a group and virtually as well on dailymile.com to stay motivated. I have been checking out traingpeaks since your message a few days ago...looks like a great site for analitics and perhaps incorporation of nutrition into the training...I think I will start working with it but will stay on dailymile for the social network. I hope you guys and others will consider joining as well...great motivation to keep the workouts going! I run four days a week...Wednesday's are speed work on the track.
Comment by drsoosie on April 15, 2012 at 1:15pm

thank you guys for the suggestions and I will do as you say!!

Comment by Jerry Nairn on April 15, 2012 at 1:05pm

Always carry a meter and test on your long runs during training, then carry the meter during your marathon and use it if you need it.

I haven't carried alcohol swabs, but I guess that's not a bad idea. I do carry a little piece of synthetic towel, like the shamwow things are made of. If I need to test during a race, I wash a finger off with a cup of water from an aid station, and dry with my scrap of towel if necessary. usually I don't need the towel, but I might if it was raining or I was dripping sweat.

I put the meter, strips, lancer, and towel all in the same little baggie, and cram it into one of my pockets.

If you can carry music, you can carry your meter.

Hey, acidrock, you're welcome! Those shorts are great, aren't they? The couple pair I have are so old now, I've got to get another pair or two.

Comment by acidrock23 on April 15, 2012 at 12:34pm

The training guide thing worked pretty good. 6-7 miles during the week and a long run on the weekend, like 7-8-10-8-12-10-14 or something like that? It was fun and, once you hit 14, every other week, you're running farther than you've run before!!

Cramps were in my calves. I'd been running w/ sleeves and forgot them so that might've been the problem. I also ran faster than I should have as you go under this bridge thing that fried my Garmin and I'm unable to do math while I'm running and was running like 9:15-9:30 until I blew up?

Testing is a piece of cake for me. Race Ready Shorts have a mesh pocket that holds my meter (Thanks Jerry Nairn for the recommendation!) and my belt holds goodies, etc. I corrected for highs, I also decided to have some GU w/ caffeine when they were passing it out so I bolused a cut bolus for that. I wish I'd have had the tacos on (I think?) 18th street or down around there somewhere. I ran into several other T1s, including my aunt's buddy, who were running in the 300s and 80s so it can be done. I tested several other times, just to be sure. Most of the drink stations had traffic so you couldn't exactly sprint through there. I'd sort of pull in and walk and then test after or whatever? Alcohol swabs to clean the Gatorade/ salt slurry off your hands can be useful too...

Comment by drsoosie on April 15, 2012 at 12:23pm

Okay another question. Do you test during the run? I did not test on my half as I felt fine. But should I test during a full marathon...I think yes but would like to know what you do. Also I am MDI so not sure if I elevated during the run if I should correct. Again I would think no but still unsure. I hate running with too many things on me so that's a concern too. Also there is no freaking way I would ever run without my music. It will never ever happen it's the main driving force I feel behind my run. I run two 7's and a 10 now but will probably start in June doing 7,10 15 and then increase the long run from there. I will throw in a 4 as my fourth run if I can but I work lon hours and don't want to run when I am tired as I am afraid of injury. Why do you think you had cramps? Where were the cramps..the gut or the legs?

Comment by acidrock23 on April 15, 2012 at 10:37am

LOL, I did the group, through our local running store. I was a bit leery of running w/o my iPod (although they are allowed, it would have been awkward I think?) and it worked out nicely. The group was free, which I gather was the exception to the rule, and good motivation and support. This year they've requested that you join the USTAF association which I'm happy to do, although it seems a bit ridiculous. There was a story in Sports Illustrated this week noting that 16 US runners have beaten 2:10. Ever. 38 Kenyans beat that in October!! Still, it's like $30 so I'll do it if it's part of the deal.

The Marathon itself posted training guides and we followed them, We started out around 7 miles in June. The link to last year's guide is here: guide. I ran a 1/2 last spring and was running 8-10 miles on weekends going into it.

I'm sort of back and forth about the running 3 days vs. 4 days/ week? I had horrible cramps last year in the marathon but I'm not sure if throwing in the extra day would have helped. Perhaps running 3 days one week and 4 the next would work but the running group is always on Th/Saturday and have not engineered oscillating weeks yet. I had some great runs in NYC on vacation and probably blathered here about most of my runs here. Most of the time, I stuck to the program but I ran a 1/2 in early September as I was a bit bored of the out and backs by then.

I had always been a "loop" runner, running out and around and was sort of "out and back? blech" but I think it worked out well, you run out and know exactly how far you have to go to be done. The other issue, depending on where you are, is supplies? There's only so many drinking fountains in a lot of communities. We have a nice loop that's like 5.5-6 miles that people leave bags along the side of the trail when the long runs hit. You could keep a cooler in your car too, but that would slow me down I think?

Comment by drsoosie on April 15, 2012 at 9:45am

Starting my training today for the chicago Marathon. Just curious what you guys will do to train. I plan on only really being able to have three solid training days. I did the half that way and it was fine. Also I'm not in any kind of group...just doing it solo. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

Comment by drsoosie on April 11, 2012 at 6:52pm

Hi Dane...that's awesome we will be in the same race. I have used Training peaks. Is Dailymile better? Also, how would I friend you on that? Wow...there will be three of us among the 45,000 from right here at Tudiabetes! Neato!!!

Comment by Dane on April 11, 2012 at 3:03am
I am doing the same thing with JDRF! Acidrock is also doing Chicago. Friend me on Dailymile.com so we can train together (virtually). Good luck!

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