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The wolf of wall street is loosely based on the real life story of Jordan Belfort who was a penny stock trader, and stock market swindler. As background, Mr. Belfort organized one a stock market boiler room, selling penny stocks. He operated on Wall street from 1992 to 1998. This is the second movie about the legendary Mr. Blefort. The first movie was called Boiler room and it was released in 2000.

In this version we follow Mr. Belfort from his introduction to Wall Street until his arrest in 1998. We learn of his divorce, his establishment of the firm (Stratton Oakmont), the start of the fraud, and his eventual arrest. This film has very attractive females tossed in the mix and it has a fair amount of sexuality and drug use.

DiCaprio played this part well, I have no complaints. I do think Jonah Hill (Donnie Azoff) played a much better part in my opinion. It is not out of the question that Dicaprio or Hill could receive Oscar nominations. However I believe Hill is the better bet to perhaps win.

The movie is difficult to watch and I don’t know if I could suggest it as a date movie. I was not embarrassed to my wife see it, but if you have a new relationship stay away. There is way too much sexual content.

It was rumored that the original cut was a mere 89 minutes. The version I saw was 180 minutes. If the 89, less here would have been more appropriate.

Rotten tomatoes: 78% fresh from critics and audience, and 81% audience only

From IMBD:
During the kissing scene between Leonardo DiCaprio and Joanna Lumley, Leonardo was so nervous that the scene required a reported 27 takes to get it right.

Matthew McConaughey improvised the scene when his character hums while beating his chest. In fact, through much of the movie, dialogue was repeatedly improvised.

Jordan Belfort coached DiCaprio on his behavior, especially instructing him in the various ways he had reacted to the Quaaludes he abused.

Real-life Jordan Belfort appears in a brief role in the film's final scene, introducing his cinema stand-in Leonardo DiCaprio. As accurately portrayed, Belfort is now a motivational speaker who previously served 22 months in federal prison for stock fraud.

The actors snorted crushed B vitamins for scenes involving cocaine. Although their noses felt uncomfortable, it gave them more energy to perform their scenes.

Leonardo DiCaprio says that he and Martin Scorsese were able to 'push the envelope' with their depiction of over-the-top sexual acts and scenes in "Wolf" and 'make the movie they wanted to' primarily because the production was financed independently, and not by any major studio.

Chris Evans and Joseph Gordon-Levitt auditioned for a role.

This cast assembled by director Martin Scorsese's film includes three other prominent directors in acting roles: Rob Reiner, Spike Jonze, and Jon Favreau.

Martin Scorsese's fifth collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Footage of the real-life 1991 Hamptons beach party shown in the film, with Jordan Belfort and then-fiancée Nadine Caridi ("Naomi Belfort") can be found on YouTube.

Although this was originally announced as Martin Scorsese's first non-3D movie to be shot entirely digitally, it ended up being mostly shot on film. Shooting outside at night was done with digital cameras to minimize the need for extensive lighting.

A strange stew of reality and fiction in "Wolf", at least as far as the names of characters. One of the movies most bizarre people is the real-life Mark Hanna, who eventually also went to prison for securities fraud. But other names have been changed: Belfort's partner Donnie Azoff is real-life Danny Porush (who also was later imprisoned), while lawyer Manny Riskin is the stand-in surname for prominent lawyer Ira Lee Sorkin, who later would defend Bernard Madoff. FBI Agent Patrick Denham is actually Gregory Coleman, and oddly, the actual name of Naomi Belfort is...Nadine Belfort.

On the first day of production, the handle of a prop briefcase being carried by Leonardo DiCaprio broke and almost caused the actor to be hit by a period car on set.

When Jordan pumps up shoe designer Steve Madden to his broker shock troops as an equal to Coco Chanel, it rings true, since Belfort's real-life, 167-foot yacht had originally been built for Chanel in 1961.

The first Martin Scorsese film to be shot with anamorphic lenses since Bringing Out the Dead (1999).

Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were considered to play Naomi. Teresa Palmer and Amber Heard auditioned for Naomi before Margot Robbie was cast.

In real life, Belfort says the model for his get-rich-quick, and by any means greedy behavior was Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (1987).

Julie Andrews was considered to play Leah Belfort, before Christine Ebersole was cast.

The Buscemi TV reference connects with the wider "The Sopranos" (1999)_ and Boardwalk Empire (2010) HBO origins of "Wolf", which also includes Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter, and actors Cristin Milioti', Jon Favreau and Chris Caldovino.

Another Martin Scorsese/Goodfellas (1990) & Boardwalk Empire (2010) character connection is former NYC super-cop and now-prominent private investigator Bo Dietl, appearing as himself as Jordan Belfort's real-life P.I, and re-creating an actual dinner meeting at East Harlem's infamous and exclusive mob/celebrity insiders' restaurant, Rao's.

When Jordan Belfort shows up at a gritty Long Island strip mall answering an ad for brokers, he enters a storefront with a sign above it touting "Robert Mancuso Accounting". This is an insider's nod to veteran camera assistant Bobby Mancuso, who not only worked on "Wolf" but on two other major 2013 releases-- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) and Inside Llewyn Davis (2013).

Ridley Scott was offered to direct this movie.

"RFK 575" -the license plate number visible on the front of Jordan's yellow Jaguar that he parks at the Greek diner when he first meets Donnie, is the exact same plate number also used in at least three other previous films: 1996's The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996), 2000's Final Destination (2000), and 2001's Zoolander (2001).

The Joanna Lumley role was first offered to Eileen Atkins.

The movie's opening scene showing the Stratton Oakmont TV commercial is a direct homage of the iconic Dreyfus Fund TV spots in 1958 that famously featured a lion.

A young Steve Buscemi briefly appears on screen in the episode of The Equalizer (1985) that Max Belfort (Rob Reiner is watching on TV at home.

While a law student in the mid-80s, screenwriter Terence Winter worked part-time as a legal assistant in Merrill Lynch's equity trading department, an experience which provided some background for this movie.


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I'd agree with your rating. Sometimes I like movies that are sort of "empty", as this was. I worked for a brokerage firm for 30 years so I know how these things go.
Yeah, the sex was excessive.




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