Hi All You Lo Carbers!
I absolutely love Dr. B's philosophy! I'm T1 x almost 20 years, a new pumper, and the law of small numbers is certainly a no-brainer. I was eating less than 30 carbs a day for 2 mos and, in my ignorance, I ate mostly fatty meats. My total cholesterol and LDL went off the charts and then my doc clued me in to eating leaner meats, which I do now.
But even so, my TC and LDL are still higher than I'd like. I am unwilling to start statins.
Dr. B assures us that his own lipids are very low and ours will be too. In this group, I see that members eat meat and cheese, just like Dr. B recommends. I've read that only about 30% of high cholesterol is caused by diet; that there is a genetic component. Can you share your experiences with low carb diets and resulting high lipids?
To be honest, a low carb plant based diet sounds just to awful to me, so I can't consider nuts and spinach only. I love the eggs, cheese, chix, turkey etc too much.
p.s. Yesterday my new endo looked at my pump reports and suggested I am not eating enuf carbs. I am very thin and she must have taken that into the equation too. That was predictable, wasn't it?! Wait til she sees my lipid values!

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Yelsoma, your comments are VERY helpful to me. I like your adherence to the "spirit" rather than "letter" of the law of small numbers. My blood sugar roller coaster has flattened out considerably between the pump and lo carb. In fact, like others I've read about, I'm losing even my desire for empty sugar spikes. It's funny, I kind of physically recoil when offered something carby by an unsuspecting friend. I've got to put a lid on that reaction!
After all, my friend was only being generous with a plate of cookies, and I reacted like she was handing me dynamite (which of course she was! :) )
Green veggied to the hilt,

I sometimes have the urge to blurt out "That's poison", but then remember, its not poison to them:) Definitely something that must suppressed because, as you say, they're only trying to be nice.

Thank you, Cindy, for your kind remarks. It's interesting that you now don't even want the sugary foods. Before I went into diabetic mode, (quite suddenly, according to the doctors), I now know that I began to acquire a sweet tooth, although I had not had one previously. I was under stress, and have been told that one often craves sweets when under stress. Like you, if I now have something quite sweet, something I would have enjoyed BD (Before Diabetes), it seems sickly sweet! So we do acquire (or reestablish) more natural taste buds.

Sugar consumption keeps rising, year on year - I can't remember the statistics I recently read. There has been (as we know, mistakenly) a campaign against fat for decades - how about a campaign against sugar?!

It sounds like you may have read Gary Taubes' Big Fat Lie article or his books. Of course Dr. B references his work too. I was really blown away when I learned the science re insulin and sugar spikes! My husband lost 16 lbs in 3 weeks after we learned how the body makes fat.




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