I have been battling a foot infection and have been really sick in my stomach a lot since before Christmas. Right now I am not sure if it is the infection or the antibiotics making me sick – the other times I was on antibiotics, I felt better while on them but I am using a different one this time and still really sick in my stomach. Although I have some tests scheduled to confirm what is going on, I get the impression from this doctor that antibiotics are going to be in my future for awhile.

I use Boost Glucose Control a lot anyway because of gastroparesis and add a protein supplement to that so eat about 93 grams of protein a day. I am allergic to eggs and have a gluten problem and peanut butter is a problem also. I know I need to eat more than Boost and cheese, but I don’t know what to add in that isn’t going to bother my stomach. My weight had been fairly stable but then I lost about 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Hi Kelly. Foods that are easy on my stomach (but not my BGs!) are Bob's Gluten Free Oatmeal, Pocono's Cream of Buckwheat, and frozen peaches. I haven't tried V8 yet, but I keep thinking that I should.

I find that taking a good probiotic capsule helps with my lactose digestion and seems like a good idea while taking antibiotics. I also drink kefir or Dan Active and eat Greek yogurt. If berries work for you, they are great in the yogurt. Probiotics also help to prevent C-Difficile when you go off the antibiotics. Sorry if I'm repeating stuff you already know!

Thanks Trudy, you are not repeating stuff - even if I know it, I am not thinking straight these days! I used to use probiotics all the time and quit using them last year when I was breaking out in hives. I started adding my vitamins back in because I know I am not getting them from food, so should get some of those also.

Maybe there was an additive in your probiotics that gave you hives? It might be worthwhile to try the yogurt or kefir if you haven't already done so. I hate the way they stick a little bit of wheat or soy or corn in everything. When little bits of cornstarch in different foods add up, I get really loopy!

Actually I don't think it was the probiotics that caused them. I stopped all my vitamins and supplements to rule all that stuff out and still kept getting them. I am guessing it was the "cold" hives kind - they went away when it got warmer and I got them again this winter! I know even with prescriptions, they keep changing the fillers and it drives me nuts.

So sorry. Antibiotics make me quite ill. I beg for the lowest possible dose.

I eat soup when ill, if that's enough to sustain you depending on how long you'll be on antibiotics (if the meds are causing the problem). As a fellow gastroparesis victim, I eat a lot of soup with vegetables since it's easy to digest--beef, chicken & also seafood chowders & stews. I also use whey protein powder to make shakes & add it to baking. Almond butter is delicious, if you can handle that. Like Trudy, I eat Greek Yogurt.

If nausea is a problem, ginger tea is really helpful.

Any reason you eat that much protein?

Thanks Gerri! I might have to be on them for awhile if the MRI comes back that I do have osteomyelitis - I should know this week for sure.

When I needed to add protein in the fall (that is when the infection stuff actually started), I Googled protein and limited the search results to TuDiabetes. I knew you used protein so I knew I would find something that didn't mess up BS. I have been ordering the NOW brand whey protein from Netrition that you recommended. When I was in the hospital, the dietician actually turned her nose up when I said where I found which was the best one to get! They had me order something with a lot of soy in and I tossed that when it came because it wasn't returnable. It only had 6 grams per scoop so I am getting more on a daily basis with one scoop as opposed to 3 of theirs.

I will try the soup & yogurt suggestion. I am working on a grocery list so will get things to make some. I have never been a big soup person but I can learn to like it if I have to! I did try almond butter once but I really can't remember why I didn't continue getting it.

Hope your next test is negative. I found an even better whey protein. http://www.swansonvitamins.com/swanson-ultra-grass-fed-certified-rb... . It's 17 grams per scoop. More importantly, the whey is cold processed from grass-fed, hormone & antibiotic-free cows. Comes in vanilla & chocolate. Wish it came unflavored. There are other grass-fed, antibiotic & hormone-free, cold processed, unflavored whey protein powders, but they're more expensive than the Swanson's brand.

Ugh, soy. Worst advice generally comes from dieticians. So far, I've only met one who knows her stuff www.lowcarbdietitian.com.

Lucky for me I like soup & stews because they're the least problematic. Love Greek yogurt. I use it to make salad dressing & in recipes calling for sour cream. I mix with nuts & unsweetened coconut flakes, add to chopped raw veggies (instead of the usual sweet yogurt with fruit), mix it with sweetener & unsweetened cocoa powder for dessert.

Thanks Gerri! I will check the Swanson's out.

I got the "low carb is dangerous" speech from her! I told her I don't buy that crap because I actively participate in online groups and read a lot of the studies and papers. Then I heard it couldn't sustain me. I like Low Carb Dietician's blog but I am behind on reading blogs lately.

I added a bunch of things to my grocery list to try and make some soup.

Oh, my favorite. Every time I hear that from a healthcare person I say, "You left out that my brain will starve."

I have some great soup recipes, if you want them.

I will have to remember the brain one!

I would to have some soup recipes! I have some of your other recipes saved that you posted but never did any soup ones.




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