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This is a group for anyone that is using Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution in full or in part (using a very low carb diet of around 30g/day) to manage their diabetes.

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Dr. Bernstein Treatment

Started by carlyo7. Last reply by Negg Feb 12. 42 Replies

Hey everyone! I was so shocked and excited to find this group involving Dr. Bernstein! I was a former patient of his and went into his treatment plan 2 months after my diagnosis. I was treated very…Continue

what is your reaction this respected professor's take on the bernstein method?

Started by v/prediabetic. Last reply by Cathy Jan 30. 9 Replies

Dr. De Vany said: "...no one can hit those numbers (ie the optimal numbers Dr. Bernstein recommends in his book) and you should not run your life by them. People who live by the numbers are miserable…Continue

Tips for a Dr. Bernstein diet newbie?

Started by KW. Last reply by BadMoonT2 Jan 23. 18 Replies

Hello everyone!I was super excited to find this group! I'm a Type 1, diagnosed just a couple years ago at age 22. I have been trying to eat low-carb for about a year, on and off, both to keep my…Continue

BG readings a bit high

Started by David Spector. Last reply by David Spector Oct 22, 2014. 13 Replies

I'm new here, recommended to this group specifically. My original doctor was Lowell Gerber, a Maine cardiologist who recommended ketosis to me.I'm following a modified Atkins diet, about 20 mg net…Continue

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Comment by Brian (bsc) on November 26, 2014 at 12:49pm

Hi Hannah. I visited your blog, did you graduate. Belated congratulations. I'm interested in how your current ketogenic diet meshes with everything you learned. Were you taught about the evils of carb restriction is it more enlightened?

Comment by Hannah Hamlin on November 24, 2014 at 2:27pm

Hey Everyone, I have recently started a blog recording my transition to a ketogenic diet. I would love some insight. Thanks! http://theketolifeblog.wordpress.com/

Comment by JaninaWalker on August 29, 2014 at 2:54pm

Oh my, then all the more, do what I am doing which is researching to reverse things naturally.
So, I will take your clue and I will look into the diet you are following, because ironically what had caused me a problem for 2 weeks was suddenly eating only goitrogenic foods in complete ignorance of that concept. So that smart woman Gerri, here on TuDiab, set me straight on that when I asked her about peanuts in the shell....she said they were goitrogenic. Sadly some veggies are too when eaten raw. But now I am aware of certain thyroid experts and listen to their lectures and see I need first of all just the right amount of iodine. Dr Brownstein said those on the drug who are low on iodine are just getting the iodine through the drug and it is wiser to ensure the correct iodine is in the diet before going on any drug.

Gerri told me about reverse T3 in 2011, but it took me noticing what my doctor (GFP) had written on my blood results of that year that had been put in my file, but no one had called me. I hadn't seen the comments on the results until 2013, so have finally been researching just this past year.

Have you checked your reverse T3 (rT3)?

Your page onTuDiab does not mention which country you are in. In Canada they do not test it and I had to pay to have it done in the USA…but I sure am GLAD I did as that is precisely the problem for my case.

I asked my endo for ALL the needed tests this June. No antibodies in my case, but over mid range RT3 and below range T3 but also low T4, but in the healthy area of low, where it should be.

Comment by AskHealthy on August 29, 2014 at 12:14pm
Hello Janina. I do have thyroid problems actually. I have hashimotos but I don't take any medications or thyroid hormone as of yet and i am controlling with a GAPS type/ autoimmune diet.
Comment by JaninaWalker on August 28, 2014 at 4:16pm

Here is a journal that has unfortunately been excluded from many databases simply because of the ongoing feud conventional medicine has against more natural approaches. I often will look up something in the Journal Of Orthomolecular Medicine here.. As with all searches, it takes time to find something directly applicable to your own case and then sometimes all you get is the abstract and the search feature even had the full article to refer to in bringing up the reference.

Another good tip that was given to me by a med student on here is that Rutin strengthens arterioles. I have been using it for a few years now and so was told to only come once a year for a checkup with regard to whether my eyes show any leakage. I had to have a treatment once right after I was mistreated with a hospital stay where my body was flooded with over 40 lbs of fluid retention in 3 days. That did cause blood vessels to pop, understandably so, and not due to anything I was doing. I then only needed one other follow up treatment, and then none since using the Rutin, as an add-in to my other supplements. So that is in 12 years. It's another reason I am so pro supplements. It costs me about 10c a day including taxes for one capsule of 250 mg. I also use a lot of vitamin C of the Calcium Ascorbate type that is already balanced by enough calcium to prevent the body pulling it out of the bones to prevent acid build up in the blood.

Comment by amanda02 on August 28, 2014 at 3:08pm

Fortunately for me, so far I have normal thyroid results. Dr. B. does say that many diabetics may eventually have thyroid problems because, like diabetes, thyroid failure is a hormonal issue, not because his diet causes thyroid problems.

I do have a history of other hormonal problems, however: endometriosis and infertility.

I do not use external insulin. I have, however, probably had diabetes for over twenty years, based on the state of my vision: I have Severe Non-Proliferative/Borderline Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy with Clinically Significant Macular Edema.

Comment by JaninaWalker on August 28, 2014 at 12:04pm

I meant those of us who take insulin externally, so Askhealthy is making a good move by trying to retain her own production by staying healthy.

Comment by JaninaWalker on August 28, 2014 at 11:59am

Of the 4 women in this discussion has anyone thyroid issues? Because if you are having a hard time keeping weight up, is it due to meds being too high? I am researching it a lot to avoid needing any thyroid meds and found out acid reflux is a side effect of T3 only therapy which I was considering just for 3 weeks to 3 months max just to remove reverse T3. Above all I do not wish to take a hormone in an unneeded fashion as it does cause down regulation which we all experience with insulin. I have been researching for a year and experimenting to excellent effect. IMHO supplements ROCK, but then I read about them all the time, during the last 20 years of the almost 34 I’ve been diabetic. People believe in what works for themselves. All you need, as some of you have said, is to see it work for yourself. Of course it takes study.

I have never experienced acid reflux in my life and I do take extra HCL as I have read it is an ironic issue that those who experience acid reflux are actually short on it. You can find many sites that say so too, in a doctor’s own words. I always feel it is best to use the Internet to find the experts in a field and learn from them rather than relying on just a General Practitioner.

Comment by AskHealthy on August 19, 2014 at 6:41am

Hi Lynn,

I too have struggled to maintain weight. I originally lost weight following my diagnosis and a few months later had to go on Levemir. Now I am just careful to get enough calories. I used to track it on Fatsecret.com. It took a while for me to gain back the weight I lost and it can be difficult to maintain weight. This is hard for some people to relate to, but being someone who has always been naturally lower weight, I understand your problem! Since carbs have a lot of calories, it's just about making up the calories in fats or proteins.

Comment by Trudy on August 19, 2014 at 5:24am

I have Pernicious Anemia, which totally destroys your Hcl and enzymes. The only way that I can digest a meal is to take Hcl-enzyme pills. I would think that taking them without needing them could lead to acid reflux. As for probiotics--I have celiac disease, so that I must not only avoid gluten but take probiotics in order to prevent lactose intolerance. These supplements are life-savers for me, but I would never take supplements that I don't need. I'm afraid that sometimes the only way that you can find out what you need to digest your food is to experiment a bit.


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