I am looking at gastric by-pass. I am close to 70 yrs.old. What experiences , good or bad , have you all had.

Is there someone out there that was older than 65 when they had the procedure ?


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In Ontario, Canada, medicare won't do it for those over 60 or over 300 lbs. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone beyond that range either, as the trade-offs are changed a bit. The extensive screening process would likely catch any latent problems, but I would be cautious. If weight is the biggest issue, together with t2d control, I would go on optifast stuff for 2 meals a day.
Hey Grant What trade offs are you referring too ?
Hey, I am 70 yrs old. At the end of August I had a "lap band "put in by my Dr. We had a lot of discussios about what was best. He recommended Lap . It is the least invasive method to try.
We did it and I was walking the halls within one hour. I hae eliminated all but one pill. I even threw away my insulin. I have dropped 55 #. I follow the guidelines for diet and exercise. I now have some spring to my walk.
My weight was 355. You are right, some things are not good for everyone. My choice was to do this or or wait for the hearst. At least I am fighting back this cursed disease.
From what I understand from a friend who is in her late 50's and is completing her fifth week after surgery, it's not as easy as bypassing your stomach or intestines, and then dropping the weight. There is a lot of stages that you go through, many hurdles to overcome, and that's before surgery. I would agree with Grant, that checking into everything, and checking out your general health, would be far more important than just a quick fix.
I had gastric bypass at age 50. At first the weight came off pretty fast but then I started a lot of vomitting and that is no way to lose weight. Due to stresses in my life I gained a lot back but am again watching what I eat. As far as my BS levels during the weight loss it never did lower my numbers. Dissappointed to say the least.

I am going to have GBypass in feb 2012. All has gone well so far. I have met with all the dr's and am in my 5 of 6 classes. Any advice for me? What do i need to have on hand before the surgery? Any advice you can offer me will be greatly appreciated.

you should have a list from your doctor as to what to take with you to the hsopital. foremost after the surgery is walking. they like to see you up and walking around as much as possible. so make sure you bring a robe. lol. baggy clothes to come home in. something to do while you are there. books, crocheting, anything to help you pass the time. because of the blasted c-pap machine i was told to bring AND use i didn't sleep. (hint..person in the bed next to you won't want you watching tv all night) you won't be allowed to shower but if you can bend over the sink you can wash your hair. if you don't like hospital pillows bring your own. i did and i was very glad i did. i also had a night time male nurse and no it wasn't the drugs i was on that made him look so cute. he really was. my daughter and daughter in law were both impressed and their eyes never left him the whole time he was in my room. it was hysterical when after he left my son pips up and says gee mom it sure sucks to have to stay another day. he never caught the girls drooing and really didn't see how cute this guy was. we all three burst out laughing and i said oh i think i will be able to stand it. then we had to tell him why we were all laughing.
but seriously, make sure you have everything you need at home before you go to the hospital. your not going to want to run to the store if you have forgotten something. i found that from all of the walking i did before the surgery helped as far as my mobility after the surgery. my doctor was quite impressed and would have sent me home the next day if i didn't live so far away. so i had to spend one more day just to be safe. which was good because i live alone and there was no one to fetch and carry for me. my daughter has three kids and my son and his wife worked all day. so everything worked out well. especially since when i am down and out i don't like people hovering over me so i was able to recoup as i wanted to, without an audience. lol. as far as what you will need to have each doctor is different about what they want you to eat and drink. i had both chicken and beef broth, jello, puddings, (single serves) if i remember thsoe were for later except the broths, jucy juice, snapple peach tea, and v-8 juice.i know there was other stuff but i can't remember what now. my surgery was a breeze, as was recovery. i am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope yours is just as easy. i'm not saying it wasn't painful butif you or someone you know has ever had a hysterectomy it was way less painful and recovery was faster.

I just had RNY done 12/6/11. Just still getting over the bumpy patches and trying to figure what I can eat. I am T2 and came off all my meds except vitamins and a heart pill. All my BS have been normal so far. Well worth the effort, Hope things go well for you.

sorry to hear that lisa. mine was working beautifully until i hurt my knee and couldn't exercise all winter. then i stated gaining some weight back. i am finally at a point where i can start back...slowly. i didn't get my by-pass for reducing my bs although it was a pleasant surprise. i was and am more worried about my heart health since that is a biggy in my family. i took a long time checking into and weighing the pro's and con's before making my decision. i would advise that to everyone considering such a big step. all of the things i had to go through before the surgery were all things that at my age need to be checked into anyway so that in and of itself was not a deal breaker. the one thing i was hoping for was that it would make me think twice about eating the bad things. everyone is different so when i accidentlly found out that the bad things didn't upset my stomach like the good things did i was less then pleased but am still being good about not eating them. my doctor tells me i'm a small percentage of those who have this problem. i still have a bit of a problem with dry meats. also for those who think that they can still drink diet sodas after this surgery they should think again. the ingredients in diet sodas can and do affect the liver (or is it kidney's? one of them anyway and that is for everyone of us not just someone who is having or has had g.b.). if i have bad gas that won't go up or down and litterally puts me in the fetal position my doctor will allow about a 1/4 cup of diet soda but no more then that. but only because i am in such pain. it doesn't happen often and usually only when i do eat something not on my list of things i can eat. a good reason not to eat those foods. lol. but sometimes it's just because i have somehow inhaled a lot of air into my stomach. it's easy enough to do. chew your frozen pops,don't suck on them. if your looking to make your diabetes go away then this isn't for you. there is no guarentee that your bs will go down as lisa has said. even then your diabetes isn't gone, it's just in remission. once you have diabetes it's your for life. just because you have your bs in control it doesn't mean it's gone. i have a brother-in-law who swears that his diabetes is gone now (not related to g.b.). they say it was broguht on by meds he was put on and since they have taken that med away his diabetes left. not so and his doctor is trying to make him understand that but he is in denial. all we can do is be there for him when he finally excepts it. he laughs and says his stupid doctor says that the diabetes wouldn't have come up if it wasn't already laying in wait and that it has gone back into hiding but is still there. he laughs ands scoffs at his doctor as does his wife. but this is for another time and another different story.
my advise as always is to learn all you can and take your time in making your decission. you can't reverse a full gastric bypass like you can a lapband, but there are less problems with it. best of luck to any of you who follow my path and if you need to talk i am here. i believe i put my e-mail address in one of my updates but in case you can't find it, here it is again.
Hi follks! Just a quick note, I've not been active on this website for many months. Did RNYGB in Hamilton, Ontario under OHIP bariatric program April 23 last year, 2010. My A1C has been .060 or less since, so it's as if I'm no longer a type 2, all tests have been vg, feel great, my weight is steady at about 210, was as high as 305 as a type 2 peak using insulin (lots of it). I'd like to lose another 25, but don't need to medically; weight loss was NOT the goal, health was. More fit and healthy than I've been since I was 16. No side effects so far, no emergency visits, no trauma. Would do it again, it was right for ME, isn't for everyone. Must follow the eating and exercise regime/ rules afterwards and for life. New lease on life. Going to endo today for routine visit, will likely do another A1C. Still take lipitor generic, metformin 500 x 2) and lose dose bp med, plus supplements D, C and Materna. I love my life now.

Congrats Grant. I just had RNY done 12/6/11. Just still getting over the bumpy patches and trying to figure what I can eat. I am T2 and came off all my meds except vitamins and a heart pill. All my Bs have been normal so far. Well worth the effort, Hope things continue to go well for you.




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