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Geeks come in many different distributions...

I'm a primarily a UNIX, PHP, Javascript, with a bunch of other stuff thrown in (ruby, perl, python, yadda, yadda, yadda)

What makes you tick?

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Any VMWare/VSphere experts out there? I'm just starting out-- you know how it works-- get "thrown" into something and expected to pick it up right away in a mid- sized enterprise. And I'm finding none of the departments talk to each other... Virtual peeps are supposed to need assistance and work with the network and storage guys. I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall! Dudes--- I DON'T want your job, trust me!! I just need to know your setup so I can effectively do my job!! (I think they're really paranoid since there's been layoffs.) I do not, nor do I want to be a Network or Storage Expert LOL

I've got VMWare installed, but haven't done enough with it yet to think of claiming to be an expert. About all I've done with vSphere is look at a web site for it.

I have a degree in both web development and graphic design. My strength area is HTML and CSS. I also do work with Game Art and writing the stories for games as well. So I also do a lot of XBOX 360 playing and play WoW as well. Just started playing that actually.

I'm an electrical engineer with an emphasis in power electronics (motors, generators, transmission lines, the grid, etc.). I did work for EPICS (Engineering Project in Community Service) at my university when I was there, and so I got to play with other electrical engineering toys and code more.
My husband is an aeronautical/astronautical engineer and works on jet engines. He's my rocket scientist plane/space expert.
We both play video games and yell at the movies/tv shows when they don't get the physics right, and also have random silly nerd conversations about the speed of gravity or putting a turbine in a car, and occasionally write a simple little code (MATLAB is what we both tend to use) to graph out a message.

Hi, I am new both to tuDiabetes and this group. Not to diabetes, though (17 years +).

What kind of geek am I? The "dinosaur" kind: IBM mainframe, dating to the 360 era.


I'm not really a geek. (More of a wannabe-a-geek who has worked with a lot of geeks.) But I do want to find some geeks to help develop a software-as-a-service mobile app idea I have. You can see the whole idea in my post here. In short, though, it is:

Crowdsource, anonymize and aggregate relevant data from Type 1 geeks and smartphone users globally. For example:

  • Food type, amount, mix, recency
  • Exercise type, amount, recency
  • Insulin type, amount on-board, basal levels, bolus levels
  • Stress level
  • Personal data like years-since-diagnosis, complications, weight, BMI, pump/CGM brand, and work environment
  • Time-stamp
Analyze it for patterns, and feed relevant insights back to individuals in the crowd for them to use to help them decide what to do now - in the situation they find themselves in. Should they eat, bolus, walk, run? And how much of each?

If you could help out with this, or know people who can, let's try and get folks together to make it happen. Seriously.

Besides the quant jocks, we'd need somebody for UX design (gather requirements, design interface), someone to build the app and the accompanying website, a project manager, etc.

If you can help, reply here or in this thread.


I am more of a "personal" geek. I usually build/repair my desktops. I was once a "system admin" for an old Wang mid frame. That was far from what an sys admin would do now. I would add new users, write macros for WP, modify COBOL code, and the once weekly back up to tapes. I also remember using a machine to make cards, I also learned how to read what was on those cards, but don't think I can do it now. That was for the Army back in the 80's.
Now I play with different things for personal satisfaction, even though I write simple SQL at work. I sometimes help friends with their PC problems. Like with the d, I am always eager to learn new stuff.
Star date: 2456178.923611.
(Oh yeah, star trek fan, too)

Wow. I hadn't thought about Wang in YEARS. In the pre-PC era, I worked for a Wang competitor (maker of standalone word processing systems). Ah, nostalgia.

Ancient geek. Cut my teeth fixing TVs filled with actual tubes. First computer was an IBM 360/64. First programming language, FORTRAN. I speak Basic, C, C++, several dialects of Lisp and Prolog. On the job I use Perl, PHP, and occasionally Java. First computer I ever owned was a Timex/Sinclair. My current machine runs Slackware Linux. At work I get to play with a 260 node cluster running Solaris.

Like I said. Ancient. Love to discover how things work. Bugs me I can't get data out of my glucometer and play with it with my own code.

Hello fellow "geeks":

I am this kind of geek:

a. A researcher with background in product innovation, marketing intelligence (sounds like a military department, doesn't it? But it's just the name of a department at my former company), consumer and futures research, and organizational knowledge management.

b. I am currently completing an MFA in Transdisciplinary Design. What's that? A fancy name for knowledge brokering (in my case) using information scannning, discussion and mapping.

I'm not much of a programmer (some basic HTML + Javascripts, dabbled in C++), but I do read a lot of scifi (major Asimov fan) and I do have a Stack Exchange account, for whatever that's worth.




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