This past Halloween I went Trick or Treating with my daughter and her family. We walked about three miles through a subdivision before I started to feel dizzy. I pulled out an Active Bar and started eating. and felt a little clearer. By the time we got back to the car and I checked my BG it was 52. I took 2 Glucotabs and checked again in 30 mins. and my BG was only 63. So, I took 2 more Glucotabs and in 30 mins I rechecked and my BG was 115. All through this time I actually had no symptoms of Hypo. I will have some dizziness if I turn quickly or change positions quickly. Since we were out with the kids, I used the Glucotabs after checking my BG. Once I reached 115, I was fine the rest of the night.  I took a small snack when we got home and by 200am Sunday morning I was at 136, then 142 before breakfast. Soooooooo, just how low can one go with no signs or symptoms.

I am a Type 2 Insulin Dependent on Novolog and Lantus since 2006, and on no other medication for Diabetes. I have been a diabetic since 1976. Is any one else have problems with awareness?



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Hello Chele:

The problem is perception. If the symptoms of lows were instantly singing a broadway song in the loudest voice possible I'd wager all that all of us would know instantly when it happened. Unfortunately symptoms are not blinking billboards. Fatigue, blurry vision, momentary confusion happen from time to time in life regardless of ones sugar.

There have been extensive studies re: BG awareness... and nobody can tell worth a darn where they are at most of the time. Very high, very low alarms go off, between those extremes, few can tell worth a darn. The problem is not one of numbers so much as perception of them.

50 I can .walk, talk and have no symptoms. 35 I've given speeches (good ones) and nobody knew. As long as we pick them up, the low signals... is what matters....IMHO.

Hey Stuart I used to be able to tell all the time. Don't know how low, back in the days of Tes-Tape. Now only sort of sometimes. I am truly amazed how low I can go and not be able to tell, not from the inside and not from the outside. The speeches may have been good but I surely do not want to be sharing the road with you if your BG is below about 75 at the lowest.
Hi Chele- It sounds like you did all the right things. If you felt dizzy then that was your sign of a low. Sometime I feel very tired or if I am really low ( 30's or lower) I get disoriented. Usually my husband gets me some juice and insists that I drink it. I can function fine in the 50's and above. If you get a lot of lows in a short time, you can lose the ability to feel anything at a low #. I have been a T-1 for almost 12 years.
I have checked my BG at 28 while having mild symtoms. Remember that the glucometers are not totally precise. That is why two checks are required to calibrate a CGM. The 28 reading was before I had my CGM which keeps me out of trouble. I have had type 1 for 34 years so I do not feel symptoms of my sugar dropping often and haven't for around 10 years. Thank goodness for the invention of CGMs as safety nets for type 1s.
Chele I could go on and on about hypoglycemia. I have been type 1 for too many years and had my first experience with what docs call hypoglycemic unawareness. Wrecked my car and broke myself on the way to work one morning. I could tell as the E M T s scraped me up that I had had a diabetic seizure and been in a serious accident. Early on, the first 13 years I could tell my blood sugar was low, now 43 years I sometimes sort of can tell when my BG is low. Mostly not, I would be truly lost without my meter.
Good morning to everyone. Went to a wedding last night, along with the reception ( with meal ). Eyeballed the portions of Turkey, green beans , mashed potatoes and gravy. Didn't forget the cake, a perfect portion size. Oh, and salad and dressing to start off. Counted carbs, took insulin and about 2:00am this morning took BG as I was up. Result was 69, then 59, 52, 64 then finally 96. treated each reading with gluco Tabs as instructed, each reading was at 30 min. intervals. Signs/symptoms none, Had a light snack at last reading, as I knew that the Gluco Tabs. would inch higher as the night progressed and they did by 9:30am Bg. was 136. I take Novolog with meals per scale and Lantus 5 U twice a day. This was a weird one for me, lasting so long. Need help figuring this one out.

Well, will try again with the eyeball tonight. Today is our 25th anniversary. Hope, I don't drop like I did with the wedding, last weekend.

Wish me luck !

Hi All !
Looks like everyone is doing OK with the lows'. I am still hanging in there with 1-3 a week. Guess, it is time for some adjusting.

Good Luck to all........Chele

Hey....I remember well being 1.5 (27)......and hardly feeling it!! The only reason I had tested was because I was about to drive home from work, and wanted to make sure!!!

It is habit with me before driving, carry my testing equipment with me at all times.I have got 3 lows doing this and was I ever grateful. Seems the longer on Insulin the unawareness gets lower.  Exercise is another I watch, both before and after. The lowest to date has been 32. I use the glucoTabs to correct, Anyone else?



Skittles. They actually did a clinical trial in Canada to prove which was more effective, skittles, glucose tabs or fruit to go. Check it out. Its called the Skittles study. My son never leaves the house without skittles in his pocket.
Yes...GlucoTabs....they come in some pretty yummy flavours, but I only buy the plain ones so as not to have them swiped!!!!
Might now go for skittle...they're cheaper, and less prone to crumbling.




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