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Hello ! I am new to this group but not new to Thyroiditis or diabetes. Just wondering who else here has Hashimoto's? I personally don't know anyone else so I would love to meet someone who shares this disease.Just in case no one know,Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the thyroid thinking it's "bad". One awful symptom I get are chronic hives all over.I usually get them on and off every year but this time,i have had them for 7 months! Anyone else have hive stories related to thyroiditis?
Its great to meet everyone here! :)

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My thyroid started to enlarge when I was in my late 20's. I was never treated until I was 45, and I wasn't diagnosed with Hashimoto's until about 5 years ago. I'm 62 now. My goiter got so large that it started interfering with my swallowing, so I had it removed 3 years ago. I figured I'd be on thyroid pills for life anyway, so why bother keeping the damn thing?

I got diabetes when I was 43, so the Hashimoto's by far predates the diabetes. No one else in my family has had auto-immune problems and none of my siblings or cousins have diabetes, either. Guess I was just the lucky one, eh?
I have also experienced hives with Hashimoto's disease.
I've had Hashimoto's for about 15 years. Last year I had several experiences with hives. I got them from extreme cold weather and then with sun exposure at the beach. I was walking on the beach for maybe an hour, didn't get burned or anything. My strategy now is to keep as warm as possible when it's cold, and to build up very slowly in exposure to the sun each year. I get red eyes easily and am sensitive to chemicals and their smells. Anybody else have that?

I think it's all related. I also have high GAD antibodies that lead to type 1 diabetes and I have had hair loss that I think is autoimmune. Some arthritis too. I am grateful I don't have some of the other devastating autoimmune conditions.
My two sibs have Hashi and one has type 2, the other is LADA. She also has pernicious anemia and the hair loss.
I had an uncle with MS.
I got Dx with Hashimoto's about 6 mos. before I got Dx with T1. I remember feeling so tired all of the time and then my Dr said my thyroid levels were low and that I just had to take this little pill everyday to feel better. SWEET! I remember being in the endos office and reading all the stuff on the walls about diabetes and thinking "damn, good thing I don't have that!" lol. At a follow-up appt I read a sign about symptoms of diabetes on the wall and remember saying to my mom that I definitely have diabetes. Sure enough, I was right. I was 16 at the time and am coming up on my 9 yr anniversary. I've never really had hives, but my skin does get itchy if it's too dry.
Hi, Angela:

I have Hashimoto's and am diabetic, but so far have not tested positive for auto-immune diabetes anti-bodies...so my Endo considers me (for Insurance purposes) a Type 2..but, I'm not insulin resistant...and I am not overweight and don't have hypertension or high cholesterol....so I'm sort of weird....

I had to have half of my thyroid removed to make sure my nodules were not malignant (Jan 2010)..thank heavens they were not....but I went Hypo after that and had a very bad 10 months trying to get the docs to figure out how to adjust my levels. It turned out I needed T3 added to the T4 - because I just was NOT making it - but the docs in my area were just not knowledgeable and it took me a long, long time and many months of spiraling into feeling worse and worse before I found an Endo at the University who would listen to me. And then there was finally also a good trend of the T4 being raised and the TSH continuing to increase and my continuing to feel awful and become more, not less symptomatic...but I think they just wanted me to just curl up in a ball and stay in bed and refuse to come out before they were going to take me seriously!

I am now on a combo of 100 mcg synthroid and 5 mg of cytomel...

I have not had hives since I was a kid....used to get them from being around cats....esp if I got cat saliva on my skin...oh my....that would defintely do it....and once, I think when I was pregnant..
Hello, Angela and everyone,

I'm a new T1 (today is my 100th day!) and I've had Hashimoto's for many years (but didn't know it). I'm still on MDI while I evaluate some pumps. In the meantime, I'm tired, sleepy, and sometimes sick. I get at least one daily spike above 200.

I'm not yet knowledge enough to know how these two conditions interplay with each other, but fortunately my wonderful doctors are. (I've amassed a great diabetic team.)

I've never had hives, but I've had many other symptoms, including moodiness (the worst), weakness, sleepiness, low threshold for exercise, and sometimes mental fuzziness.

Just joined this group a moment ago -- nice to know it exists.

Jan :-)
Hi Jan, it took me a long time to get on the pump, but it really does change your life, for the better! Take your time and evaluate different pumps. You will find the right fit and you will become attached to your pump both literally and figuratively! LOL
Ha ha, you're right, Kit! I like to joke that my pump and I will be joined at the hip for a long time. (groan)

I am indeed taking my time to evaluate them. In fact, I just yesterday started my first saline trial -- it's with the MM. Plan to evaluate the Animas next, and perhaps even an Omnipod.

What are you using, and why did you choose it?

Both gluten and iodine flare up hashimotos, give you hives and make you feel sick.
My doctor has never mentioned whether I have Hashimoto's or not, or even hypothyroidism at all.

However, I've done a web search for Hashimoto's recently, probably for someone over at the ADA site looking for such information. Here's what I found:











A type 2




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