Hi i was diagnosed with type 1 on 27th april 2011 aged 58 scarey lol and big life change for me had blood sugar of 49 when admitted to hospital

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49 in the US measurement system (normal about 90), or 49 in the European mearurement system (normal about 5)?
in new zealand 4.1 to 8 is normal range i was 48
Hi! I will be 58yo next month, and I am LADA - Type 1 when you are an adult. I had my Endo test the antibodies when I was 56yo. I'm got myself on a strict diet, extremely low carb, and exercise until the sweat rolls down me, but my pancreas is still pumping out something. I cannot skip exercise, nor can I eat carbs other than in low carb vegetables, seeds, and nuts. I dragged myself to the gym at 9PM because I knew I had to do it. This isn't a lot of fun, but I am just grateful for all the years I didn't have Type 1.

This sounds so familiar. When I first started trying to control my bg, I kept discovering more and more things I could not eat. Tomatoes! Onions! This made me more upset than having to give up rice and pasta. I grow tomatoes and onions in my garden, and I'm planning to give away all of the things I put in the freezer because I can't eat them and the rest of my family doesn't like them. Sigh.

Sheila, how is it going by now? Are you still avoiding all carbs but low carb veggies, nuts and seeds?

Yes, I'm still a low carber, for sure. I honestly have my gym outfit on after doing a class, and am sipping tea after making my dh a meal of pan browned chicken breast, fresh green beans, and mashed celeriac root for me. OMG, the celeriac root is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. If I weren't desperate to expand my food choices, I may not have tried this. I find this vegetable choice divine and am so excited because it looked like I had mashed potatoes on my plate. I washed it, peeled it carefully, cut it into chunks, boiled it until tender, then, mashed it with some creme fraiche, butter, and salt.

For lunch, I had romaine lettuce, a few snow peas cut up, half an avocado, a few pieces of green pepper, shaved or slivered almonds, a few pork rinds, and some dressing that I made with a mix of 21 spices made for vegetables, lemon juice, olive oil and a packet of Truvia. I could have eaten more, but I can't go wild on salad. The volume gets my bg higher than other meals if I don't watch it.

It's still working for me, but thankfully, my husband is motivated to go to the gym. We keep each other going...I'm managing to do a Zumba class twice a week as well as two Pilates classes. This week, I did the treadmill and weights.

I eat a lot of flaxmeal muffins. I really like them. I'm still not on insulin. I've tried a couple of type 2 pills, but they didn't make much of a difference in my bg. I do a better job with Zumba, so I only took two pills. Endo doesn't care how I keep it low. Last time, A1c was 5.6, but this next time will be better.

So, in answer to your question,I'm doing ok, but I have one complaint - I am always bringing food with me because I can't depend on anyone having low carb food for me.

How are you doing now?


I bring food with me also whenever I eat somewhere that does not let me select from a menu or buffet. I was at a conference held in a hotel a few months ago and managed to talk one of the waiters into bringing me something I could eat when everyone else was eating lasagna. He acted a little dumbfounded but brought me out a lovely place of cheeses and sausage. That got me through.

I have not yet found any trouble with large salads, thankfully. Just have to watch the tomatoes and colorful peppers.

I'm feeling ok and have been able to manage bg through diet. I've even got used to the austere diet. But I'm still losing weight, and that's got to end one of these days. The first 25 pounds I was glad to see go. But I've lost another 8 since then, and it does not seem to stop even though I am eating a lot.

It has only dawned on me in the past few weeks that there won't be a quick fix with oral meds. I started metformin a few weeks ago, but I'm not persuaded it is doing anything. If I do have LADA, I will have plenty more to get used to. One thing at a time. I am hoping I can get connected with a doctor that understands what's going on with me. My primary care doc is good, but admits my symptoms are perplexing.

How do you make your flaxmeal muffins? I would love something that resembled a muffin. I tried making them out of soy flour -- tolerable but not great.

I never tried celeriac, but maybe I will. I do need more variety, for sure.

For some reason or other, the link that I had doesn't work anymore, and I got lost in low carb world searching for a replacement to send to you. It is called a Muffin in a Minute or MIM in the Atkin's group. I had a sheet that had all the variations like adding Italian Seasonings and cocoa.
My basic recipe is: 1 TBS butter, 1/4 cup golden organic flaxmeal, 1 tsp baking powder (I use cereal free baking powder. Others use 1/2 tsp.) 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 packet Truvia, 1 egg. Melt the butter, add the dry ingredients, mix, add the egg, mix, and cook in the microwave in a mug for one minute.
There is so much out there that it is crazy. I was saving things right and left. I've just got to try more things. The cheese crackers with almond meal look good, too. Just Google. There are You Tube videos.
You are fortunate to have continued weight loss. I have dropped sizes, but no weight for two years other than a pound or two.
You should have your GAD antibodies tested along with your islet cell antibodies.
I wish there was more on exercise metabolism for older women. I have been doing two exercise classes on Saturdays, and my bg will drop like a lead weight 4-6 hours later. For the first time, I have to be careful not to go too low. A few pecans or a cheesestick will be enough to keep me in range, but I've learned that I have to test almost every hour until I figure out the metabolic process. The second class is a killer Zumba class with a lot of jumping. Most people clock 700-900 calories.

I bought myself a celeriac root at the farmers market saturday in response to your recommendation. So I will give it a try. I have learned to be happy with things that resemble the foods I used to eat-- a low carb "tortilla" that at least looks like a tortilla, for example, even if it tastes pretty different.

Thanks for the muffin recipe. I will definitely try it. Maybe if I eat enough of those I won't need to take quite as much milk of magnesia.

I definitely notice that increased activity makes a big difference. I run out of energy cleaning my house. Yesterday afternoon I just went to a singing event -- by the end of two-hours of high energy singing, my bg was at 64. Not good. I should have stepped out and eaten a snack. But in church that morning I had aspirated some food while trying to sing and eat at the same time and I coughed so hard I thought I was going to throw up. Did not want a repeat.

I will see my primary care doc this afternoon and see what she makes of my numbers.




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