Hi all. I'm getting my med ID tattoo soon!!
Any advice to give ahead of time?? Besides having good bg's going in?? My husband, who is an artist, designed it for me. He even talked to a paramedic about it to see what would actually be noticeable by them.....which...btw....the paramedic said he would would see that before some of the new jewelry type bracelets since they just look like, well..jewelry. Funny...some with diabetes try to blend in, but in this case it's not so good. Just his 2cents anyway. I happen to agree.
I digress.....any advice is appreciated!

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I did the same thing last year. I don't like the jewelry so I got this tattoo.
Hey Nancy,

You're from Michigan, huh? I'm a former Michigander now living in Colorado. I've acquired quite a bit of ink since being diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and I have had no complications or problems healing from getting tattooed (except discovering that I'm allergic to a certain red pigment). Most of my tips are really no-brainers: 1. Yeah, make sure your bg's are in check and definitely bring some sort of snack with you that's easy to consume. 2. Don't be afraid to take a break and check your sugars if you feel the need to. 3. Obviously, go to a reputable tattoo artist. If you don't know where you're going to go to get it from, don't be afraid to ask tattooed people that you meet where they got their work done. Artists can always use referrals. Be sure you check artist portfolios so you can get an idea of how experienced the artists are and get a feel for their styles. 4. Make sure you have some time to heal from the tattoo process. The first few days are the most critical because it is an open wound. The day after a tattoo session I usually take it real easy and lounge around a bit.

The shop/artist will definitely go over care instructions with you and there are many ways out there. Follow the artist's advice and be sure to share any type of allergies that you have with them. Hit me up if you have any questions about how I care for my tattoos. Good luck!
thanks for all the great thoughts! good points for sure. allergy to red huh? common allergy? because I certainly want red in this. I guess I'll find out soon enough..LOL!
I have pretty stable bg's most of the time, but I was thinking they should be über good for a couple of weeks before. or would that be too anal of me?
I do have 2 great referrals for artists, so there is no problem with that. I don't work on Sun-Tues...so healing time should be good too.
did you tell them you have diabetes too? I actually have a friend that an artist refused to work on her because of it. It sounded weird to me, but guess he didn't want any responsibility.
Red allergy can be a big deal. My wife is allergic to one or more kinds of red. And they swell up and scar, require treatment with steroids or removal. So no more red for her. But she's not the diabetic - I am and I have no problems. Go for it.
If you are going to the meetup I can show you mine. I would suggest Aquaphor for taking care of it. Some say to use neosporin, but that can sometimes damage the tatt by making the colors fade out.

I got tired of paying for bracelets, having them break or whatever. I already had several tatts, so why not right? :)
yep...I'll be there on Sunday. Can't wait to see it!
I am a medic and yes we love the tattoo's for medical alerts as long as they are medical alerts and not some piece of work that has the work diabetes on it. usually I recommend the medical star of life so it stands out and then you can personalize it anyway you like. The medic was right about todays medical alert jewelery it is so hard for us to notice it from regular everyday jewelry. I have a tattoo myself it healed just fine. I kept it covered in the sun which is so important so it does not fade the colors. other then that I agree with steve's advice. here is a pic of mine.

thanks! Insulin Addict...nice!
This photo is what my husband designed for me...a play on the med star I guess. and it will be on my wrist. Although I think I will have it say Type 1 Diabetes instead.

I like it! it is different no one else will have it so it is great!! I would so notice it if I picked you up on a call for medical i mean lol
HI Nancy, I am a heavily tattooed diabetic type 1. I have never had any trouble healing my tattoos, although I have noticed I take an extra few days to heal than my non-diabetic friend. I have plenty of red in lots of different tatoos from different places, and I have only had the red ink flare up on one. It was not a problem that I needed any special care for, it just went kind of hard and took a month to go normal. The colour healed fine and I have had no further problems. The tattoo artist said that different red pigments can affect people differently and it is a pretty common reaction with certain types. I wouldn't worry if I were you.
Good luck - you husband has done a really nice design!
OH two more things..
1 DONT USE NEOSPORIN.. I have had 2 tattoos done in America (I live in Australia) and both artists suggested neosporin. We dont have that in Autralia so I used it. Both times my tattoos reacted horribly, they went all oozy and bubbly and one of them I had to get retouched. In australia we use bepanthen, which is nappy rash cream. I would suggest something similar.
2 Make sure you post a pic for us when you get it!
Thx! My husband said no Neosporin too! Glad to know he wasn't the only one with problems.
Hoping to go this weekend..woo hoo! You bet I'll be posting photos!




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