I have had t1 for 25 years now. I was 12 when I was diagnosed. I now have the normal problems. Neuropathy, Hypo unaware, some kidney damage..

All in all I think that I handle it pretty well but here is my dilemma. I am soooo tired of feeling yucky or having a headache from bg going down and up. I try really hard not to whine to my husband and kids but I don't always want to do stuff they want to do due to pain. I dont just sit around and say oooh mee ohh my. I work 2 jobs and have 2 kids who are active and I try really hard to keep up but sometimes I cant do it. Sometimes I cant be the wife and mother I want to be or that they want me to be.

Does anyone else have the same problems or feel the same way that I do?

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I am at year #37 and YES, I go through times like that. I withhold complaining most of the time, but when I do, my husband and daughter are understanding and helpful. A suggestion though... I used to think feeling yucky and headachy and stuff was only related to my BG ups and downs, too. I spent the majority of my life since being diagnosed just not feeling well most of the time. 5 years ago, a doctor finally recognized my complaints and tested me for celiac. I wish someone had figured out 30 years before that taking gluten out of my diet would fix a huge list of ailments. Between the insulin pump I have used for 14 years and going gluten-free 5 years ago, my life has vastly improved. Not wonderful (still have highs and low and hate poking my fingers 10-14 times a day, etc.) but much improved!

Wow. I hear you. I am at year 23 with T1 also diagnosed at age 12. You're not whining - I feel the same way a lot of the time. I often think, wouldn't it be great to go to diabetes rehab and just "kick it"? :) The celiac suggestion is a good one, if only to rule out that it isn't the issue. I've heard of so many people lately that have cut down on gluten in their diets and felt better and healthier as a result, so it may be worth trying experimentally just to see. I do have two other suggestions for you. First would be to have a thyroid test, because that could possibly be the cause of feeling tired or down. Secondly, I would suggest talking to a psychologist or therapist. I have been working some things out with someone for several years now and it has helped me more than I can say in dealing with depression, eating/diabetes issues, anger issues related to diabetes, diabetes guilt, etc... There's nothing to be ashamed about in feeling the way you feel!!! I am a mom and a wife too and I really understand where you're coming from. Hope this helps. -Erin
Yes, I often have similar feelings as well. I've been T1 for 26 yrs now and I am getting to the point where I just feel worn out from being diabetic and the everyday dealings of it especially lately. Getting tested for celiac is a good idea..both my daughter and mother have it and many diabetics have celiac sometimes without knowing they do. I believe I have a gluten intolerance myself however my blood tests came back negative for celiac. I would also suggest getting your Vitamin D and B-12 levels checked out as well. I thought it was my thyroid but my tests kept coming back fine but then my DR tested me for both Vitamin D and B-12 after telling her about my extreme fatigue, being cold all the time, short term memory loss etc. The B-12 was fine but Vit.D was very low. Since she prescribed the high dose of Vitamin D I have found it has helped with many problems I was experiencing before. It took about 3-4 months of taking it to start to feel a difference though. You have a lot going on just being a wife, mother of 2 and working 2 jobs. Having diabetes obviously just adds to the everyday stresses of life as well. I also feel like I wish I could be a better wife and mother at times too. So you're not alone as a lot of us feel the same way as you do! Take care! :0)
This is normal, baby girl. Diabetes is so hard on the body, and the fact of the matter is: people who don't have it don't understand what it's like.
I know this is an older topic, but I wanted to add that I'm about to reach my 45th "diabirthday" and there are days that I want to just pack my bags and run away. I have no complications, but I do have issues from a broken ankle which I had ankle fusion performed on. Big mistake. Now I have horrible backaches and have to buy special shoes. Also, I'm going through menopause and that isn't a whole lot of fun and plays havoc on the blood sugar and on top of everything,else, I can totally relate to Whoopi Goldberg's commercial for Poise!

These are just indicators of getting older...and that just plain sucks! Do I whine and complain? Not about not feeling good -- just about wanting to feel better and what I want to do to accomplish that. I'm one of those glass half-full kind of gals.
Hello Tammy:

OF COURSE WE DO... every single one of us at some point... absolutely! You are Tammy first, NOT a mommy, not a wife... you, are Tammy...and only Tammy, a woman, who in addition to her other labels, (the many chainsaws you actively juggle), ALSO happens to be a diabetic as well

You don't want to "share" the problems your dragon is causing with them... you don't want your burden to be theirs too. Nobody does at least not anybody who is sane IMV. Sharing with your husband, when this dragon is burning you alive is not all bad.

Sometimes you need to weep...
Sometimes you need to be held.




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