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hi everyone. i am vikki. i am 13 and have type 1 diabeties. i am new to the site. i have had diabeties since i was 7, and sadly spent me 8th birth day in a hospital bed, unable to get out of it... for any reason. when i go it i was EXTREMELY sick. i lost 15 pounds in a week, and i was skinny to start with. i got real bad and couldnt eat. i was almost in a diabetic coma. i was real scared and i still am with all the threats of my diabeties. my recend a1c was 8.7 and i wish for some help with it. i feel really alone. can anyone help me?

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Hi Vikki,
I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with type 1 diabetes. I understand what you've been through. I have been in the hospital many times during birthdays and holidays and it's never fun. When I've been sick I also tend to lose a lot of weight. Normally around 10 pounds in a week. I have been in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), which was serious enough to land me in Intensive care. Diabetes can be a difficult condition to deal with and getting the support you need from family, friends, and others is important in being able to cope successfully with this disease. I would recommend that you look into finding a support group in your area for people with Type 1 diabetes. You can contact your nearest American Diabetes Chapter to get information about support groups in your area. I'm not sure where you are located, but I am starting a support group in my area, SF Bay Area in California. I really believe that connecting with others that are going through similar issues helps you in managing your condition.

Take Care,

thank you margaret. but, sadly, my family doesn't support me... not all of them, and that hurts me. i went throug a stage where i just gave up and my a1c was >14... i completly gave up... no checks, no insluin, no carb counting. i have gone through DKA too, and needed a resporator. i now have a 8.7 a1c and i am stuck there... i hate my endocronologist, he is mean 2 me and critisizes me and falsely accuses me of things. i wish i could just get away from all of it and i need help with what is going on....
It must be difficult that your family isn't being very supportive with your diabetes condition. There are others out there though that truly understand what you are going through, people you can connect with through a support group in your area. Have you tried to contact the American Diabetes Association? They can help you find one near you. If you need help with this, I could try to find out for you if you let me know where you are located. I am concerned for you and don't want you to give up on caring properly for yourself. I have done the same thing in the past and at my worst my A1C was about 15. I now am dealing with a major complication as a result of that and don't want to have the same thing happen to you. Please look into calling the ADA in your area for referrals on support group, or let me know if I can help.

Take Care,
you are like an angle, you have never met me and yet you care about me more than some of my family. i am so happy i found this site! no offence to you, but i am uncomfortable giving out where i am located. i will just search it on google, but thank you so much. i feel a connection between us, we have been through a lot of the same things! thank you for being here for me!
Hey Vikki :)
I hate my endo too. he just does the same stuff over and over again. and when he reads me my a1c, i cry. :\ and i'm 15. I'm not doing good either with controling my diabetes. my recent a1c was 11..
we can help eachother out (: leave a comment if you ever need someone to talk to, if you want.
I am going through something sort of similar as what you are going through. we can do this
of course we can! ;) we just have to stick together and remember what is important! do u have an e-mail, myspace, aim, or cell? if u do we can stay in toutch! grr, i have to go c my endo on june3rd....Dx (that is a mad/sad face) cant wait to hear back from u!
hi vikki, I don't know if I can help you or not, but I have had diabetes since I was 13. I was pretty sick and did the hopsital thing too, I STILL remember what life was like wthout diabetes. anyway all I wanted to say was that you aren't alone. there are more of us here than anywhere I am pretty sure. sorry things are tough.
oh, joe, you're making me cry! i have never felt so accepted somewhere. i have been made-fun-of and pushed arround for being diabetic. i have never been accepted like this; not even in my own family. today i had an issue.i have art class now, and i was absent the past two days due to illness and high glucose. i had to explain to my art teacher why i was absent so i told her exactly that. then she sharply says to me "you need to watch your diet more carefully!" then i said, "no, mrs._________, my type of diabeties does not require me to diet, in fact, my insluin is based on how much i eat... my diabeties works arround what i eat, not the other way arround." then she got all mad like she knew everything about my condition and said, " now, miss victoria, ALL types of diabeties require a diet, i would know." i looked at her in a dumbfounded way.. i felt like yelling at her. she doesn't have diabeties, or know anyone with it! and she is accusing me of a bad diet!? ugh, some people think they know everything... it makes me feel small when people accuse me of things like a bad diet! and, a person can be sick! it happens! and, as you know, when you are sick, so is your diabeties! thank you for writing me
take care,
vikki you are in a tough spot. correcting a teacher (esp in front of a class) usually ends up with a punishment of some kind. lets face it almost all of the people you will meet will not understand diabetes, and if they know anything it'll be about type 2 and they will sometimes say the most dumbest of things. I gave up trying to teach other people unless they were related to me or unless they had diabetes themselves. sometimes it's better to nod and smile than to prove a point. sorry you were sick.
thank you that helps a lot! i will try to do that from now on. and u are right, most people only know about type 2... but as long as I know what to do and what is right, i will be fine. i am an artist, i was thinking of putting my art in my photos, i probably will.... but art is how i get rid of sadness, anger, exct. thank you! take care
-- vikki
((( )))) Vickki this is the hug Im dying to give you. Im old (in comparison) and new to being type one. Im having such a hard time I cry often. I cannot imagine going through this at your age. Please know this is the best p[lace to come and vent. I wish I could grab your family and give them diabetes and love 101-my way.

Remember, one day at a time, soon enough you'll be older and able to make your own choices, as in endo.'s. Have you looked into a pump? Is there and Aunt/Uncle-Grandparent / anyone on your side? If you even have one adult to help you stand up, you need to let them know how you feel. Maybe that person can help with your parents to get you a new understanding endo.

If you ever need someone to lean on please know Im here and willing to listen.
Welcome to tudiabetes. We'll help you out any way we can. We are good listeners and venting is good. I would love it if you could post some of your art on our website. Maybe on your page?





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