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Injection sites and length insulin lasts

Started by Ila Apr 20, 2014. 0 Replies

I have been injecting in my thigh for years. Recently, after dr. upped my dosage to 18 units, I tried my stomach. I got much better fasting readings. Starting lower in the AM has resulted in better…Continue

Will be switching from Lantus to Levemir and need advice, suggestions.

Started by Joan. Last reply by David (dns) Mar 24, 2014. 11 Replies

Hello,I was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic May 2013. Since then I am on MDI using Novolog and Lantus. I will be switching to Levemir very soon. Right now I take 17 units of Lantus at night. This seems to…Continue

Levemir High Dose Once a Day

Started by morggirl. Last reply by Barb Mar 1, 2014. 16 Replies

Hi everyone, ok so I started using levemir almost a year ago and I am not sure that I have it figured out yet. I am taking 70 units right now and still having high mornings up in the 200 to even…Continue

Max dose of Levemir

Started by BillC. Last reply by JaninaWalker Dec 1, 2013. 8 Replies

Hi everyone,I'm new to Levemir and was wondering what the maximum dose is? I'm up to 135 U/day and my FBG is hovering around 8 to 9.5 mmol/mlShould mention too that it's broken up into 2 doses per…Continue

Levemir side effects?

Started by Jenna Aug 19, 2013. 0 Replies

Two questions: 1) Has anybody here not felt well on Levemir? Maybe because I have been so overwhelmed of late but I just didn't feel well, very sleepy and weak. The worst was an utter inability to…Continue

I am brand new to Levemir, as of today

Started by Attawapiskat. Last reply by Attawapiskat Jun 20, 2013. 2 Replies

Hi all. I just did my first injection of Levemir about a half hour ago. This is my first time ever on insulin as well. My first dose of Levemir is 10 units for 3 to 4 days, until my fasting BG gets…Continue

Why should I switch from Lantus to Levemir?

Started by Bob. Last reply by Proxii Oct 5, 2012. 12 Replies

I've been thinking about trying this switch and wanted some feedback from those who have made it. Have you experienced less hypoglycemia as a result (as seemed to be claimed in the video Ryan linked…Continue

How long can your Levemir vial last if refrigerated?

Started by Bob. Last reply by Proxii Oct 5, 2012. 4 Replies

I just started on my second vial of Levemir and realized that the first one seemed to last 50 days (refrigerated) despite the package stating that it was only good for 42 days. On this, day 51, I…Continue

Varying dosage and number of injections

Started by Ila. Last reply by Ila Jul 23, 2012. 2 Replies

I only take 14 units once a day, at night.Do any of you adjust your dosage based on what your test results are?I know that you can divide you dose into two injections, has anyone divided it even…Continue

Need advice on starting Levemir! Anyone in my situation?

Started by April. Last reply by April Jun 17, 2011. 4 Replies

Hi...I'm a rather weird don't know if anyone will be able to relate to my situation...but perhaps someone can advise me....Dx'd last December...with pretty normal fasting…Continue

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Comment by JaninaWalker on October 11, 2014 at 11:17pm

It is because the larger the dose, the more the body sees it as a foreign invader and slaps cholesterol all over it and that creates the bumps.

Another reason we have proof of this is because when people go on a pump it seems they take about 75% of the amount of insulin they used to take by MDI approach. That proves that a portion had been destroyed and actually not used.

You don’t need a new needle for each injection. I use mine about 60 times each syringe by ensuring they are always capped immediately and only used for the same insulin. I store the syringe in the same juice cup on the fridge door as the vial is kept in and of course I have one for short and one for long acting insulin.

Comment by shirleyanne on October 10, 2014 at 8:08pm

Has anyone ever gotten bumps specifically from using Levemir? I seem to have so few injection spots that don't result in a massive bump after I inject. Currently taking 13u a.m. and 7u p.m. Have to split up the a.m. dose in order to avoid bumps. Don't seem to get bumps from NR but take smaller doses of that. Have tried legs, butt, arms, stomach and all result in a bump with a full dose of L. Could it be the length of my pentip?

Comment by Ila on August 21, 2013 at 6:38am

Rita, about being hungry, I find when I eat too many carbs I have the munchies. I don't really count carbs, but try to keep that in mind when I cook. If you have the munchies, decide what type of food you like, for me it's crunchy, then find something low carb that will satisfy that want. I usually use raw carrots.

Comment by Tony S. on May 26, 2013 at 9:47am

Levemir has made all the difference in my control of Type 2. I'm down to an A1c of 7.0 "lab verified" for the first time ever. Levemir has also made me test more often, which has also helped me to time meals. I bought glucose tablets and always carry them in case I go too low, usually because I haven't eaten. Because I take a shot of Victoza in the a.m., I have to really vary injection sites. The Victoza is crazy expensive and I'd really like to get off it. I've never been sure it was doing that much good and I'm at the max dose level. Anyone having a similar problem?

Comment by Rita on January 26, 2012 at 5:12pm

Thanks Emmy. I'm only taking the levemir now, no metformin. The Dr told me I would probably have to play with it a little to get it just right. As of now, I'm starving! That seldom happened on the Met, but I had the constant up and downs. I haven't had those, but I know I have eaten too much today. I'm still hungry. Maybe it's just in my head. It helps to know that it will take four days to feel the results. I have been diabetic for 3 yrs and taking Metformin the entire time. It just quit working, thus the levemir. I should be going to classes sometime in Feb, maybe that will help. I read and read and just get more confused. Atkins, South Beach, WW. Dr. B's. I don't know what to do. I just know I am hungry.

Comment by Emmy on January 26, 2012 at 4:26pm

Hi Rita,

Yes, if you're type 2, you will likely have to increase that dose. They start you on a small dose and work you up slowly. Its the only safe way to do it.

The amount you need will depend on how long you've had diabetes (most people go undiagnosed for a long time, and have lost some or most of their beta cell function by that time, thus the need to inject insulin).

Another factor is how much insulin resistance you have. The more body fat a person has, and the longer they've had diabetes, the more insuslin resistance they may have. This can vary widely from person to person, but typically, type 2's who are overweight will have more insulin resistance. These things are all linked. The IR will increase your weight gain, and vice versa. Increasing your activity levels can help with this.

Your doctor will look at your blood sugar readings when he talks to you again, and adjust it as needed. He might tell you to increase it yourself by a certain amount, every few days, until you reach a set morning reading. This is why its so important to keep a log, so he can see how you're doing throughout the day. It has to be done very slowly.

When you start insulin, it takes several days to start to have any real impact on your blood sugar. Your body can take a full four days to completely adjust to each change in dosage too, so it really pays to be patient, and keep a log.

What you eat will also have a big impact as well, but the Metformin should help with that. Your Metformin dose can be increased if needed, (if your doctor hasn't already done that). This also must be done slowly to avoid increasing gastric issues that Metformin can cause.

You might be lucky and only need a smaller dose of insulin for now, so you'll really just have to wait and see how your blood sugar levels out and what your morning fasting reading settles down at.

Comment by Rita on January 26, 2012 at 7:33am

Hi everyone. I am new to this site. Just DC'd Metformin, but only taking 8units each PM of Levemir. Does that sound right? Do I need to expect to have to increase it?

Comment by Bunny Wabbit on November 18, 2011 at 11:36pm

Ok, looking at this group.. I thought I was taking a lot of insulin... I'm on x3 6u Novorpaid daily and 20u Levemir before bed...I've recently started a diet plan that has me waking up with a hypo over the past 3 nights.. so I think i need to drop my levemir.. but am not sure how much to drop it to :( Levemir works for 24 hours...and since moving onto levemir about a year ago, my sugars are better controlled...altho there have been more frequent hypos...

Comment by christy on October 22, 2011 at 7:24am
I don't like levemir. I was started on Lantus and I loved it, really got good results with it, but when my endo's office went to do the prior authorization...SURPRISE we wont cover Lantus it's NOT our perfered drug, Levemir is. I've been on it about 3 weeks now and am hating it. My numbers are so much higher on it, and Im bouncing up and down all over the place with it, with Lantus I had finally gotten a dose along with my I/C and correction factors that was working and minimizing the lows and keeping my BS in a pretty stable range. I went from 58 the other day, and correcting with carbs...14 grams to bring me back to my target range...and it shot me to 258, then I spend the WHOLE day TRYING to get my BS to come back down. Finally around midnight it was back down.

Levemir makes me feel constantly hungry and I've actually gained some weight on it. Not a LOT but I went from being around 153 to around 157. Im trying to work on my hypoglycemic unawareness...and its slowly kinda coming back. I guess. I recognize when I start dropping down to the high 50's and 60's Im feeling very hungry...and a little anxious. With the Levemir making me constantly hungry I could have sworn on some occassions I must be low ONLY to test and be in the 160's. My insurance will cover Lantus after a documented failure on Levemir but in the meantime there goes my improving A1C. I think one thing. I had some wishy washiness about going on an insulin pump...but this crappy Levemir has made up my mind. Although I dont mind MDI's that much...Im not staying on Levemir. Sorry glad it seems to be working for most of you, but I HATE it.
Comment by Ila on August 24, 2011 at 1:13pm
Thanks Trudy. I really know very little about insulins. I know lots of people sorts scowl at the mention of NPH, but since that is what I have I was wondering how others might use the two.

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