Just wondering if there are others out there :)

I'm just starting on it... I'm interested in seeing if it will reduce my insulin requirements.

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Are you on a lot of insulin? I'm just curious if too much insulin is the reason the doctor started you on metformin?
Yeah, I am.. my normal TDD has slowly gone up from about 40u/day to 60-70u on average, and I've had days recently where it's been over 150u without any real reason for the increase other than very stubborn highs that won't come down (highs that are NOT meal related) :(

I've also been unable to lose weight no matter what I've tried... I've actually gained 20lbs over the past year due to thyroid issues.. though most of that was before fall... I've been holding steady for a few months, but that's only with HUGE efforts to try to lose... I'm eating 1300-1400 calories a day, I work out as much as I can make time for, and while I "should" be losing weight, I'm just not. My thyroid levels look fine, so that isn't to blame.

I feel stuck in this frustrating cycle... the exrta weight I am carrying makes me need more insulin, and more insulin makes it hard to lose weight.. I'm hoping metformin will help be break out of it.
I hope metformin helps you. How long have you been a Type I? How old were you when you were diagnosed? I'm wondering if you take your insulin through a syringe or pen or if you have an insulin pump.
All of that info is on my profile :)
This may help make a small difference in your insulin usage. Do you or have you ever used an injection when you're high instead of your pump? (If you inject into muscle it absorbs even faster.)
Just an idea. That's what I do if I'm high. The pump takes longer and uses more insulin when I'm high and trying to bring down my blood sugar.
I always inject for anything over 300 so it will work faster... and so that I don't flood the site with a ton of correcting.

I don't do IM injections but I will inject small amounts (2-3u) in multiple locations to get more of it mobilized faster.
Hmm. Never thought it would be better off to skip the high correction bolus and just inject fresh.. Does it really bring down your BG noticably faster?

I just had a pizza bolus that stayed high on me.. Didn't think to try this...it sure is taking its time coming back down..
I am a type 2 but for a year I was on insulin. I was never in the insulin oral combo but i will tell you metformin is not a walk in the park. If you have a weak stomach it will tear you up the more metformin you take. I had instances where I could not eat anything because the metformin would tear up my stomach. the higher the dosage the worse my stomach got.

At one point I got put on metformin and januvia and it killed my stomach so bad that I thought i was having heart attacks from the acid reflux caused by the orals.

I noticed that you go to the ADC endo clinic in Austin. I used to go there but when I was having problems with metformin and januvia combo they would not see me. I told them it was really bad to the point I could not work and they told me that I had to wait for my appointment and to top it off when my appointment came they cancel it and reschedule for 3 months later because my doc was sick on the day of my appointment but they could not fit me in for another 3 months later. I now go to the texas diabetes and endochronology clinic. So at this point if my metformin quits working I told my self I am going on insulin.

anyway if you have any question about metformin i can answer those. take care
I've never had a problem getting an appointment quickly at ADC.. I rescheduled one from last week and went in today - maybe it depends on who you are seeing and why? The endos are usually booked out way in advance but in my experience the CDE's are not... and I actually prefer to see a CDE so I don't really mind. I even got to talk to my actual doctor today for a few minutes about a weird bruising issue I've been having, so it's not like I'm missing out.

I was actually on Met for a short period about 9 years ago.. I don't remember any tummy upset, but it also wasn't doing anything for me. That was back when I was seeing an internist who didn't want to believe I could be a type 1 or that I needed insulin... I stopped the met when I was able to get into see another doctor who not only did antibody testing without hesitation (which came back positive) but sent me off with scripts for insulin :)
Okay, i was diet and exercise until Sept. 2009 then BG seemed to deteriorate so doctor started me on 500mg Met. and since we've upped the dosage to 2000mg Met. per day 1000mg when i wake and 1000mg at bedtime (dawn pheno.). Soooo I still am waking sometimes at 128 usually 110 or once in a while 100. My PP have been 120-130 and last year I rarely was ever over 105 at any of these times. I am wondering what my next step is??? I am already on Low low carb diet 30-50 gm a day, from green veggies, greek yogurt, and nuts (no whole grain). Any suggestions???? Should I be on insulin next?? My personal goal is always under 100 but would accept a 105 = )
I was on metformin for a bit although they took me off it shortly thereafter.. It did help with my insulin resistance. But my liver function just wasn't good enough for staying on it long term.
Hii Sarah i am also a type 1 on metformin i didnt think there were other type1s taking met buh i guess there are lol




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