I ended up changing the infusion set at 2:30 am. Would anyone like to share their experiences when they accidentally pulled out the cannula for the infusion set? Did you have a back up available? At least I was at home. If I pulled it out at work, it would be a problem.

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Yeah, I used the Silhouettes with my Paradigm pump now. When I first started pumping with a 508, I was living abroad in a really humid climate and during that first summer? OMG, I lost my connection a few times. Then I learned about IV Preps (there is another brand that I can't recall right now.) Anyway, I use those now, even in colder weather just to secure it.

However, I do have replacement ones. I get a box of them with my regular supplies just in case. I lose one often enough that having backups is great insurance. I carry one in a plastic bag in my purse or backpack just in case. I've had to use it before too.

I too have also pulled out the cannula accidentally. I use the quick set & I usually keep a few spares (reservoir and infusion sets) at work, in my purse, car, friends car, etc.

You can never go anywhere you can't lay your hands on replacements within a few hours. I always keep reserve infusion sets, reservoirs and sensors and their placement devices and sensor transmitter charger with me when I travel or am away from home for any appreciable period of time.

I use the steel needles instead (sure-T's). If they fall, you can stick them back in if you really need to.

Scary when this happens..especially in the night! Always make sure to check your BG when you have become disconnected! Carry extra supplies with you or have them at places you know you attend regularly..If I sense that I have been hot or if the adhesive (I used Sure-T's) feels weak I use paper tape to secure it to my skin...it does not irritate my skin and it holds its own in water and it does not leave adhesive marks on your body once you take it off. Good luck!

I always keep a insulin pen and a few pen needles in my kit. If it gets pulled out or I get a NO DELIVERY message. I can inject in an emergency

I am not familiar with Sure-Ts, but I will check it out. I have been on the pump and the CGM for about 1.5 years. I use tape to hold the cannula in place. But if I don't pay attention, I can pull the whole thing out anyway.
I am usually have a back up plan. But sometimes the backup plan does not seem adequate . I will be traveling in a couple months and I plan to get a flex pen as a backup to the backup. I probably could use a reservoir and an infusion set as a backup at work.

Thanks for responding.

Have you ever considered using a prep wipe. There are some that add a film on your body to help the infusion set stay connected. They work wonders and are not expensive. Try IV Prep Wipes, Skin-Tac or Bard Protective Barrier Film Wipes. If you call Medtronics, they will send you a sample kit that has some of these items you can try before you decide what you want to order. Medtronics will also send you samples of various infusion sets if you want to try other types out. Good luck!

One time I had a quick-set on my outer thigh, and the seam of my jeans knocked it out while wrestling around with kids. I felt the tug, and tapped my hand over it thinking it was still secure, and forgot about it. Later I discovered it really had come out, after CGMS alerted me with unexpected high BG.

I also had one time where the tubing was quickly chopped in half, by my playful kitten ! Fortunately I realized it right when it happened.

Sometimes I use IV3000 or bandaids for extra security when I know I'll be somewhere that would be inconvenient if it came out, and usually have spares with me when I leave the house.


I almost always carry an extra cannula / full infusiom set with me. Case in point -- shopping for a dress on Friday, so I am in the dressing room. Took my pump out of my pocket and it somehow slipped to the floor. My set WAS in my abdomen, and with short tubing, my set pulled right out! I just sat down, pulled out my supplies and put a new set in right there. Made me wish I had some hand sanitizer, but everything turned just fine!

I've pulled mine out at home also. Was bringing in laundry from the clothesline and the basket slid down my side and ripped it right out. Hurt like hell!! lol I always keep infusion sets in my car and at work. I had a case last week where the tubing bent over when i did my set change that morning. After a very fast rising bg, and 2 correction boluses, i changed my set. Had to give myself injections with my pen until my pump monitor said I didn't have any active insulin. Took me until 3:00 pm to get my bg back to normal range.

I keep a small makeup case filled with supplies in my tote. There is everything needed to make a change. I did this after the first time it came out at work and I had to run to a pharmacy for a syringe to inject insulin for the rest of the day. I also keep a couple of syringes in my purse just in case.




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