I just started the Medtronic Revel pump on 8-20-2010.  Since I'm also on Medicare, my supplies for the pump will come from CCS Medical in Florida.  When I called there today about exchanging several boxes of unopened Quick set infusion sets, the person I spoke with was anything but friendly.  Is this the way the company operates or is it just me having a bad day?  I dread calling them again.

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When I want to exchange my sets that I get from ccs in FL I call minimed and they do the exchange for me not ccs try that and see if that works. I personally have never had a problem with ccs but I don't mess with them often unless it is adress change or supply request. so try calling mini med as that is what i did to switch to the mio's from siloettes
I've had a set-to with CCS. My 722 pump warranty expired in July and Medtronic said they would start the process for a new Revel. A week later a CCS rep called for me to "immediately" send them some information which I did. That was over a month ago and I haven't heard anything from them yet! Now, I think my endo may be holding up the works by not giving them the info they need. However, they do not return voice mail messages. I'm leaving town for 2 weeks and haven't pressed on it the last week or so, but when I return, I plan to get in touch with Medtronic about CCS if I haven't heard anything. You are not alone!!
Yes, I am. Also on Medicare. No problem experienced so far. I am in Healthcare and will not tolerate any disrespect nor should you. If it happens again demand to speak to a manager and indicate your next call is to Minimed.
Henry D,

It is rare for me to have a problem getting along with anyone. I'm not aggressive nor am I sarcastic. This lady's remarks just hit me as very strange. She is the one who 'gave' me her 5 digit extension number and I didn't know it wasn't alright to call her personally. I haven't made but two calls to Minimed and both times the people have been very polite and helpful. I don't know what I did to make this lady at CCS respond as she did.
Mayumi, I am on medicare and I get my supplies from CCS medical. I had a rough beginning with them. I finally told them that I was going to switch suppliers (although it involves a lot of work and I spoke with Medtronic about doing so), and things changed for the better. Now that I get my supplies regularly and actually rarely need to speak with them, all is well. I don't think that they operate nastily on a regular basis and I don't think that you were having a bad day.
Call them again and if the person you get is difficult, ask to speak with a supervisor and demand to be transferred to a more professional person. Sometimes the reps are having a bad day, but that doesn't mean that you have to put up with them--remember they want your business. Judith
Judith - You asked on my comment page how things were going with CCS. At this point I'm trying to get my pump supplies and test strips from Medtronic and switch from CCS. However my Endocrinologist is dragging his feet big time. I've contacted his medical office 5 times in the past month to try and clarify various items necessary for the changeover.

For example, as you may know Medicare limits your test strips to 3 a day unless the doctor overrides that number with a valid reason. My particular Endo seems to think that maybe 6 times a day is enough. I'm all but arguing with him that 6 times is NOT enough and I want 10. Even 10 isn't enough sometimes......when you are hypo - don't you want to test and know for sure? I also try to test each time before I get behind the wheel of a vehicle too. I don't want to be the cause of someone else being hurt because my blood sugar is low. To me driving is a privilege not a right. But I digress.......my Endo doesn't see things the way I do and about the only way I can talk to him is to make an appointment (thereby having another co pay) just so I can talk to him.

With the new health care plan I don't think things are going to get easier...just worse.

In response to your comment of 9-7-10, I did call the customer service dept and ask to speak with the supervisor......was told the supervisor doesn't handle complaints ....... only handles getting people started on the pump. :(
I had aproblem with one of the reps, she quoted me a price for a three month supply that was about $100 less than medtronics price, they sent me sets and a bill that was he sameas what medtronics was charging, NO SAVINGS AT ALL.. A manager claimed that a rep cannot quote prices therfore I was responsible for the charges. I told them I only ordered from them because they said it would be cheaper, and I would only pay what I was quoted. That is all i did pay and never ordered from them again or heard from them for the balance due.
I just posted a blog today both on my regular blog & here at TuDiabetes about my problems with CCS. They shipped my pump on Jun 11th. Today is the 90th day but they do from the 11th to the 11th - doesn’t matter that is 93 days. The 11th is Saturday and I was told I could call on Monday to order my supplies. I will be out of supplies by then. They also lost the paperwork allowing me to get set changes every day and a half even though that is what they shipped me. They did this same thing with my Dexcom supplies in July and I ran out. There is no way I am running out of pump supplies every 3 months because they won’t’ ship them in time. First they tried to say it was my insurance but I called them and they said no, that is not their policy. I told them yesterday I will get my supplies elsewhere. I also have Medicare but have a supplemental plan. Other places do take Medicare. When I Googled CCS, I found out that they are in bankruptcy so I think that is part of what is going on there.
bankruptcy??? You're not kidding are you? I don't understand why Medtronic would place their Medicare clients with CCS if they are in dire financial straits - or am I just thick in the head? OMG.......Kelly, I would be frantic if I were you and running out of pump supplies. I hope you are able to get your situation straightened out very soon.
I am not kidding - I wish I had Googled them before today. I guess they started the plans last year but just submitted reorganization plans to the court in March. Maybe CCS owes Medtronic money and that is one way for Medtronic to get their money back from them. I was planning on switching to the Orbit infusion sets (I have an Animas pump & just joined this group so I could respond to your post). ICU Medical that makes Orbits sent me some samples & are sending me another box. They are helping to get my pharmacy setup as a supplier. He is also working on getting them setup with someone to get Animas cartridges for me. I have enough infusion sets but will run out of cartridges so will probably have to do MDI for a few days until this gets straightened out.
Whew!!!! As if Diabetes doesn't give us enough challenges, along comes the problem of 'where to get our supplies'. I understand that my Medtronic pump is not really mine for another 13 months. Medicare pays "rent" on it monthly for 13 months and then it is mine. If I change medical supply companies, I wonder if CCS will demand that I return the pump too? sigh..........
Did you get a copy of the lease agreement? I wonder if there is something in the lease that states you have to get your supplies from them. I have a Medicare supplemental plan and they paid for the pump so it is mine - I saw the DME statement.

If you are stuck with them, have your doctor write the supply order for extra because you will have an extra week ontop of the 90 days that you won't be able to get supplies.




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