So my pump came in yesterday, and I had an appointment with my diabetes educator (doc) yesterday also. I thought I had to wait another week for pump training, but luckily my doc is also a Medtronic rep so she was able to train me and help me set my basal/bolus settings yesterday. She wanted me to get use to it still so she hooked it up to a saleen solution. I had it on from 12 noon yesterday to right now, so here are my thoughts for anybody that was wondering about it or anticipating getting one, and questions I have for those of you who have more experience....

- Inserting the infusion set wasn't as bad as I fact, I felt nothing when inserting it into the side of my abdomen using the quick serter.
- Having the tubing tucked into my pants was not a bother, it really doesn't get in the way of anything. I have the 18" tubing.
- Sleeping with it was a little awkward, but nothing too bad. I think its just getting use to having it clipped on to my shorts and feeling it when I turn in bed.
- The only time I felt anything was when I bolused before a meal, I can feel the insulin being delivered. I won't say its painful, but theres enough action going on to notice theres a little pressure.
- As far as pain goes, sometimes the infusion set was a little sensitive when I touched it. Other times it I didn't feel anything. questions for all you pros
- Is it normal for the infusion site to be a little sensitive?
- Do you feel a little pain when your boluses are being delivered? I feel absolutely nothing when my basal is being delivered.
- What infusion sets do you use or have used and you feel is the most comfortable? I'm have the quick-sets.

Thanks for reading!

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Based on your experiences I am mentally preparing for my "Saline Week" which is going to start in a week. I am hoping my endo allows me to do less than a week but I am ready anyways.
Hey Diego, been a while since I've logged on here. But since I've started on the pump, I haven't had any issues with "No Delivery" alerts. I'm thinking the quickset I used was bad, but minimed sent me 2 free ones in replace of that one and I received them the very next day. Since I've been on the pump, getting a high BG count is pretty rare these days- if I get a high BG count, its usually bc I miscounted the carbs I was eating. I still drop a little low during the late afternoon so adjustments in my basal still need to be fine tuned during that time. But my advice to you is to stick with it and read up on as much info as you can, and ask questions here. I've replaced my quickset a bunch of times already and there were never any painful insertions. One time I even forgot to take the plastic that covers the sticky part off of the quickset and I had to stick the quickset in twice LOL but it wasn't a big deal. I like the pump a lot, its a lot easier to just count the carbs and enter them into your pump. Good luck to you!
Kristen, on the Sure-T, what do you mean? "Also, I should add that the Sure-T has a metal cannula and therefore should only be used for 2 days, but I reuse the same infusion set by moving it to a different location, reinserting it and taping it down."

Can you re-use???
Officially Medtronic will tell you NO. In practice, yes it is possible to reuse the Sure-T.

The cannula part is metal. So when you insert the infusion set, you do not need to remove anything (with teflon cannulas, after your insert the infusion set, you remove the needle part making it impossible to reinsert it). After two days, I carefully peel off the adhesive part and remove the needle. I am careful not to let anything touch the metal cannula which will be reinserted. Then I sterilize my skin with alcohol (sometimes I spray the needle with alcohol as well though I'm not sure that does anything except make me feel better). Then I just put the infusion set back in somewhere at least 1-2 inches away from the previous site. Then I use two strips of thin medical tape to tape it down.

Then I repeat again in two days. I try to get six days out of one infusion set, but if I think that the infusion set touched something when I removed it, then I do just throw it away. There is an increased risk of infection, but I have not yet had any problem.

The Sure T has two adhesive pads: one at the end of the tubing, which is attached to the cannula and another in the middle of the tubing, which is just a site for disconnecting. I move the first one, but leave the second one in a fixed place as long as I use that infusion set.
Thank you for replying promptly!! I never thought of that, pretty neat
being it can save $$$. how long have you been using these? what kind
of pump are you on? I've been on the Revel since 1/11, so it's all new to
I have been using the MM Paradigm 722 for about two years, but started using the Sure T infusion set less than a year ago. It wasn't available in Hungary at first, but I requested it for months and then was able to get it! I really like the Sure T. I find it more comfortable than the Silhouette (used for 5 years) or Quick Set (used for one year).
how long since your diagnosis? are you t1? you're in Hungary???
I'm t1 since '03. was started w/Mio sets w/my new pump, but kept
getting kinks, so we switched to Sure T, & yes, I really like these!!
I'm type 1 since 2003 too :) Living in Hungary since 2004.

Yes, I love not worry about kinks any more!
Well today is my first day on the Pump and I am already getting a new one delivered today via UPS. The one I got had a communication error to Carelink and while I was at the Endo it would not communicate and seh called it in and after a check it showed something like A56 or A26 or something lke that so they are sending a new one.
Hey there
starting a little late on this one , but following along

I've been on the new MM VEO (Canada) pump for about three months and .....Yes some sore sites and most no prob. My last change of site irritated me for the last day of three?? or four days ?? and this site BUMP has been with me for three days now. My insulin requirements are down to about 10 units per 24 Hrs as Basil and 10 to 15 units per 24 Hrs Bolusing.My sets are Quick set and some times Silouet sets. I myself prefer the 6mm Quick set infusion sets.





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