I'm a type 1 for 27+years. Just lots my job and insurance the last day of Jan. My company gave us no notice and cut off the insurance the next day ;(. I have the option to buy into Cobra, but of course, its really pricey.

So I am thinking of not doing cobra, while hoping one of my job leads happens soon. I have enough insulin/strips/pump supplies to (hopefully) hold me over until a new job/insurance starts. But I am hearing about people getting stuck with insurance claiming Type 1 as a pre-exisiting condition, and then have to pay for all dia supplies for 1 year. And I know pump supplies will be so $$$ i wont be able to afford it. And really dont want to stop pumping.

Has anyone else had experience with this? Getting laid off really sucks, but it sucks even more with all these diabetic supply issues.

Ei yei yei.

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Heather, I went through the same thing when I got laid off.... I had to beg and bum from Family Doctor and the Endo I was seeing at the time for Insulin and needles. I had to wait a year to get insurance at my new job due to Type I being pre-existing which is odd cause I was 44 years old before I found out I was a type I. Most Doctors or endos will help you out as much as they can and they understand about the insurance issues. I would call your supplier on your infussiion sets and see if they help you out when the time comes I know mine has a payment plan to pay for the supplies if i need to cause my insurance dont pay for all of me stuff. There are many other routes you can check into also. I am sure others on here can point you in the right direction. These are a great bunch of folks on here.
best of luck

Sorry you're going through this. I have been where you are and know exactly what you are faced with. I had no choice but to Cobra. The nice thing about that was that everything went on uninterrupted and I had time to find other choices. Unfortunately my unemployment outlasted my Cobra and am know faced with not one but two diabetices in my house, myself and my youngest son. My son is on the pump which stopped working and is on a loaner from Medtronics but only has 30 days left, so I'm sick that we may have to take him off it. I still use needles and am at the point where I'm using needles over and over until I can't get them to puncture. All of my limited resources are going to test strips, quick sets, and insulin- it's truly a nightmare. So while maybe not your best option it may be your only one, to Cobra up!! Have tried qualifying for Medicare??

You are better off sticking with Cobra--pricey but worth it. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer while on Cobra and then couldn't buy her own insurance when her Cobra ran out. My husband is a kidney transplant recipient and had to use Cobra between jobs, he had no problem getting on his new company's plan. The key is to stay insured...if you can't afford Cobra look into purchasing some sort of plan...if you have a time when you havent' been insured, you run into more trouble with future insurance

About.com has the following information:
"Who Then Should Continue COBRA Insurance Coverages from Their Employer?

1. People who have health problems that they are currently being treated for or pre-existing health conditions, should strongly consider the COBRA insurance option from their employer. It is very difficult and costly to get private health insurance with current health problems or pre-existing conditions and if one did find it, those conditions would either be excluded or the premium would be very costly.

2. Also, persons who know that their next employer will not have health insurance available should also consider continuing the COBRA insurance coverage, at least until they can provide themselves with another health insurance option. This is also important because it is much better to not have any gaps in health insurance coverage when shopping for new coverage as one is less risky to the new health insurance company when they have had continuous health insurance coverage."

Hi Heather,
We were on Kaiser insurance, when my husband lost his w2 job. We tried to get on a individual plan, twice, with no luck. We ran the Cobra out to the end ( $18,000) and we were going to go on extension, to get to 2014, when hopefully Obama care will get those of us with existing conditions back on. Luckily, My husband was rehired and we went onto a group plan. So, If somehow you can get an individual plan , go for it, but you might have to stick with Cobra, and its not because of the pump. Diabetes in general will exclude you.

I thought if you had continuous coverage that the new insurance was not allowed to use the pre-existing condition thing? I thought that this was one of the newer health care changes. I don't know though for sure.

i think there is acouple more years to go before that goes into effect

I am in the healthcare field - I know it is pricey - but I would recommend to do the COBRA. Before diagnosis - when off of my parent's plan and starting a new job - it was 90 days before my coverage kicked in. I had a sever asthma attack and wound up in the hospital for several days. Thank God for the COBRA. All it takes is one non-D related thing to get in the way and you are paying off bills forever. I can't even imagine now having to cover all of my supplies and drugs without insurance and then be dumped in the pre-existing clause if I did get a new job and be stuck for a year paying out of the nose.

thanks everyone for all your responses. I guess the collective opinion, was what i was thinking was safest... I better pay for Cobra. And keep praying for the job offer - and that i can negotiate health insurance to start right away.

Take good care,

I don't know what state you are in but in California there is PCIP, pre existing insurance program. The only catch is that you need to be uninsured for 6 months to apply.
I had to take cobra, and after it was done Kaiser was forced to take me under a special state rule. Of course the coverage is less than perfect, and it is more expensive than even COBRA, but at least it covers most things,

Pcip is about $400 / month. My coverage is $550/ month.

Still I can't make myself give up insurance for 6 months just to get the PCIP.

Many states have similar programs btw.




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