Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone here has tried or uses the Sure-T infusion sets. I've been using the Quick-Set for as long as I can remember, but my endo told me I need to switch.

There are three things that seem like I'd need to get adjusted to:
1. The self-insersion. I love my spring-loaded inserter!
2. The two circles attached to me. My abdomen is limited on flat real estate (too many insulin injections in one spot as a child) so I'm curious about how it works with the two attachments.
3. The metal needle itself. The thought kind of grosses me out. Please tell me it's not that bad! ;)

Any and all insight would be appreciated!


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I was using the Quick Sets for awhile and then I got a sample of the Sure-T infusion sets! I love them and never went back. I get much better BG readings. You do not feel the tiny needle at all and the two sticker tabs does not present a problem at all. Good Luck!

Thanks, Erin! One question: Do you change your infusion set every other day? I just noticed that it's recommended to change the Sure-T every 2 days, instead of every 3.

I still change mine every three days and have no problems! Good Luck!

Awesome! Thanks!

I used the Quick-Set for a while when I first started with the pump almost a year ago. I switched to the Sure-T and all my problems went away! It is not painful at all to insert....actually no pain at all. I prefer it to the Quick-Set. Only one of the 'circles' is actually used for insertion of the needle. The other circle is just where you disconnect for showering etc... They can be placed close together or as far apart as the connector tubing allows. I cover my insertion set with a bandage so i never have a problem with ripping it out by mistake, and I leave the connector part uncovered. I really love the Sure-T. As for the needle, it is small and painless (like i said before). the nice thing is...after you have inserted it, if you have to move the site (either right away, or a day later for whatever reason) you can because the needle can be reinserted, but the cannula on the Quick Set can not because it is just a piece of plastic. Try it, you'll like!!

Oh! Thank you for all of the information! I guess I could just insert the needle where I usually would, then the connector could be in a totally random place (where I usually wouldn't be able to insert the pump). Thanks!!

yep...the connector just sticks onto your skin, anywhere you choose so it doesn't matter. I hope all goes well!


i have been using the silloette quick set for about 5 years now. i s tarted with an i9nserter when i first got my pump but i learned to do the insert myself. i went to my endo last week, she informed me that i need to change my set and site every three days. that means that i only use half the insulin in the reservoir.. the minimed rep has told my doc and the nurse educator that they have seen too many infections from leaving the set in too long in one place. so now i am changing every three days. ok. the needle isn't that bad.. i like the set because its close to the skin, and the adhesive is strong, even in the shower.my only complaint is that medtronic needs to make a shorter tubing like a 10 inch so i don't keep catching the tubing on doorknobs..good luck... k

I use the Sure T as well. I switched about a year and a half ago (from Quick Set and I used to use the Silhouette before that). The Sure T is by far my favorite. I find that my "dots" heal much faster because the cannula is made of metal and it can therefore be THINNER than the Quick Set. I have very few insertions that hurt. I think that inserting the Sure T is like giving an injection with a pen or a syringe (no need for spring loaded devices in my opinion).

There are two circles, but one of them is just a sticker (the place where you can detach the tubing). So you can put that anywhere within reach -- it does not need to be on a place that would be a good infusion site.

I DO change my infusion SITE every two days. I have found that it lasts about 2.5 days -- but if I wait three days, then I will likely have highs. The reason is that our bodies supposedly react more quickly to metal than to teflon as a foreign object in the body, but with my endos approval, I REINSERT the same infusion set and can use one infusion set for 4-6 days this way. This is something that you can't do with QuickSet or Silhouette. Basically I pull out ONLY the piece with the needle and move it somewhere else, but still within reach of the other "sticker" and then tape it down. It works great for me. If I ever insert the infusion set where it is painful, I like to have the option to just move it!

I do find that something laying on the infusion site is more painful that with Quickset. So I try to avoid sleeping on it, but it depends how much fat I have where it is inserted.

I use Quick-Sets. I did try another one called Mio. MM will sample it to you. Heck. try 'em all........

I would like to know how things go. I use Quick-Sets but am always willing to try new things




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