I have had a pump since 2004 and travel at least a few times a year by plane. I have had 5 episodes (in the last 9 years) where after going through security (within a day or two) my pump will stop functioning. This usually happens in the wee hours of the morning waking me from a deep sleep. I never send it through xray or scanners and ask them to hand check it instead. They usually will swipe it with a thing that looks like a band-aid and then place the "band-aid" into a machine which will produce some readings. I am wondering if this is causing problems. I arrived home from my last trip a day and a half ago and was awakened by the ear piercing alarm last night that said that my pump was malfunctioning. This has happened with my Deltec pump and my current Medtronic 722. Fortunately, they are sending me a new one that I should get tomorrow but I am just wondering if I am doing anything wrong. The explanation that I get from customer service is always in reference to me using Duracell batteries instead of Energizer. I just don't buy that explanation.

Your feedback would greatly appreciated.

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What is the nature of the malfunction? Button error? Motor error? Low battery? I've had my share of motor errors, but they're not showstoppers; just disconnect, rewind/prime, reconnect. Call MedT when convenient. I can't correlate it to airport security though.

I think the difference between Energizer and Duracell is how they behave when the battery is depleted. Duracell is more of a steady drop in voltage, while Energizer maintains peak voltage for as long as it can, then drops more quickly. Just my own untested thoughts. If your experience is unrelated, I'd dismiss the battery-throry, but it might be worth using Energizer just to humor them and see where they point the finger next.

I'm not sure. It beeps a continuous beep until I take the battery out and displays A3 or A6 on the screen. When I change to a new battery it just beeps. This only happens a day or two after I have been on a plane. Not every time but consistently enough to notice an issue, say 5 times over the last 10 years.

I have been wearing a Medtronic Minimed pump for 15 years. I have not flown in the past year, but prior to this year I flew often. I always just walked through the metal detectors, and I have never had a problem. I know we are not supposed to walk through the full body scanners, but the regular metal detectors are fine.
It IS true that the MM pumps will NOT work with duracells. There is something different about the way a duracell is made compared to the energizer that makes it impossible for the pump to know how much battery power is left.
Why not just buy the right batteries?

I've used Duracells since I started using a pump, primarily because I get them from Costco and that is what Costco sells. I never have battery issues otherwise - no crashing, no errors - and can get a good 7 weeks out of them. This issue only happens when I fly.

I honestly have never had a problem with any battery that I have ever put in any of my medtronics. I run everything from Duracell to dollar store brand batteries. I have also gone through airport security a number of times without problems metal detector and a pat down. I have noticed that the cheap batteries usually don't last as long. The one thing that I always make sure of is that I have alkaline cells. I will not run any other type I have a 723 currently and carried a 712 for over 4 years and it never as much as alarmed for any reason other than low res or battery replacement. Not one funky code.

I started on a 523 Revel pump at the end of March and flew 4 times in 10 days last month. I was worried because I was sure it would set off the metal detector, but was surprised that it never did. I just stuffed it in my underwear and walked through the standard metal detector.
It worked fine afterwards and if they had asked me to go through the scanner I would have declined (like I always have anyway) and gotten the pat down. Although I'm flying to Heathrow in August so I'm not looking forward to that!

I have only been using the Energizer MAX batteries (based on the forums I read here about Minimed pumps) even though I had planned to use Costco batteries... but I found a 24-pack of Energizer MAX on amazon for $12.69 ($0.53 each) so it's not that much more expensive in the grand scheme of diabetes expenses!

Energizers are the only battery that works. Who knows whey, but i have tested the theory and durcell makes the pump crash.

Thanks I am going to try this out. my pump has been crashing the last two weeks and all I have ever used is Duracell Procell's. I have been getting dead battery warnings the same day I put them in and motor fail error's. I hope this will fix it.

Huh. I've used all different kinds of batteries and never had any issues. I'm using Energizer rechargeables now only because I like being able to recharge them and not throw them away. I *did* notice that store-brand batteries don't last as long, but...

Sara I can clearly say that the machines do not cause the malfunctions. I have operated this equipment for over 7 years and I pass through the metal detector and my supplies through the xray ach and every work day. The batteries on the other hand are a big difference. I used to use the procells as well, but they kept dying quickly and a friend suggested energizer ultimate lithium. These batteries are the cats meow... they last like 4-5 times longer I can literally go months before changing them.
either way just my .02 hopefully helps.

i only use ENERGIZER MAX for my medtronic 522 & any pump i had fefore

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate your feedback. I am willing to humor them and try the Energizers but I am not convinced its the issue. Other than when flying (and not even every time) my pump nor the batteries (no crashing, errors or otherwise funky behavior) gives me issues but we shall see.




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