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 I'm 37 weeks pregnant and a minimed pump user or was a pump user until about 1/2 hour ago when I got a "button Error" alert on my pump which killed it!


The diabetes is under control and Minimed is delivering me another pump today. However, this is not the first time my pump has broken... in the last 3 years I have gone through 6 pumps!!!!


Has anyone else out there had issues dealing with Minimed? Or am I just really that cursed!

The last time it broke I was on a cruise.... I learned my lesson.. when I go on vacation I call for a backup.., but this is getting to be ridiculous!



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Wow! That's pretty alarming that you have gone through 6 pumps! What Paradigm model...522? I have had 2 replacements in about 10 years of pumping. They were great about replacing quickly and my endocrinologists office has a "loaner" which I was able to get until the replacement arrived. You don't happen to work around x-ray equipment? :) Good luck!!
Gee Lindsay, I'm sorry you are having such terrible luck with your pump(s). I've had a Medtronic pump for over 5 years and have never,ever had a single problem. Maybe I'm just lucky, but it is a shame that you have these issues. I'd probably be getting quite "vocal" with Medtronic about now.
I wish you better luck on your pumps and hope MM treats you properly.
Be sure and let us all know how this works out. :)
HI Lindsay,
I am so sorry about the pump issues. I too have had issues with my pump, at very inconvenient times.
In 2006 on my birthday.
In 2007 on Christmas Day.
In 2010 on Valentine's Day.
So, while I have not had as many issues as you have, I totally understand the irritation, frustration, and fear it can cause.
On Valentine's Day, I was out of town, and LOST IT. Here I am on an amazing get away with my boyfriend, and then pump drama! That poor guy at Minimed who took my call at 2 am, I was not a happy camper.
What I learned about the Button Error, is that when I wear a dress, I put my pump in my bra. I didn't know the "put the pump in a baby shock" trick. Where was your pump when you got the Button Error? I learned that the buttons can get "damp" or "moist" from perspiration.
I have been a pump user since 2001, and started with an Animus pump. I had extraordinary issues non stop with the Animus pump in my first 3 years. It was awful. When I switched to Minimed, things improved, and their response to replace was much quicker, not ever an issue.
Without being confusing, a friend opted for the Animus pump instead of Minimed when her warranty ran out. Perhaps it is personal preference, I do not know. Also, are you at a time with your insurance where you can switch, because unfortunately that is a piece to your puzzle as well.
So, while I get really really MAD when my pump causes drama, I know the inconveniences never outweigh the positive. I just am always prepared for an issue, i.e. have syringes. Bringing a loaner pump on a far trip is brilliant.
Do you think your pump drama outweighs the positives about your pump?
I hope everything works out, and am so excited for your pregnancy and approaching motherhood!
Hi Shelby,

It's good to know that I am not alone. Most of the time the pump works great! However, being 37 weesk pregnant it has become a little more then an inconvenience. So my answer is yes, the pump is the greatest thing and has enabled me to become pregnant. However, the paradigm 722 has become my worst nightmare..

I used to be on Disetronic which was awsome.. they sent you two pumps so that you would never run into this issue.
Unfortunately Medtronics does not have the same buisness practice.. and I think that is what bothers me so much.. I have backup.. but when there is another life at stake.. it becomes a full fledge emergency.
I more than agree.
Perhaps you can negotiate with them since you are pregnant.
I totally support pregnant pumpers having a back up.
Good luck!!!
I had two failures in 5 years. The first time I was unprepared, but after that I learned. Now I take extra supplies everywhere, and even have an extra pump (I got a new one when my warrantee expired). I also write down my settings.
I think it must be something that either you are are doing and dont realize it or it is just your bodies magnetic feild is way to strong. Do you by the way do thru a lot of metal detectors or work in an mri lab do you. I have had the same pump for 3 years and never a problem and I wear when I ride my bike all the time and goten it sweatty.
Hi Jim,
I finally have a chance to ask you about your sweaty pump and sweaty sets. Do you seriously exercise and sweat and your sites don't fall off???!!! This has been my nemesis for years. I can't tell you how many times I have gone out to a club dancing or gone outside in the heat riding my bike, and my site is just totally sweated off. I HAVE to wear the tape dressing thing to every concert or exercise I do. What is your trick? You either have magic skin or are very lucky!
Hi Jim,
I am a huge into riding a bike..up until I became pregnant... and although I sweated a lot, i found that keeping my pump in the back pocket of my jersey kept it pretty safe... unfortunately the last button error occurred in my final trimester of pregnancy when I was pretty much stationary. The button error before that occurred on a cruise when my pump was sitting on a table next to me... I have heard the sweat theory before, but I don't buy it!

No metal detectors either...
I just received another new pump from minimed.. hopefully this one will last longer then a year!
Oh yes!!! Had the same issue-am on my 3rd pump in 3 months. Then with the first replacement I had continuous lows in the 20's- with all the same programming as previous pump. This all comes after the recall in 2009 for the 17 MONTHS of Medtronic's pump sites that were defective. I now feel like I sleep with one eye open. When the pump works, it's magic. When the pump fails, it's tragic. See my post for a short version. I'm one of the truly blessed ones who lived through a scary example of what can happen.
I've got through enough pump problems in my 10 years of pumping. I'd say I've gone through anywhere from 8-10 pumps, for various reasons, stripped battery cover, errors, I've had one pump prime at such an extremely fast rate (after changing the reservoir the pump primed 10 units, but it took up a good half of the insulin in the reservoir). My down arrow had stopped functioning. I've never had a problem with Minimed replacing the pump under warranty, but I know that it definitely gets annoying.
My first pump was a Paradigm 515, and I had a lot of problems with it...4 failures, I think. One failure with the 522, when I first upgraded, but then no failures in the several years I used it. I'm now on the Revel and, so far (knock wood), no failures

One thing...when I was having all those failures with the 515, it was a static electricity problem, but that was supposedly fixed with the 522. However, I can see the possibility of overexposure to xrays or magnets as a cause of failure, so that's something to consider.





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