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Hi, everyone. I just received my Revel (pump + CGM) from UPS for my son. After unpacking, I realized that they did not include a meter.

A little back story: Our first pump 10 years ago was a Minimed 504 (? early version) that communicated with a meter. Fast forward 10 years, we are moving back to the Revel.

So, I am unpacking and realize a meter wasn't included. In reading the owners manual, it does sound like you can still connect a meter electronically. A quick scan of the internet resulted in those meters being fairly pricey. But, in digging a bit more through the documentation for the CGM, I found this warning:

GUIDANCE: When using the glucose sensor, turn OFF the wireless feature. Manually enter glucose values from your blood glucose meter.

It sounds like they really don't want me to use the meter option, hence, they don't include in the shipment. Does anyone know if there is a technical reason why they don't want to use sync-able meters with the CGM? More of a curiosity question, really.

Also, quick poll, what meters are other Revel users using? I am thinking about using the cheap OneTouch UltraMini ($16 @ Walgreens).


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I just got a Revel and CGM a few weeks ago as well, and I had the same question about the notice. Medtronic wrote to me, "I just spoke with our diabetes educator and she stated that the statement was geared towards the x22 modules. You will be fine turning on your wireless feature."

As far as meters, I wasn't given one, either. But, I already have an UltraLink that they provided several years ago. They also didn't provide a CareLink USB, but I already had that, too. I also use the UltraMini, but I don't believe it has a wireless feature. I dial in the readings by hand.

My Ultralink meter is turned on and connected to my pump, which is connected to the CGM. However, during training, I was told that not every blood glucose reading should be used to calibrate the system. This is probably why you were told to manually enter the values. The same result can be achieved by having it default to NO when the pump asks if you want to calibrate; then you scroll down to YES if you choose to calibrate. Using every reading will screw up the CGM: too many calibrations will confuse it; meal boluses (not so much tiny corrections) will confuse it; arrows signifying rising or falling values will confuse it. Result: an uncalibrated CGM that gives you worthless information: telling you that you are high when you are low and vice versa.

Also, meters are easy to come by. In many cases they are practically given away. Ask your CDE. Look for rebates. The test strips are a different story.

This is a question that should be raised to Medtronics why you did not get or were told to order a Ultra-link meter.

The ultra-link meter is NOT a REQUIREMENT but is easier to use with the pump. You can enter ANY and all readings from your existing meter.

In regards to yoru questions :
1. It sounds like they really don't want me to use the meter option, hence, they don't include in the shipment. Does anyone know if there is a technical reason why they don't want to use sync-able meters with the CGM?
No I don;t think this is the case. I checked my Invoice and it was a separate item.

2. what meters are other Revel users using?
I use a Ultra-Link meter.

Bottom line call them and discuss with them. I find them very reasonable.

I got an ultralink with my pump 3 months ago it just shipped with it, also a box of IV3000 dressing, and a box of iv prep. This may be an insurance company thing.
The warning was for older versions of the software. If your is new it is not a problem. The pump will ask you if you want to use the result to calibrate or not. The older versions didn't ask. I use mine and it works just fine. I was also shipped 2 carelinks because I got one with my pump and one with my cgm. Anyone who wants the spare
can have it.

Mark, I received my firt pump about 4 months ago, and the CGMS a week or so later. In the package I also received a OneTouch Ultralink BG Meter. My pump is the Revel723 and the BG meter connect wirelessly to the pump whenever I take a reading. You have the option of saying YES or NO to calibrate when you take a meter reading. I know the OneTouch Meter is expensive, but the wireless option really does sell it for me, to the extent I bought another one from Medtronic so that I have one at home and one at work.

You should have received an Ultralink Meter with the pump from what I understand. I would call them.

I called Medtronic. Found out the free meter was a "once per lifetime" offer. Since I received a free BD meter back in 2004 with the original 512 pump I am not eligible for a new meter with this order. oh, well. Bummer

I would call onetouch and tell them that You need a new meter, and Medtronics wont give you one and you are thinking about using another brand.
I can almost guarantee that you will have a new meter forth with.

Medtronics does not pay for those meters anyway. They are given to them to distribute to their customers so that we will be hooked on their strips.

It is in the best intrest of both companies to pony up a new one for you

Finally stopping by after a long absence.
The One Touch meter that comes with the Revel is no longer being offered. I was told to take very good care of mine (received in November). MM no longer has a contract with One touch.

My new Revel is at home waiting to be opened and I was told by the Medtronic rep last week that they would be including a OneTouch UltraLink in the shipment.

Hi. I got the OneTouch that speaks wirelessly to my Revel pump when I received the whole kit and caboodle in Feb 2012. Today, when I placed my new supply order, I asked for a box of Sure T infusion sets to try out along with my regular Quick Sets. Away we go....

According to the web site, you should get a meter with a new pump And since people are still getting One Touch products, then if you want that meter I would ask.
Bayer supposedly has the new contract, if it's still going through.




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