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Hi all,

I was diagnosed as type 1 in December, and my doctor says that I'm good to go for a pump. My partner is also type 1 (crazy, I know), and has a minimed Paradigm.

What do you love about your pump, wish it did better, and what don't you like about it? What would you recommend I look into as I research pumps?

Thanks SO so much :)


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HI Janie,
Welcome to TU Diabetes!
Our first pump for our daughter was the Omnipod. Because of an insurance change, her new insurance did not cover it. We then switched to the Minimed paradigm Revel. Her A1C levels have improved greatly since she was on the Minimed.
what we liked about the Omnipod - (Mary was on this for 3 years). The only plus the the no tubing. That was it.
What I like about the minimed. EVERYTHING. Comparing the 2 pumps. The biggest plus for her is that minimed allows you to give smaller increments of insulin per hour than the Omnipod, which helps you to have tighter control. The Once touch ping is also good with smaller increments as well.
Before going on the minimed we also looked at the ping. I liked the Idea of the ping because of the gadget that can communicate with the pump. We chose minimed because of the CGM unit.
Keeping all of this in mind, you have to look at all of the options, discuss it with your doctor/nurse practioner and decide what's best for you. Take a look a the different pump groups on here and see the complaints each one would have with their pump.
I know it can be overwhelming!!
Best wishes to you. Let us know how you make out!

I love the medtronic support that I have receivde with any all questions. I think it is very concealable and easy to use. I wore the Omnipod as a trial and it was way to bulky for me and not very comfortable. I never tried the ping.. I definitely have great control because of the ability to deliver a very specific basal rate at different times and yes a 1/10 does make a huge difference in my life. I wish that I didn't have to take extra steps when dual waving or squaring. Although, I don't know the ins/outs of the other pumps to know if this is the same. I also do not wear a CGM. My new insurance will cover it but I am so used to checking myself that I find it would be a burden to wear. I like one stick every 3 days and I am good to go!! Welcome to this wonderful lifestyle and I hope you find TuDiabetes to be a great resource. I know that I did!!

Just one thing to consider about a cgm, IF you have hypoglycemic unwareness the CGM is very handy. Especially if you are driving and when you are sleeping. Just keep in mind that if your insurance covers it, you might find it a life saver some day. My daughter almost died during the night and had a seizure. This option has been a tremendous help to us!

where to begin??? you couldnt make me switch pumps or come off my pump. i have the pump and CGM and my life has changed in so many ways. A1C went from the 9's to the 6's and low 7's with very few lows! you can turn the basal down when active, you can turn it upi when you are sick and the data the MDs can see make it easy to make adjsutments. no more schedule. no more shots! the cgm has taught me so much about food and exercise and it predicts lows and highs! this is WAY better than shots!

So helpful, thanks Gator!! I'm seriously looking forward to being more flexible with my eating schedule :)

I did just recently have a "Pump Vacation". I needed a little time to let my stomach area heal a bit due to not properly rotating sites.

Hi Janie. I've always had MM pumps. I like the service I get, and just by reading other people's reviews on TuD from time to time, I think the MM pumps are as good as any, and much better than using pens or syringes. Maybe a little off topic, I would think that there would be some advantage in being able to compare notes with your partner having the same kind of pump. Whatever your decision, good luck!

Hi Trudy,
Yes! It would be handy for both of us to be using the same system...her experience has already been tremendously helpful in just learning how to administer insulin with the pens. I'm def leaning in this direction. I also like the combined cgm option for the minimed revel.

the cool thing is, you dont have to wear the sensor all the time. you can take breaks. get things in good ontrol and take a few weeks off. i havent worn mine in two weeks and just started a new one today. i'll wear it for two weeks or so and then another break. ifyou and your partener are both on minimed pumps you can share supplies and really maybe only one of you needs to buy a sensor... you can swap them out with eachother when you take a break from it. cool.

good for you that you are getting a pump. i love mine. i have a minimed paradigm. i have had a pump for about 7 years. it has given me a lot more freedom and flexibility in my life. i am a type 1 also and very brittle. i would have have to take 4 shots daily otherwise. been diabetic for 20 years and having the pump is such a great thing. i know once you have it and know how to use it you will love it. good luck with your success. k

I have had minimed pumps for years. I enjoy using the "Dual wave" feature and this has helped me bring my sugars down. Also important to think about... What kind of sets are available. For example, metal needles cause to to react painfully, where as quick set is working great. I use the 9 MM with a 43 inch tubing for max flexibility. I was on multiple injections of up to 10 a day before pumping, so for me, the trouble of moving the set every few days is less burdensome. Also if you are thin, the pump use is harder ( my opinion, having been very thin, and also quite fat) you need to be ready to deal with having an attachment on your body... if your partner is supportive that makes a huge difference, best, Tracy t1 iddm over 30 years

I recently was in the same place as you are in deciding about the pumps. I did a lot of research and finally decided to go with the Minimed Paradigm even though i liked the wireless option of omnipod better. I also tried wearing the omnipod infusion set for a week, but its way to bulky. Moreover Minimed has better reviews among pump users for reliability.

Hope you find one suitable to your lifestyle and needs




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