Hello! I got the okay from my doctor to start trying to get pregnant! My last A1c was 6.4 (I had started my pump only a couple months prior so I'm hoping it is lower at my next appt). I would SO APPRECIATE any/all advice from other diabetic moms!

I know my doc said 6.4 is safe to conceive but did your docs recommend lower?
How strict is strict enough?? Did you cut out all foods that may spike your BG?
Did you stick to a specific diet/meal plan?
How hard is it...seriously I need the non-sugar coated version...is this the hardest thing you have done? Was it easier than you had expected? Were you terrified you would screw something up?

I am seriously up for any advice you ladies have!! I have researched online, looked in books, etc but it just seems more comforting to hear from real people who have been there and who understand.

Thank you all!!

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I conceived on accident and I just got put on a meal plan today. I'm sure it's going to be tough, only 30 grams of carbs for breakfast :'[

Congrats on being pregnant! Let me know what your meal plan looks like-- I'm hoping to kind of get started on one. Thanks for the reply!

Ny endo said under 7 is considered safe, but the lower the better and low 5s is really optimal.

Yes, it is really hard. But this is the time in your life when there is a really compelling reason to have excellent control.

It is all worth it to have a healthy baby.

I followed low carb approach and agressive management with insulin. The motivation that iw as doing it for my daughter really helped.

However, now that I've given birth I am having trouble controlling my eating....

Thanks for the reply! When you say low-carb, did they give you a specific amount of carbs to eat?

Hi Ashley,
my endo also said that an a1c below 7 is safe, but lower is better. My BG goal is to be below 130 about 1 hour after a meal and around 100 two hours after a meal....if you are able to do this, though, your a1c would probably be around 5 or lower (which mine isn't) ;). I just try to take it one day at a time. I think the key for me is to pre-bolus before meals and to eat a low # of carbs per meal. I don't cut out high carb foods, I just eat smaller portions and have snacks throughout the day.

For baby #1, I was terrified of hurting my baby and BG control seemed very hard. But for this pregnancy, I've relaxed my expectations some and things seem much easier. My peri said that he has patients that have BG levels that go up to 300 after each meal, so that kind of puts things in perspective for me (I guess my 160 isn't so bad after all)!

Good luck, you can do it!

Thank you for the reply! Yes, the pre-bolus is hard for me. I never seem to know when or how much I am going to eat...one of those things I will just have to get really determined about I suppose.
Thanks for the encouragement!

Hi, I was eating about 80 g of carb a day. Usually less than 10 at breakfast when I was most intollerant and the rest spread out over the day.

My insulin requirements went up dramatically during pregnancy. About 20 units a day before pregnancy and close to 100 units a day by the end of pregnancy. Felt like I was taking insulin like water at the end. I would adjust agressively and early if I was high. Tesing frequently.

Also had dinner early to make sure I didn't have fast acting insulin on board while sleeping. Lots of testing.

When you all say you adjust aggressively what exactly do you mean?? Like for instance this morning after breakfast my BG was 175...I put this into my pump but it wouldn't give me any insulin because I still had enough active insulin to cover it. In this case would you over-ride the pump and just standby for a potential low in the next hour or so?? Thank you for all of fielding my millions of questions!!

Hey! My A1C was 6.8 when I conceived. I tried cutting out a lot of carbs in the beginning, but the nutritionist said I would need to stop doing that later on. I basically follow the same diet I always have. I still eat things that might spike my sugar, because it doesn't seem to matter what I eat! My numbers get a little crazy no matter what. I was terrified at first...I've gotten better, but I still get nervous. I'm almost 29 weeks along now. I've had a very easy pregnancy so far...just plan for lots of doctor appointments and extra insulin and test strips!

So glad it is going well for you!! It is always encouraging to hear the good stories rather than just the bad. How often are your doc appts? Unfortunately my doc will be 2 1/2 hrs away since my little border town has no specialists.

You should see if you can fax or email blood sugars every week or every two weeks. Although I usually did my own insulin adjustments, during pregnancy, I was really thankful to work closely with my doctor. I met her every week (which is rare in the USA but a requirement in Hungary where I live) and emailed her in between meetings during the times when things were changing quickly.

Thank you-- will definitely talk with this about this!




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