I'm getting pretty fed up with pod failures. I'm aware of most of the preventative advice (room temperature, filling slowly, etc.)--but I'm still having quite a few fail about a day after putting them on.

My endo favors Minimed and I'm not crazy about a tube-based system, but I'm going to check out the latest one with the CGM.

Just wondering if anyone here has ever made the switch from Omnipod to Minimed, and what the experience was like.



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I've had lots of failures with one batch: the L40430s. I report them. They get replaced. It's less hassle than a tubed pump.

Fair point. Thanks Belinda...

My doc really does not like the Omnipod in part because of the lost insulin. I do like that the omnipod is waterproof. And I've had my doc write the script for more units per day to deal with failures. Shouldn't have to do that, but there you go.

You did get the memo about overfilling the newer smaller pods, correct? This was the cause of my many, many early pod failures. Once I was made aware of that I haven't had another failure.

I've had the new pods since January. The L40430 batch is a problem. I had very few failures with other batches & almost all of this batch fail.

I draw the insulin back out of the reservoir & use it. I don't waste insulin.
They replace mine, but I use them until they fail.

Insulet has an insulin replacement program (one Customer Service rep told me about it long ago on the old pods, after I had a few failures in a row and complained about losing the insulin). I haven't taken advantage of it, but you just have to keep track of how much insulin you've lost, dates of the associated failures and send it to them. Not exactly sure what they do to compensate you, but it might be worth checking it out.

Plus, I doubt your doc is diabetic and really knows what it's like to be tethered 24x7. Perhaps if he/she was, they would appreciate the tubeless freedom versus wasting some insulin, just sayin'. I know the failures are frustrating, but for me personally, I'd stick with the pod until another tubeless comes along to compete. I'm sure any pump would work better than MDI though, and if you were changing, then a Dexcom/pump combo does sound like a good choice.

Hi Belinda, I had loads of false occlusions with that batch number and in the end persuaded Ypsomed to give me replacement boxes which have been 100% fine! They annoyingly said that this batch was fine but I've heard from others who have had problems too. A little more honesty wouldn't go amiss!

I switched from OmniPod to t:Slim and I am decently happy with it. There are a lot of features that I appreciate (waterproofness, ease of use, AMAZING...and I mean AMAZING customer service, ability to choose my infusion sets & angle) but I still miss the OmniPod from time to time because it was so "plug & play"

Ahh, well, we just have to try and do whatever is best for ourselves!

t:slim isn't really waterproof. It's guaranteed for 30 minutes at a depth of no more than 1m (3ft), but if you go swimming with it you will probably exceed that getting out of the pool.

The Omnipod *is* waterproof - you can flap around on the bottom of the pool for an hour (I've done this myself, though only for about 20 minutes).

More important you can snorkel with it and you can jet-ski, the latter mainly because it sticks to you and doesn't come off (particularly if you put a wet suit over it.)

I guess it really depends on what you want to do, I want to dive (well, ok, jump) into a pool and not have to worry. I'm prepared to put up with the failures with the new pods to achieve that; they're getting better for me at the cost of having fewer sites for the pods.

do you still have your pdm? I will buy it if you are willing to sell it. I am not trying to resale it; my screen cracked and I am looking for one one cheaper than $500 from Insulet.

We have had nothing but issues with the new smaller omnipod and was able to contact support to get a replacement each time we had a failure, but that didn't exactly make our 3 year old feel any better. Once we got the approval from the endo for a Medtronic, we called the local Omnipod sales rep and told them we were leaving. After that call, we had a whole new box of pods sent from a "recent production run" and we haven't had a single failure from that recent set of pods.

It's unfortunate because we are still moving forward with the medtronic because (as someone that works in IT), we can't have a single vendor for something like this. Hopefully Omnipod realizes it's mistake and doesn't make it again.




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