Hi all,

I am about to get an OmniPod, my first pump. I have had the Big D for 20 years and am very lackidasical and non-compliant. Even after losing both parents and an aunt to it. I had a heart attack in July, 2011 and of course that is the ultimate wake up call if one survives. Thankfully for my guardian angels I am still here. The biggest hurdle to my learning to pump is the carb counting. I understand the doc will help me figure out a way to set a basal rate for 24/7 but that I must know what I will be eating and the number of carbs. I eat a lot of packaged food so she said that was easy but I still fear I am too dumb to learn the counting. I don't have a fancy cellphone to look them up all the time either. I heard CalorieKing is a great book and I like their website www.calorieking.com but who wants to haul a big book around and research carbs before your meal comes? What if you program those carbs and bolus and then don't eat all the darn food? Sheesh. Do you have to run laps after your meal?

Please advise how you simplify this for the challenged person. What tricks or gizmos do you use to help with that? Or do you 'guesstimate' all the time? Thanks everyone. Wish me lck learning to be a PodPeep.

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Hey awesome. I didn't know the PDM food library was like that. I have only tried the demo pod and talked to the sales rep. Doing the paperwork and visiting the doc in the next 2 weeks. Excited and scared at the same time. Wish me luck.
I did not know anything about carb counting either. I had been on a sliding scale (old school) based on what I had been taught in 1987. It will be less difficult than you are expecting. I do guesstimate at times. Good luck! I think you will love it. I have been on mine for just over 14 months. It is so much better than injections!
Thanks Shadow. I am scared and excited at the same time. I have been on 5 shots a day and hate it all. 'Diabetes: the gift that keeps on giving'.
No kidding about the keeps on giving thing. I was taking 4+ shots a day before I changed to the pump. Don't have a clue why I didn't do it sooner, except that I didn't like the thought of tubing. I think you will love it!
Usually, you can compare what you are eating to things you know. For instance, if you kow a slice of bread is 20g, then you can estimate a hot dog bun, pizza crust, dinner roll, etc compared to that. You won't be perfect, but compared to a SWAG you would be pretty close. After not very long at all, I think you will be pretty good at it.

I hope you find your new pump a helpful tool.
Thans Daneenm. Um...whats a SWAG? I'm excited to learn more and get the pump but scared too that I won't get the hang of it. I'll keep close to this TU group. Take care.
Scientific Wild Ass Guess
If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called "GoMeals" that has most of the content of CalorieKing (so you don't have to lug the book around) , including food from many chain restaurants. You can "add food" to a plate, select the amount, and it will total up the calories, carbs, etc. for you. The library is bigger than that in the PDM. I use stuff like this
with my shots today and will start using it with the Pod on Tuesday, when I go in for insulin start.

As others have noted, you will soon learn the counts for your favorite foods and just enter the numbers. Also, its really great that most food is labeled with carb counts these days.,

The pump will not magically solve the dosing problem for you , or make you more compliant...it only makes delivery easier.
In terms of dosing for stuff which you then don't eat...its exactly the same with the shots you are taking now....once its in, you';re gonna have to eat that much carb or end up low. You do have the option of lowering basal insulin temporarily, but that won't compensate for a major insulin OD. How are you controlling the 5 shots/day you said you are taking now ?

P.S. There are good books like "The ultimate guide to accurate carb counting." that teach you tricks for estimation, based on the size of your hand, etc
No smartphone Pilot but thinking of upgrading. Will try it w/the PDM for a while. Excited and kind of scared of this new 'Pad Adventure'. This site has great info and great PodPeeps to help. Thanks for your reply.
You'll get it, Ellie. Just keep asking questions. Good luck.

PS I like "podpeeps!"
Thanks for your reply Elaine. I'm looking forward to becoming one. Hopefully I will be able to learn it all and take better contol of my diabetes. The dang gift that keeps on giving!
Hi Ellie,

Use the PDM's food database, this website to ask questions, and other sites to help you with the calculations.

I just wanted to point out, since you asked, that if you program those carbs and bolus and then don't eat all the food, you definitely don't want to run laps after your meal. That would actually make it even worse. In that case, if you used the extended bolus feature for your bolus, you may want to cancel the extended portion and re-calculate. Or just eat some more carbs... ;)





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