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Good morning,

I had a bad experience last night and want to share the important details with you. A week ago I received my re-order of pods and strips from Edge Park. The strips they sent me were the new version that have an orange label and have the little jabber things at the end to use less blood. I had a very very bad low last night and suffered through a pretty rough night of managing. This am I tried other strips monitors etc and saw MAJOR inconsistencies. I just called Abbott and was informed that the strips sent to me by Edge Park DO NOT work with the meter in the Omni Pod. This is currently being dealt with by Abbott and I do not yet know the outcome. 

If you have recently received the orange strips from edge park do not use them you will get bad readings. My readings were off by as much as 55 points.


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Right. I'm not saying that you suddenly don't have to code. But all the codes are 16, so put the omnipod (and any other coded meters) on 16...And then of course there's no code to dial in on a meter like the freestyle lite, so you just stick it in and go (just like w/ the old strips).
Kindof like accucheck going to all code 25s.
I can confirm the problem with the new strips. I just picked up my monthly supply yesterday, and was pretty psyched to use the "new and improved" strips. Then I read this discussion and, as I hadn't opened my first box yet, decided to call Abbott. Sure enough, they said that for the "time being", they recommend using the old strips (without the butterfly). I was able to return the new ones to my pharmacy, and they are ordering the old ones. Let's hope Abbott doesn't discontinue the old ones before figuring this out.

Incidentally, this is not just an Edge Park problem. Most pharmacies are starting to carry the new strips.
Interesting, my pharmacy gave me a container of these new ones and a couple of the old ones. I *think* I'm getting okay results, occasionally I use my other meter so I'll continue to double-check. This might explain the 60 reading I got today and I didn't feel that low at all ( I can still feel my lows).
I have been using the new ones with the butterflies. NOT freestyle lite, just freestyle new ones. No probs so far. Are people saying they are having probs with the new freestyle strips (vs new freestyle lite)? My impression is that you can't necessarily even get the old ones at my pharmacy now.
I don't think there is a new "freestyle strip". I think there are 3 strip versions out there right now.

Old freestyle strips
(fits old freestyle meters, such as freedom and flash, and the omnipod). They only have one small black segment on the "meter end" and only say "Freestyle".
Must be coded.

Old freestyle lite strips
(fit old freestyle lite and freedom lite, but is NOT compatible w/ regular freestyle meters). They have the black squiggle thing on them and say "Freestyle Lite".
No coding required.

New freestyle lite strips
(with the new zipwik tabs--the pokey things on the side--and the butterfly on the strip; fits all freestyle lite and freedom lite meters, and my understanding--which could be wrong--is that they would eventually be approved for backwards compatibility with all freestyle meters, including the omnipod).
No coding (for lite meters) but also are marked with "code 16" on all vials.

There are "new" Freestyle strips. I got several boxes from my pharmacy, but returned them for the old Freestyle strips after Abbott told me they didn't recommend using the new ones. So it seems there are new Freestyle and Freestyle lite strips.
Really?! Do the new (regular) Freestyle strips have the zipwik tabs (pointy sides)? Or how are they new? What did they look like? When I was at AADE at the end of the summer they made no mention of anything like that. Sorry if I misspoke! :-)

Sorry to confirm you are incorrect on this one. They are replacing the old strips which worked fine with the Omni pod with the new zipwik tabs.

When you go to edgepark they show the same model number. Amazing how Abbott screwed this up. The other poster is correct the difference in bs readings can be as much as 60 points from my experience. I can tell you it is no fun.

Abbott has yet to have someone in senor mgmt get back to me since Friday, This is a major problem and they know it just have not done anything about it.
There is definitely a problem with the new freestyle strips - the one with the butterflies. My daughter started using the OmniPod on 8/30/2010. I ordered a 3 month supply from our insurance company's mail order pharmacy before she started.

The first indication that something was wrong was a control solution test using her PDM that got a reading of 50 (used the control solution because of strange readings on her blood). I immediately called the OmniPod customer support line assuming that I didn't have something set correctly. They immediately overnighted us a new PDM. The BG readings we got with that PDM were suspect as well. Her school nurse and I figured out that the strips didn't work after comparing results from her butterfly strips and another student's older generation Freestyle strips. The two readings with the different strips were 66 points different using blood from the same finger prick (see spreadsheet below) but the older freestyle strips correlated closely with the result we had using her One Touch meter and strips. I called Abbott that night (9/21/2010). They initially seemed hesitant to believe me when I reported the problem. When they finally agreed that there was a problem, the Abbot customer service rep initiated a conference call with a program manager at OmniPod and me. The OmniPod Program Manager said she had to speak to their engineers the following day and would get back to me. I've left this woman 2 messages now through the OmniPod customer support number and she's yet to return my call. GGGRRR

We have over 900 strips in unopened boxes and they are all the new strips. Abbot says they can trade me 100 strips but they would be the new strips as well because they are not manufacturing the old strips any longer. So we've got almost $1,000 in completely useless test strips sitting in our pantry.

Luckily for us, we have old One Touch meters and strips from before our DD started on the pod. We've quit using the PDM for glucose testing all together until OmniPod and Abbot figure this out. That much incorrect variance is going to kill someone. Please, please, please use another meter & strips or a Freestyle meter that those strips have been actually tested with and not the PDM if you have the butterfly strips. Yes, it is a pain in the neck but it's just an annoyance in the short term as opposed to death or serious health issues in the long run.

time BG meter strips
12:33 47 PDM butterfly freestyle
12:48 44 PDM butterfly freestyle
12:53 58 PDM butterfly freestyle
12:55 97 one touch one touch
1:07 182 PDM butterfly freestyle
1:07 116 PDM old freestyle
I am still waiting for Abbott to officially respond to me. But, in the meantime if you call them they will replace ALL of your butterfly strips. they have doe it for me. When you call abbott ask for a supervisor and explain to them the situation that you have strips and the Omni pod. They will soon realize there is a problem.

The new boxes they sent me are an orange color on the outside but the viles that hold the strips are white.

These strips have the same order number as the old correct strips and the mail order companies have no idea they are sending you incorrect strips.

Do not let Abbott off the hook make them replace them for you!

I have no idea how this will end but it is a major screw up by Abbott.

Good luck

Thanks for the advice to call Abbott. They are replacing all our new generation strips with the older generation strips. The Abbott reps I spoke with last night were very helpful and sympathetic. Someone from 'corporate' called me today to let me know she was approving the replacement of all the strips we have on hand. While I agree with you that this is a major screw up I am going to give credit to Abbott in this instance for agreeing to make this right for the strips I'd already bought. I'm hoping that they can get the PDM working with a strip having the same features - the smaller sample size and quick wick are nice if the BG reading could just be accurate :D





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