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The last couple of months have been hard for me with my diabetes. Medications and illnesses which needed the medications have kept me in the higher bs ranges regardless of what I did.:o(  I know  my doc will not be happy at my A1C when I see him next (My 90 day average is 147 where it was 121).  For now though, I seem to be doing ok withwith my pod, but at the moment, one thing has me frustrated. I can not seem to manage my bs when I eat pasta!  I was 76 before dinner last night and ate some alfredo pasta at home.  Before bed which was approximately 3.5 hours later, I was 127.  Not too shabby.  I woke up this morning and I was 466!!!  This happens on a regular basis when I eat pasta and I can't seem to figure it out.  Are you supposed to do an extended bolus like you do when you eat pizza?


Also, I didn't think it mattered when you ate, your bs should stay in normal range.  I find if I eat later in the evening, my bs in the morning is high. If I eat at a normal time they are fine in the morning. In both scenerios my bs before bed is normal.  It is just frustrating and I want to control this wonderful (enter sarcasim here) disease we all share. I have an appointment with my doc late next month but dont want to wait that long since I do have left overs in my fridge :o) Any ideas? 

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Kelby - I find whenever I eat pasta OR pizza I have to extend my bolus...and give myself more than I usually would. I guess it is just the Italian foods! Sounds to me like you may need to revisit you basals overnight....especially if you wake everyday with a bg over 150. (dawn phenomenon?) I have done many readjustments, and sometimes I just stay up all night to monitor what is going on!
Thanks Steve. I was guessing that was what it was with the extended bolus but wanted to make sure before I tried it. Got to love Italian food! My doc doesn't seem to believe in having more than one basal rate. I was at 1.15 and was having a lot of extremely low lows. He changed it to 1.10 and sometimes its normal and sometimes it isn't. Guess its just a lot of trial and error! Do you adjust your own or do you have your doctor do it? When I was on the zpack for bronchitis (twice in the past couple months) I tried to adjust it myself because I didn't want to bother him...
i AM surprised by your doctors advice! IN fact, I was told by my endo, and a few other members here on TU...that it is the "norm" to have at least 3 basal rates, if not more! I change them myself, and at this point I am running 5 different basals over a 24 hr. period, which includes a bout of working out, and fighting a dawn phenomemon. You just need to get comfortable with changing your numbers on the becomes second nature! (note: you cannot change your basals w/out "suspending" insulin delivery...last choice on home page) (I just "suspend" for :30...then, "resume" right after I have made changes). Good luck, and PEACE
I was just seeing my nutritionist the other day (who works closely with our Diabetes Education program and she said that the only people who do not have lots of basal's throughout the day are those that are still thinking in terms of pumps 10 years ago. My current program is set up to give me 9 different basal's during the day and we're still fine tuning some hours. Your body isn't limited to just one basal and so your pump shouldn't be either. My basal at night is half what it is during the day (although from what I hear that's odd, usually it's the other way around) so one rate wouldn't work for me.
One word....FAT! I usually eat whole grain blend pasta and am finding I don't have the spikes or extended higher #'s......unless it is very cheesy. Alfredo,like pizza, is loaded with fat. What I would do for that is fiqure out the carbs and add about 30% more for the fat, bolus about 70% and extend the rest for 3 or 4 hours. Your body will have its own special way of dealing with it, but absolutely, fat causes a delayed high for me.
I only use the whole grain pasta. I have never really liked the other stuff. I know the stuff is bad for you and I dont have it often, but sometimes you just crave it! Thats a good idea about adding more for the fat. Never thought of that idea. Thanks Elaine!
I know! How lucky are we that we are able to eat it and control our #'s!!!! I was thinking about Italian diabetics back in the did they deal?
I'm (unoficially) part of a huge Sicilian family, and my boyfriend's grandfather was Diabetic...He said that the way they eat long, coursed out meals made it a lot easier, you would be at the table for the whole BG rollercoaster!
Also, all the wine lowers your BG over time, so I find that if I am eating a High Fat meal, a little wine with it will normally nip high BGs hours later in the bud :)
I discovered this after I lost some insulin in a very remote location due to HEAT... I drank pretty heavily to keep my bloodsugar down for the 24 hours it took to get back to civilization. Perhaps not FDA (or Endo!) approved, but it worked, and now I've got drinking with the big D down to a science!
LOL! LOVE your ingenuity ;)
I do what I can...heheh ;-) hero!
I LOVE to party...wouldn't be safe if I didn't know exactly what was going on, no matter how inebriated I may be!

It took a lot of trial and error... but I've got the hang of it!




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